Wakeup Call Message
January 04, 2005




          My dear ones, this is a time for searching deep within your hearts and coming up with an abundance of treasures for the people in southern Asia. When you reach those loving places within, you are able to reach out to all those in this world and comfort them and send them enough loving energy to enable them to gain strength and rise above the predicament they are in.

          Good day, my loved ones, I AM Sananda, and I come to you this morning with a prayer for all of these ones who are morning the loss of their loved ones. I offer these simple few words accompanied with all the love that sends them forth into the ethers and straight to the hearts of those who reach out for some kind of solace.

          May the Angels of mercy come and cloak my heart with love,

May the angels of love give forth the brightest star

By which I can find my way.

I AM the light and the love.

I give all I AM to those who search for my light.

In this hour of need, I give my love

To all who cry out for my light.


As you utter these words direct them to the ones who are in desperate need for comfort and assistance. Their hearts are wide open, and in this hour they will receive your love and allow it to build their strength.

I visited that land where so many are wandering around trying to find some sense to all this. They wept at the foot of the tallest tree left standing; they cried in my arms and knew not who held them. I whispered in their ears of love’s Holy face upon their hearts showing them the way to peace. I carried their burdens for them till they could take them up and be stronger for it.

There is no greater reward in this world than to be able to reach out and lighten the burden of one who suffers. This is the supreme act that we can offer to one who is in pain and sorrow. Lift up thine tears and send them off to join the others in a rainbow of love and light that will help them find their way.

I have been with the souls who are in Heaven this day, and I hold them as their tears abate for their loved ones who are left on earth. For as their light shines upon them, they realize that they are home and this is the place of love that sustains all who are there left holding the sorrow. The souls who look upon the loved ones smile and send their love, for they know that this life on earth is but a dream, and the real life begins once they have remembered who they are and why they have returned to the family of God.

I will share with you a few things that these souls have experienced. One whose family all survived the tsunami watched as they rescued their family dog from the waters, just as the wave was about to sweep him away from them forever. He watched as if he had gone back and held time in his hands, for he saw what had taken his life and allowed him entry back to this realm. He watched as the wave that almost took the beloved dog, came round instead and captured him in it’s fingers and carried him on to the deepest of its reaches. He heard the voice once more as he closed his eyes one more time, “You are the chosen one to allow the family to touch their hearts on a depth that they have been requesting to Heaven for so long.” Then he saw that the beloved members of his family had renamed their dog after him, and held him in their arms as if to gain strength and hold on to their dear departed for a time longer.

Another beautiful soul saw his loved one to whom he had been married for only two weeks come with him to Heaven, and then wave goodbye as she remembered, and returned to the waters of their once beautiful wedding home. She knelt in the now waist high waters and offered a prayer to her departed loved one, and then lifting her eyes skyward, she smiled and uttered these words, “I remember who I AM and who you are, and I shall join you when the time comes that there is another opening for my departure. I know why I could not be with you now, for our child must come into this world and walk among us to bring a message of love and beauty to the world. You shall be with me then, and we will be together once more.”

My dear ones, there is no total loss in this world, only that which is gone from us for a time, and then reunited. Nothing ever is totally destroyed; it merely changes and comes back in a way that enriches us beyond measure. When you reach out to those ones who have lost so much, remember that there is a solace in the return, no matter how it appears to us, we know that life is eternal and the grand reunion always takes place.

Know ye to be eternal and that all is blessed energy in search of an identity. This is the final blessing that we all bring to our bosoms, for we always shall come round to another place and time, and bless those with whom you live and love.

Take thee now to the Promised Land that you have agreed to enter, and know that it is heaven on earth, and you are the angels who live there.



Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate