Wakeup Call Message
January 28, 2005




          There is a tale that I would like to tell you, and it is one that bears repeating from time to time. Greetings, I am Kryon of magnetic service, and I am going to tell you a story of the children in southeastern Asia, the brave ones who stand in their sorrow and see the fruits of their labors come back to them in the Light of the universe transvested in the beauty of the moment.


          The group of children walked over to the floor of the building where they had a few weeks ago attended school together. The floor was somewhat upright and leaning against a huge tree that had been toppled on its side. Under the tree was a huge pile of debris that had been washed together by the wave that had swept over this little village in Sri Lanka.

          As the children approached one boy declared, “I used to walk on that floor with trembling and doubt, for I hadn’t been able to understand what the teacher had been teaching us. I was afraid that I would have to stay back in school for another year, and then I would be made fun of.” The boy hung his head and allowed a tear to flow freely down his cheek. Then he continued. “I now feel an angel is walking with me, and what the teacher taught me is solidly in my heart and my mind. She taught me that never was I to doubt that I was loved, for within the love she brought to the school was the love of God and of all the angels who helped her administer the truth to the wee ones.”

          The boy looked around and saw a wee girl who was standing across the way from him. Her lips were trembling with unspoken words of sorrow and her eyes brimmed with the tears that she would not allow release. He walked over to her, knowing that the angel walked with him, and he extended his arms to her, in a posture of love and comfort. “Dear miss,” he said, “why don’t you come with me and we will go and find our teacher. She lives in heaven now, and I know that she will guide us through the rest of our studies, for she once told me that she would never leave till the job was through. She said that she would always be here for us with answers to any questions we might have.”

          The girl looked up at her friend, and she offered a smile for his encouragement. She spoke for the first time in days. “I have been talking with her, and she has told me that I will soon have an angel reach out to me and show me where I can go to find her. She said that I have a great mission to find the truth and then come back to my land and present it to the people here. She told me that if I continue to search for the truth it would come to me. She assured me that I wouldn’t have to wait long, and now you have come and I can go now to where she is.”

The boy felt the angel beside him embrace him and the girl all at once. He knew that he would always be all right as long as he could feel the angel here with him. He reached out and pulled his friend into his embrace, and soon they all three were soaring high above all the other children with whom they had gathered at the floor of the school.

          As they ascended into the heavens, they flew past several birds and some fish and a few people that they did not know. They soared past pieces of homes and trees and flowers with some of the petals still on them. They watched as cries of help floated above and below them. They listened as a chorus of angels answered the calls and comforted the people on their way to heaven. They lifted the branches of a tree that floated in space and found it to easily drift off into nothingness at their touch.

          As they ascended even higher, they noticed a difference in their bodies. They could see through each other, and yet they could see something around their bodies that they had not seen before in a long time. They saw colors and they saw a glitter of gold and silver that surrounded them like a halo.

          They knew that they were in a holy place, for they felt like they could sing and dance and pray all at the same time. They covered themselves with the dust of the angels that floated around them like powder and smelled as sweet.

They then heard a sound far off, and sweet as a melon in full ripeness. They could taste the sound, it was so mellow and tender in it’s experience. This was different than anything that they ever could imagine. How can a sound taste like a sweet, ripe melon? We must be in a special place for this kind of thing to happen.

“My dear students,” they heard a soft melodic voice calling to them. “I have been waiting for you, for you have been my dear students, and we have been preparing for this time for many, many lifetimes. We are about to embark on a journey that will take you to a place where you will experience a sound, a taste and a sight that you haven’t experienced in a long, long time. You are going to follow me and we will visit a place that has been off limits for a long time. This place holds the secret to a life of forever. It holds the key to finding the most that you are. It unleashes the mysteries of the ages and shows you that there are no mysteries, only forgotten truth.

When we get there, you will find that you are looking back on where you just came from. You will see that the world where you used to play and live is a much different world. You will know that when you were there you were laying the groundwork for this time.”

The teacher took their hands, and they soared off into a cloud that seemed to last forever, but was really but a moment. Then the mists cleared and before them they beheld a spectacle that took their breath away. Before them they saw their old village, and the place where they had just been was all cleared away. There were beautiful trees and flowers, and children were playing. Dogs were jumping and playing with the children, and they all were exclaiming in burst of joy and play. This was a site so unlike any that they had seen there, and yet it was so familiar. Then they saw someone come into the scene, and this person bore a slight resemblance to themselves. But how can that be, that one person looks like both of them?

The teacher heard their thoughts and explained that they had both come from the same soul, and that now they were back together after being apart for all those eons. She went on to say that when they went to earth way back then, they decided to split their beingness and become two expressions of the same. She told them that they did that for the purpose of bringing all of this to a greater understanding.

As the two listened to their inner mind and the words the teacher offered there, they knew the whole story. They knew that they would always be one, no matter how they showed themselves to be. They knew that they would always be one with the Source, and that when they took on different expressions it was for the sake of all of humanity and all of existence.

With this knowledge fresh in their awareness, they looked once again down at the village. This time they saw the teacher and the two they had become. They saw that there was a faint color that tied them all together, and it was the color that emanated from each of them in harmony. This color was an iridescent purple, and it glistened with the glow of the angels.

Then they saw one more thing, and it was that the village had grown smaller, and they were seeing the whole planet. It had changed. They saw that all over the planet was lush vegetation and beautiful flowers. They could see each individual petal and leaf at the same time that they saw the whole. They saw people with smiles on their faces and a new lift to their step. They saw everything in peaceful repose and they heard songs of love and joy. They knew that this world was a different world from the one they had left, and they knew that it was a world that came after the great wave that had so transformed their life that day.

They then heard voices come from the middle of the earth, and saw that they too had transformed their place of living. They saw that the inner earth and the outer earth were the same, and that the refection of one was the duplicate of the other. One had been a dream, and the other had become that dream.

Then they saw that one person that they had seen in the village, and she was playing a song on a harp that was different from any they had seen. This harp played music that was sweet and melodic and it seemed to be transparent, yet solid. They felt the music in their souls, and the sweetness brought tears to their eyes. The words that she was singing were words of love and destiny. They told of travails in the days before. They told of great waves and other earth changes. The words revealed that with these changes came a great renewal of love and peace throughout the land. And they sang out of the triumph of light over all fear that had reigned on the planet for so long.

Then in their hearts they heard the truth of the beginnings of earth and how it was all in Divine Planning. They knew in an instant that it was all in the Divine plan of the Source, and that this peaceful, beautiful scene before them was the ultimate result of all that had come before.

They knelt before a rainbow that suddenly appeared before them, and they knew that they were in God’s hands. They heard a tone so pure that it instantly transformed them into a beam of light that radiated forth upon all of planet earth. As the beam lifted, they saw the village as they had left it, and they felt the sorrow and despair. In the next instant they saw the new earth as they had seen it transformed and in the purity of the intent of God. And they wept for joy, and they lifted up to the reaches of All There Is and knew that they would always be in the beauty of the Ages.


This is the story that is rolling through all of heaven, my dear ones. This is the reality of the ones who left this earth on a great wave. This is the reality that all who reside on earth, and the heaven of earth will experience. It is coming my dear ones, and you will be creating this heaven on earth, and you will know in your hearts that all is in Divine love.

I go now to my easy chair and I settle in for more of your beauty in the making, for you are Holy.

And so it is.


Thank you dear Master Kryon,

Love, Nancy Tate