Wakeup Call Message
January 11, 2005




          Gather ye together and sing a song of love.

Chime the bells of forgiveness and bring to you a dove,

Of love and understanding and jubilation nigh

For here is light and laughter and fruit upon the sky.

We see the clouds a coming and they are heavy now

With rain and gold curlicues and smoothness of the brow.

For there is much to celebrate and there is much to love

For here comes the new dawning of love from up above.


          My sweet ones of the radiant mists are you tired and weary, and is your path wrought with doubt? Do you see a cloudy sky and not much sun above? Then come to my circle and see the bright new way to wander through this world and see the finery there for thee. For there is only love you see and there is only light, for there is a time a coming when all will be as you would have it. All will be as a feather in a mist as it glides along over the waters seeking its new home among the reeds.

          This is a time for the solace of love, and the strength of your own perseverance. There is no need to seek your solace outside of yourself; this is a time to know that you have the power to bring all that you intend for your life to the altar of love, and the baskets of plenty. These baskets of plenty are the ones that you have woven through the eons of time. When you see the fronds of love weave themselves in their intricacies, then you will also see your image upon the finery.

          This is a time when you are in the midst of the confusion of the shadows. But you are awakening and the shadows are dispersing. Shall you heed the cry and walk upon the waters seeking the other shore, or shall you find the nearest vessel by which you can reach that shore instead? This is the time in which you know there is no wrong nor right way to acquire that which you seek. It is all in the journey, and in that road you shall bring to you the surest way you can the ultimate blessings that are available to you. This is the epitome of the age of ascension, for with this final stretch of road, you have attained the home stretch, and your ascent is assured.

          Come now and we shall learn of the other times when you gathered yourselves to my heart. We shall share the memories and we shall overcome the shadows that drift in and out. We shall smile on the adversity that attempts to infiltrate, and render it golden and full of love.

          There is one more thing I wish to convey this day, and it is that there is no more waiting that is in store for you. From this point it is all a walk, and sometimes a run, to the ascent of love that you are. When you think you wait, you instead slow the walk a bit in order to see more clearly and to allow the pleasure to sink in of that part of the journey. To wait is to miss the journey; to allow the journey to enrich you is to be aware of all aspects of it.

          This I give you as a gift of the heart, and in this gift I reveal to you who I AM. I AM the richness of your souls, and I AM the following of your heart. I AM the expression of your journey and I AM the wings of your destiny. I AM you, my dear ones, and my love for you is profound. Take me into your heart and know Thyself, for there is nothing sweeter than to see Thyself as who you really are.


Thank you dear ME/US All There Is,

Love, Nancy Tate