Wakeup Call Message
January 31, 2005


 St Germain 


          My dear ones, this is a day for the USA and the rest of the world when all of the cards are out on the table. This is a day when many of you may be seeing many issues around NESARA in a different light, and carrying forth from there. I AM St Germain, and I come to let you in on a secret that is really no secret after all.

          This day we have heard from a beautiful White Dove and the message is one that speaks to the heart of not only this one, but that of many people around the globe. In this there is much that has been resting in the barrel of discarded ideas, and it is now time to bring these pieces of refuse forward once more, and take another look at them.

          What once was considered to be just talk of glory and self-applause is found to be another matter altogether. What once was thought to be indulgence of oneís movements is seen to be a dedication to the issues that are at hand. What once was discarded in anger and frustration are thoughtfully retrieved and reconsidered in the light of neutrality.

          When you all look at the developments of NESARA and see in your estimation that there are none, what do you then do? Do you stand around and admit that there is nothing that can be done, or do you sit and think about what you can do to bring about the energy of NESARA into your life?

          Do you find that you increasingly are drawn to issues that sound familiar and feel like what NESARA stands for? Are you involving yourselves in subjects that feel like they belong in todayís society? When you arise in the morning do you feel as if there is no reason to get up, or do you ask yourself, what it is that you will do first today to bring your self-responsibility to bear?

          I have seen many of you rise to the occasion and begin a move toward taking your power back from those you gave it to. This could represent situations or people; it matters not. The truth is that the surest way to help to bring NESARA to announcement is to take your passion and run with it, whether or not it seems to have anything to do with NESARA. Take another look, and you will see that it does indeed have everything to do with it.

          Life lived in freedom and justice is NESARA. A world filled with peace and love is NESARA. A society that works through and by the people is NESARA. Love and compassion are the moving elements of NESARA. Living life and involving oneself with the passion in your life is NESARA. Walking in your own sovereignty is NESARA. Knowing that all that you do is for the betterment of humanity is NESARA.

          In any way that you bring your true essence into what you do, you help to bring NESARA to announcement. You are a powerful people, and in that power comes an immovable force that gets things done, especially the energies that you put into prayer, and into the intent that you hold for all that NESARA stands for to be present in your life. In this way you create an energy that provides a solid foundation for NESARA to be brought forward. There is nothing that can come up against that kind of Light and not be transformed to that Light.

          Look around you and see that what it takes is to be actively involved in what you are impassioned about. It takes being able to see how you can contribute even if it is in knowing in your heart and soul that NESARA is being lived in every aspect of love and compassion that is being felt by you and everyone else. Living your life in any way you can in what you choose for your life is the way to live your sovereignty. Some of you havenít as yet found that niche that you feel you fit into. Look again, my dear ones. Perhaps that chore or job that you do is a stepping-stone to another that will bring you an unexpected joy.

          For each of you who feels that life is dealing a rotten egg to you, I suggest that you look around and find the magic that walks with anyone you see. What is that faint look of happiness when one encounters a child playing in the park? Who is it that cannot find a spark of light in anything that comes their way? Is there something that you can do to show them you love them? Is there a smile waiting to light up their moment and maybe bring them the idea that they can have a good life?

          Anything that you do to honor the passion within is helping to bring NESARA to announcement. Knowing that there are those who unselfishly work for what they believe in and seeing that your contribution fits you to a tee, this is what you can do to live NESARA. You donít have to wait for the prosperity to come from some mysterious source, for you have the capability to find it in your life, and recognize that like energies attract. When you feel and know that you are prosperity, then you help to bring it to you even more. When you find it in your heart to go the mile and dedicate your life to humanity, which begins at home, then you are living NESARA.

          I leave this transmission now and I see you all impassioned with the choices you have made in your life. I see you all in bondage to no one. I see you free and in love with the world. And I see you living NESARA.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate