Wakeup Call Message
January 03, 2005


 St Germain 


My dear ones, this is St Germain, and I have something to tell you this day. There is something taking place in the ethers, as some of you call it, and it is something that is going to make a tremendous difference in the way you perceive your world.


This change that is taking place affects the very soul of the projects that are taking place concerning industry, commerce, finances, education and religion. These changes are all under the heading of societal essences of earth life, and in this galaxy is a seed for the changes. This seed has been fertilized and watered by the essence of all of your tears after the catastrophic events in the area of the recent earthquake and tsunami. This has caused a rip in the cosmic curtain, and allowed the energies of compassion and sorrow to permeate the strength of the darkness and allow a flooding forth of light to influence the events and energies of earth society.


Allow me to further explain, so that you may understand this on a deeper level. There is a cosmic language that is in place and it is comprised of a vibration that is set through the emotions of love and fear. Through these emotions comes a trigger that influences the outcome of any action. With the actions that have been taking place in the past few days, there has been a change taking place of the vibratory rate at which this cosmic curtain exists and expresses. Because of this, there has been an increase in the vibratory rate, thus rendering the curtain lighter and more in tune with the love of the Source. This has enabled the vibratory rate of Mother Earth to increase and step up the effects of the compassion and love that she experiences from you. In this, she in turn is undergoing a transition from deeply disturbing feelings that result in upheavals in her crust and tectonic plates, to feelings of peace and love, thus causing her wholeness to rest and find solace in the healing energies that are present.


It is a natural occurrence for this to take place. How often have you found that when you are feeling ill and someone soothes you with their love and kind words, you then feel more at peace and are able to rest? This is what has taken place. Gaia is now resting and in this her overself is assessing the state of her being, and pressing forward in a new plan. This plan is based on the state of her being now, rather than the state of her being before the events happened. This is a way that is created from the newness of the moment, rather than being assessed from the old way of being.


This is what is taking place right now with all of you. Heaven and all of the oversouls that comprise Heaven along with the rest of All That Is, is reassessing the state of your beingness. This is the point from which the next moment will be changed and created to meet perfectly the potential for what is in your life. This is the way of it when you are in the Grace of God, rather than having to begin from ground one, and base all decisions and choices on what was, rather than what is now.


In this progression comes the ability to assess the moment and bring along with it the perfection of it. With the understanding that there is nothing new under the sun, there is every reason to believe that there can only come from this moment a higher state of what has always been. This is based on the moment, rather than the past, which is no more.


My dear ones, through this cosmic rip, which I might add, corrects and restores itself to match the frequency of that which changed it, is in a state of perfection. In its new vibratory state, the language that is being transmitted to the All is that of love, more than it has ever been since you all came to this planet to express in the purpose of knowing yourself in a higher, purer way. This is the purpose of the vibratory swing to a lighter way of being. In this state there is less resistance, therefore a more readily obvious message of truth. This is the time for the emergence of the seventh veil, and the forward moving of the light of that veil to expression.


Within that veil lies the formula for success, for in that is the purpose of the seventh ray. Within the seventh ray lies the expression potential for all of existence, and once that has been released for expression, then there is nothing that can hold it back. My dear ones, this is what is taking place right now. You have accessed the seventh veil, and are tearing the old veil of existence into shreds, exposing the vagaries of that to the light of the seventh ray. This is bringing about the transformation of the old, and bringing it all to the frequency of the seventh ray.


My dear ones, this is a joyful day in our lives, for we have seen how you have all found the compassion and the love that overcomes all adversity. We have heard the thunderous applause here in heaven from all of the dear souls who have found their way back home. They are ecstatic in their place, and in seeing the outpouring of love and compassion from all of your hearts. They find the glory in their choice to return, and support you all with their undying love.


This is a grand day for humanity, for without all of this there would not be this tear in the cosmic curtain. This tear has enabled the new dispensation to come forth and express itself in the actions and events that are about to take place on this planet. In this coming time, there will be the expression of that cosmic rendering of truth, and you will all live the result of that increased vibratory rate in which you live and express. You all know what that means, for you have been preparing for it for some time.


I still cannot give you a date; however I can say this, there is nothing in this existence that can change or abate what is going to come about, for you have ordained it with your intent, your words, and your actions that speak your intent. This is all interwoven, and the picture is perfection. Know that when you experience it in your lives, you have created it, and that we have given you our blessing in our assistance as you have allowed for it.


We love and honor each and every one of you, and we press the go button as you guide our hands to it. Peace be upon you all; blessings are about to shower down upon you.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate