Wakeup Call Message
January 13, 2005





          My dear ones, I would like to present to you a challenge. That challenge has to do with the unfolding of your wings and the deliverance of your own ability to see the world as it is in your best idea of the world. This is the way to achieve success in your life, and if Jesus had given in to the ideas that he was less than he was, then where do you suppose we would be now?

          IAM Commander Korton, and in this opening I have introduced a segment of myself that has been long coming to your eyes. I am presenting to you an opportunity to see that even though I AM a physical being, and human at that, I AM capable of being all that I know I AM.

          This too, can you do! This too is what your capability is. Why do you suppose that we are so interested in you and the events of your world and your ascension progress? It is because we are seeing an unprecedented display of how it could have been for us, had we chosen to ‘fall’ as you did.

          Yes, that is true; we all had the opportunity to come to earth those eons ago, and follow the path that you have. We all were given the scenario to work out, or not. Those of us who chose to remain in our state of beingness decided to remain as sentinels and as monitors of the great plan. Yes, we all had our parts in this, and in monitoring you all this time, we have developed an awe for what you have accomplished, for it is an act of the God within each and everyone of you that has enabled you to persevere and come through with the flying colors that are on exhibit to all of us in the cosmos.

          I have come to you today to explain a few of the steps that will come about in the near future. One of these steps is to assure that you do ascend, and that no one is left behind. In so doing we are going to, with your co-operation, bend time. It will seem to some as if only a second has elapsed, yet there will have been to others another thousand years of strife upon what will be considered as the same planet earth.

          In the reality of those who are in the last stage of their climb to ascension, there will be a time when they will see the eventual clearing of their bodies of all the clutter that blocks their ascension. In this time, they will know that they have agreed to experience this opening to the light that represents the purity of who they are.

There are those who will ascend and work with those who have chosen to remain in this 3d duality, and there are those who will leave their body and come back either as humans once more, or will work with those on earth in their capacity as guides. Those who stay in the duality will experience what it is they choose, for as long as they choose, up to the end of the thousand year period. At any moment they may choose to ascend, if that is within their reach.

For those of you who choose to ascend at the moment of inception of the zero point referred to by many teachers on your planet, you will find the utopia that you have aspired to. You will also see that all of the earth beings, all of humanity has ascended with you. This is what you are programmed to expect, and to create as your reality.

          So you see, my friends, there is much taking place here that has been easily misconstrued as the truth of these times. This is one example of what it means to bend time, to render it malleable, to transcend time. This is how all the prophets, seers, sacred writings, etc can all be truth at the same time as they represent what appears to be differing messages. This is how one day you can find your truth in one way; then in another you will find a different truth.

          Have I given you enough to blow your minds yet??? Well, try this one for size; I Am here, yet I AM not. I AM a figment of your imagination, yet I AM as real as you or anyone else in creation. I am a person who has feelings and differences of appearance, yet I look the same as anyone else, in some eyes. I like to feel wanted, and yet it doesn’t matter if someone else wants me around, for I AM complete unto myself.

This is the dynamic that will be a part of your existence when you ascend into your lightbody. You will find that there is a welcome remembrance of who you are, and your capabilities, and you will experience for a time, a gleeful expression of that which you are. The explorations you make will take a very short time, or it can take a whole lifetime, as you wish. The world is your oyster, as never before, and yet you will have a reverence for All There Is that will give you a strong intent to just Be.

          Have I now given you enough to ponder for a while? I AM about to go on board another ship that will carry me to another dimension to be with you in that future that you so love to look forward to. I will speak with you, and I will visit with your families. I will dine with you, and we shall carry forth the work of the angelic presence that is within each of you. It will be a grand time for all of us, and when I return to this dimensional reality, I will bring a residue with me of that experience, and you will be able to tap into it. In fact, that is happening at this moment, and you are seeing the result of what we experienced.

          I am ready now to go and attend to my duties in the after time, and in that I will plant some seeds to be reaped in the time to come on earth. The harvest is glorious, and the trip will be a grand one for you of homecoming and joyful acknowledgement of the Divinity of us all. I love you, and look forward to the time when you will look into my eyes and exclaim, “Welcome Home, dear Korton!”


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate