Wakeup Call Message
January 10, 2005




          Come with me this day on a journey of forgiveness, a journey that will take you far beyond any you have ever taken. Come and we shall hear a finely tuned orchestra and it will send us reeling into space far, far away from the maddening crowd. I AM Sananda, and I would like to lead you through a journey of the soul that will allow you to soar through the depths of time.

          First we shall step off into forever with the wings that we started with. We shall feel the exhilaration of the wind as it whistles past us on our journey back through time. We find that the sensations of love are with us so strongly as to be heralding us forward to the land of the midnight sun.

          Ahead we see a small speck of light. It grows large and more beautiful as we gain entrance to its life. As we immerse ourselves within the light, it becomes a part of us, and we feel the glow from the inner reaches that we werenít even aware of till this point.

          Within a moment we find that we are not alone; we have a partner, and that partner is another side of ourself. With this knowledge comes the voice of attachment, though we realize that this attachment is but an illusion. We allow the voice to show us how we are a part of this other side, and with this allowance comes the knowledge of a darker side, a side that is turned away from the light.

          With this knowledge, we also know that the darker side is afraid of the light, for suddenly itís too bright and casts a shadow on everything it sees. This is uncomfortable, for it knows not who and what the truth is. Why has this come about, the other side wonders, and thus the first question is born. Who am I and why am I here, we hear echoing through eternity. What is the reason for my being here, and why do I feel so alone?

          The questions relentlessly come bounding, and soon we feel that we are the ones with the questions. Who am I, and what am I doing in this place? We look around, and we see others with the same look of confusion and fear on their faces. We reach out and find that we are not alone, after all, and that still the loneliness pervades us. So we reach out further and bring more of ourselves in. Then the others begin to speak and to reach out to us, till we all are lost in the harangue that we have created.

          There is no more silence; there is no more light, except from a dim memory in our souls, so we bring that light from that memory, and we create a source of light that is round and bright, and hangs above us in the sky. We gaze upon it till we are sated, and warm. We know not where it came from, for it was once a tiny speck and a figment of our memory, or was it our imagination?

          We go thus through our days, and in time we tire of our plight, for when do we rest? When do we find the time to lay our bodies down and rejuvenate ourselves? We are weary, and we can walk in the sun no more like this. So we create a darker time, and we find that darkness to be quieter. We lie down and close our eyes, and soon we are resting quietly.

          What takes place while we are lying down with our eyes closed? Why do we feel like there is something taking place that has us up and about in strange deeds? We are playing a game and it doesnít feel real, yet we know that it is happening. We drift around and play this game; then suddenly we open our eyes, and find that the light is back. The sun has come round again, and chased the darkness away. We feel rested, and we feel like we could go through our lives with a new vigor. So we arise and go out into the daylight. We look around, and we see others coming out to join us. They too look rested and full of energy.

          So we all band together and begin to talk about what we experienced while we were resting. We compared our playtime stories, and some of us find that we saw each other in those plays. We laugh and exclaim, for this is a new thing for us. We are actually interacting in each otherís plays, and then telling about it afterward. What do you suppose we did and where did we go when we closed our eyes to rest?

          All through the day we marveled at the rest time occurrences. We wondered if it would occur again. Maybe when we lie down and close our eyes again, it will come once more. So that is what we did. After a day of much talking and activity, we once again felt weary and the darkness came on again. We once more rested, and then came the playtime and the other stories of the other way to be. This time when we awoke to a new day, some of us remembered only a bit of what we had done while resting, and some of us didnít remember any of it.

          Days and nights went by, and some of us grew irritable. Some of us began to feel like we wanted to be away from the others. Some of us wanted to strike out at others, for they were not being the way we felt they should be. So we grew restless, and angry, and began to strike out at almost anyone. This caused us all to grow apart, and we began to wander from our homeland. We traveled far and wide, searching for the other side of us, for we knew that we had wandered too far from home. We thought that we had lost our way and could not find home again. So we searched for someone who looked familiar and would help us find our way back home.

          We drifted around like that for years, never finding our way back home, nor anyone that we had known. We searched and we grew old. We didnít have the same energy that we used to have, and we didnít care as much as we used to about finding home. We began to stop in our tracks and take a longer time to leave one place for another. We looked for a comfortable place to lay ourselves down to rest, and we kept our rest time longer and longer.

          One day we woke up and found that all was light around us. We found that we felt young and vital again. Looking around we found loved ones that we had left behind, and could not find again. So many were there with us, and all of them were smiling and alight with a glow that was at first blinding to our eyes. As we became accustomed to their glow we realized that we too had that glow, and in that glow we saw clearly who we were and who all the others were. We found that we could see our other side, too, and that other side was incorporated within our own being. We found that we could remember where we had been and everything we had done while we were there.

          It was a wonderful time; and we had a warm and loving reunion with our loved ones. Soon we all were standing arm in arm, when a great angel appeared and held us all in his embrace. She was accompanied by the most beautiful being that we had ever seen. This being didnít have a form, but it was everywhere at once. We perceived this being as a feeling, and that feeling was one of love, a love so profound as to be unexplainable, and unlimited.

          This feeling came over us and through us, and in every moment was us, and everything else at the same time. We knew this being, and we knew that we always had. We reached out and then we saw something else. As we reached out, we too were everywhere. We didnít just stay in one place, we enclosed and expanded into everything, just as the being of love had. We experienced our own love for this being, just as we had a moment before. We felt that love, and we were that love, and as we realized that, we began to expand.

We continued to expand, and in that expansion we were able to create more of the same. Then we had an idea. We thought of creating a way to see that expansion, just as we had felt it. So we thought of how it felt and put words to it. This created before us an image. This image changed as we played with our thoughts. We found we could give it substance, and in that substance came the idea that we could do it again. So we created anew, and again we gave it substance. This substance then took shape from our thoughts and ideas of it. This was a wonderful thing to do, and we did it over and over again. We knew that we were able to infinitely create, and so we did. This continued for eons and for a moment, all at the same time. We grew and we grew, and one day we found ourselves back again in a world where we took form.

This is a tale that could go on forever, and it has. This is the story of creation, and it matters not where you begin, for it is all the same. Eventually you will come back to the beginning and find that it is the former ending. Or was it? It is the same all the way around, yet it is always there, always changing to reflect your thought of it.

          Shall we go on and create again and again? Shall we create a new chapter in our play and deliver it to the great being that gives us our life? Shall we make the story as beautiful as the beginning and know that it is also the ending, for there is no difference?

          I find that in this exercise of wonder there is only a continuation of the love that empowers the creation. There is no other than love, for even the darkness that comes round is a creation of the light. Do you see what this story is about? Have you seen your creation, and loved it into eternity?

          I see that you have, and that you always have and always will. This is your song, and mine as well, for we sing it anew with every breath we take. And it is beautiful, for it is the song of the ages. With our wings we sing it into eternity and fly into the sunset of eternal love.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate