Wakeup Call Message
January 24, 2005


 Hi Everyone,

        We are back from our road trip, and we now are ready for the next stage of our mission. In two or three weeks we will be moving our home on wheels to another location, just a bit north of here. This will be the start of our pilgrimages throughout the next few months, or/and years, and we are ready. As much as Iím able I will continue with these Wake up Calls, and I will also be bringing you any news that is appropriate from our travels. We love you all.


        Nancy and Bob



 St Germain 


          All you good people out there who are waiting for an answer to the question of NESARA listen to my words. You are living NESARA as surely as if it has already been announced. What makes it seem as though you are not, is the time of the 3D of your world. This is a dimensionality that bespeaks the difference between the instant manifestation of the higher realms, and the pace of the dimension in which you now reside.

          I AM St. Germain, and I would like to give you a new way to look at the reality that you create for yourselves. In the reality that you perceive at this moment is a momentum that matches the degree of ascension that you are living. With your increase of vibration that is taking place, there is an increase in the speed at which things materialize in your life.

          Look at the news; look at the happenings on your globe. See how the things that NESARA stands for are becoming more indicative in the headlines and in the occurrences of the people of the governments of the world, and the measures that are taking place concerning those issues.

          Consider that the issues are coming into being, except they are in slow motion. According to the measures of time, those of you who are aware of so many flagrant behaviors from your politicians are seeing the time in a speedier way. You know that there are certain actions that are taking place that are leading to the ultimate exposure of the various issues that have been kept hidden.

          Those who do not see what has been taking place right under their noses are the ones who are following what the media tells them. They have chosen to remain in slumber in regard to these issues, and in as much as they care to, they will at some time awaken to some of the truths that will come forward and be revealed. Some will choose to deny what is brought forward, for to give homage to these truths would be to give homage to the idea that their life has been for naught.

          This is all in due course for many who will choose to remain asleep right up until the last minute, and for some of those people, that last minute may take them right through to the next time of redemption of earth, which is what they have chosen as their reality. This is all in purpose, and when they choose to awaken, they will have provided an energy that carries with it the stamp of agreement that they entered into when this great plan first presented itself on earth.

          My dear ones, you are now seeing various news reports that indicate that some in the public eyes are questioning the motives and actions of others in the political arena. You are seeing these ones are themselves in the political arena, therefore in a position to bring forth certain pieces of irrefutable evidence toward the occurrence of truth being revealed throughout the land. When this comes to a certain magnitude of energy, then it will burst forth on the scene and there will be those who will rise up in arms and demand that justice be served.

          Be ready for this dear ones, for those of you who have been awake and aware of what the truth is concerning these issues will be called upon to temper the energy of anger and righteousness. You will be in a position to lend a fan to various instances of fire and allow the flames to sear and cleanse the shadows from the lives of those who come to you with the questions. You will find yourselves in the right place at the right time, and you will then be able to tell them what they have long been unaware of.

          These encounters will be life changing. They will take these ones to a place within them that will not be denied. They will go to lengths to try to discard the truths, and then they will see the light of truth and they will simply accept what they are receiving, and in the acceptance will come the peace and the compassion.

          My dear ones, you are well prepared for these encounters, for you have been paying attention. You have found the way to be cumbersome at times, and smooth and easy at other times. You have undergone cleansings and awakenings that have presented you with challenges. You have met those challenges, and now you are ready to step out in your light, and ease the sorrow of those who will come for answers and solace. You will have the answers, and you will be able to sooth their brow and give them some guidance as to how to still their anger and hear their own wisdom speak to them from the bed of truth within each of them.

          We here in the celestial realm are observing you all with a kindly grandfatherly and motherly tearful eye at times; for we have seen the suffering you have endured on this journey to the stars that you have completed. We see how you shine now, and how you are ready for the next step in your journey. We love the look of your faces as you turn toward a loved one and tell them hello, as you walk into a bar and see the ones absorbed in their libations and you see yourself in their eyes.

We watch you as you encounter a stranger on the street or in a store and we love the smiling greeting you give. Then we watch their faces light up and a new bounce comes to their step. We see you hold a child in your arms because she fell and skinned her knee, and we see you do that without fear of being labeled something you are not. We hug you from our place here beside you, and we hear your rush of energy as you feel our tender touch. We know that you are ready for this, and we know that they are ready for you to share what you know.

          My dear ones, I go now and I stand in line to be the first one to shake your hands and give you the hug of your life. We love what you do and we stand ready with a shoulder to lean on when the going gets a little rough. You are strong, and even the strongest tree sometimes bends in the wind. Allow that sway to ease your furrowed brow and to turn that frown to a smile, for you are invincible in your love, and that is the truth of the ages.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate