Wakeup Call Message
January 06, 2005



 St Germain 


          My dear ones in the land of misunderstanding, there is something that I feel needs addressing and it is that of the need to fulfill that destiny that is prevalent, not only on a personal scale, but on a whole as a nation, continent, and world. I AM St Germain, and I am going to explore some possibilities with you.

          Take for instance the situation that is at hand. Do you feel that there is no end to all of the suffering and turmoil that is taking place? Do you see that same kind of energy in your personal life, as well as all around you? I can see how that may cloud your vision, for without the darkness there is no clouding nor any sunshine either.         

Yes, that is right, there is no sun without the darkness, for with the sun comes the ability to see the dark. The Light is always there, somewhere. Think of this planet and the life on it. When the sun is shining on one side of the globe, there is total darkness on the other side of the globe. When it seems that not one thing can be seen in the darkness, in a few moments the eyes become accustomed to the dark; and shapes, and even some nuances of detail can be seen. This is from your memory, my dear ones, and that memory tells you what you know is already there.

          Now in the full sunlight you can be blinded by the sun. The shapes take on a blurred look, and you must turn your head away in order to see better. The light hurts your eyes, and you must close them a bit to be able to see. What does that tell you? You are accustomed to being in the dark, to some degree. After you have sat in the fullness of the sun for a bit, then you become accustomed to it, and you are able to see clearly.

          Now consider this, there is nothing that is not of the sun. You cannot have a fraction of a particle without the sun, for the sun enables you to see what is there. When you bring the darkness into the picture, some of the aspects of that particle are not clear, may be lost in the shadows. Are they then not there, or are they just lost to your vision?

          When all is present, and understood by your mind and vision to be as you know it, then you are accustomed to the feel of it. It is a feeling that you have adapted yourself to, and you are aware of what it means to you. this is true of all of the oceans of things in this world. But what of the things that to some others appear different than you? Does that mean that one of you is wrong, and one right? Is there no room here for perspective? What some consider to be dark, some consider to be cooling shadows. Or some might think that the sun is too bright and hot, while some may consider the sun to be warming and healing for them, and canít get enough of it.

          My dear ones, there is nothing under the sun that is not brought there by you. You as society have formed and molded your world. Did you do that because you were meant to torture yourself, or did you create it thus because you knew that in the end you would have a deeper understanding of yourself, and who you are not? Do you think that with this turmoil that is taking place in the world today, you would find the depths of what you feel, or would you have just traipsed merrily through life in the happiness and shallowness of bliss, without arriving at that bliss knowing the fullness of the other end of the spectrum?

          My dear ones, you do not fully appreciate that which you have until you lose it, have you not told yourself at one time another? Is it true that you need this turmoil to fully appreciate the moments in which you feel utter and complete peace? I see that you are nodding your heads, and agreeing that these words are near to your heart. This is why the world is in such a turmoil at the present. Soon, the pendulum will swing the other way, and you will begin to experience the reaping of the harvest that you have sown. You will experience the richness of the pleasure, and the peace, for you will have experienced the depths to which the darkness can fall.

          I realize that while you are in those depths, these words may not bring you much solace and peace of mind. I suggest that you apply the principal of these words every time that you begin to feel that frustration over the state of the world. I suggest that you go to lengths to bring that peace into your heart, and then watch your world transform. It may not be immediate that the outer things will change, but it can be that quickly that your inner feelings will change, and bring bliss to your inner world.

          I stand here now, and I listen as you ask the questions that bespeak the turmoil in your hearts. I listen and I wait a few more moments, and then I hear itÖI hear the next words that come forth from your heart, and they ring true with the truth that you carry within. They speak of the silence in which you can find that peace. They speak of the sun that shines forth at all times for you to see.

That silence chases away the gloom of the shadows, and renders the makings of the shadows as nothing but the echoes of the dying words of the make believe world. What is there in the make believe that can have control over you? Is there something that is contained in the shadows that has more power than you do? I say not! I say that you have all the power over your life, and that means that you can bring the sunshine fully into your life, and in so doing you create a world so full of peace and joy and bliss that nothing can ever permeate that with anything less than perfection in your eyes.

          Go now into your day, and chase away the shadows as you play with the people that you love so well. See the ones who live in the shadows as being the ones you love the most, and then see that the shadows do not exist for them either, in your eyes, and then it shall be so for all of mankind.

          I love you enough to see you all in the fullness of the light. Step into that vision and feel the warmth and the Grace that it brings.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate