Wakeup Call Message
January  03, 2006


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Today marks the end of life as you know it. Today brings in the new dawning of an age that represents all that this world has not been. This is the beginning of a whole new way of being and living on planet earth. Canít you feel it; donít you know in your heart of hearts that this is true? I AM Hatonn, and I come to you today with a secret that is being exposed to the world in the breath of the lies that continue to be awoken and exposed to all of the world.


I come today with a smile on my lips and a new verve in my step for I have seen in the motions that are taking place today and over the long weekend that there is more that is going to come out in the next weeks than many of you know. There is going to come a flooding of the remnants of secrets that have been kept from the public and allowed to fester till the force of the seeping comes to the surface to be seen and wiped clean.


My dear ones, I AM going to tell you of one incident that determined the outcome of some of what you will be seeing. This happened at a time when the world was reveling in their holiday cheer and finding the ties with family to be strong and loving. This happened when the tinsel was still on the trees and the lights shone forth from the branches of the greenery. This took place when the carols were being sung and the whispers of love for the Christ child reverberated round every home and place of worship.


What I am about to tell you is but a small thing in and of itself. What came of it is to be unrolled in the times to come and to be revered as a simple formula for the freedom of the world from tyranny. This thing that occurred was inconsequential seeming, yet it held the potential of a million tons of TNT to blow the whole shadow world wide open. This it shall do in increments so as not to delay the peaceful distribution of the truths that will be revealed.


Have you waited long enough to hear this thing? Have I tantalized you enough? I donít mean to unduly disturb you with waiting for this news, however I want to impress on you the simplicity of this statement I am about to make and to engender the meaning of it that does not at first appear to your senses.


I will tell you now what occurred over the weekend, and was lead up to in the days before. As the world slept and the world awoke, in those hours there came a meeting in the heavens on one of our ships that housed the crew that remained in place during the festivities that came about when the holiday season began. This crew was taking up their positions in the craft that came down to rest in an isolated position in the wilds of S. Africa. As it came to rest there were envoys to meet it from all parts of the globe.


As they mounted the talks that were to result from this meeting they did so in the larger craft to which they were taken. This craft was of a size that comfortably seated all of the one hundred and thirty two delegates from earth, along with our representatives. As the meeting progressed there was a decided air of joviality, along with a degree of seriousness. This meeting was called for the purpose of establishing a series of undertakings that would clear the earth of the ones who would seek to undermine the movements of the light.


As the days went by and the plans were laid in a prospect of peaceful negotiations the air became instilled with a promise of speedy delivery of these mandates set down by this collective of light people. This was a meeting unprecedented in the history of this galaxy. As the festivities on earth came to a peak on Christmas day and on through the first day of the New Year, the ones who met with us came to a place of resolution of the earthís problems and agreed to the measures that would be taken around the globe.


All agreed that the united States of America was the place to start. This is the place where the focus is being played out and the secrets that have been hidden for so long will begin to be revealed. There has been a definite beginning of the rest of the world to put pressure to bear on the ones in the uSA who are being brought to justice. As this process continues we will see an avenue through which the healing can begin to take place fervently and with much fruit being borne.


The ones who met in our craft wound up the meeting with a plan documented and ready to distribute to all of the governments on earth that will remain standing, and to the ones who await the time that they will come forward. Yes, not only in the uSA will there be a new governance; you will see that in parts of the whole world peace will come to be the utmost issue, and on the heels of that peace we will see the new reform of a light planet come to pass.


These representatives of the earth and of our galaxy are in adjournment now, for their purpose has been established. They await now their next steps in this peaceful journey to the enlightenment of earth and her people. This has been a long time coming, and now we are on the road to the New Jerusalem and the revelation of the Light within each and every being on this planet.


As I wind down this message to you I do so with a profound observation. As these representatives of earth and heaven were meeting we saw that their energy of peaceful co-existence was awash over all of earth. We saw that many of you heralded the feeling and went with it to the land of enchantment. You played with the energy and found it a grand fit. Some of the others noticed a decided difference and then went on with what they were doing, engrossed in their lives. Still others allowed it to pass on by unnoticed and lived the end of their holiday season blissfully unaware of any change.


There will come a time when all on earth will be able to see and feel the difference. Peace on earth will be a natural state and somewhere between now and then will be the awakening of many to the light that clears the way for the truth of the world to heal and make new all that is in this world. 


I leave this message now with a lightness of heart and a smile still on my face, for this is a brand new day and a grand new tomorrow. We love and honor each and every one of you, and we join your dance into the peaceful days of love and thanksgiving for all of the gifts that have been presented to all on planet earth. The gift giving continues; watch it flow.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate