Wakeup Call Message
January 07, 2005





          There is a possibility that in a matter of days there is going to be a “coup” of sorts taking place within the House and Senate. This ”coup” would be one of over-riding any efforts that are being undertaken by certain parties that are in a position of power at this time. With this move, there could be a turning around of the issue that is presently before the House and Senate, and the actions that are taken could bring the whole process that is before us to a standstill while further investigations are conducted.

          I AM Commander Korton of the Galactic Federation, and I AM presently on earth and in the throes of this investigative action. With my appearance in these proceedings, which are being conducted behind closed doors, we have come to a justifiable entry of evidence that will give the people of these united States their voice in a more accurate manner.

          As you all know with the onslaught of evidence that can come before an issue such as this, there can also be a sliding in of many other evidences of other issues. This is foreseen, at this time, and when this happens there will be an uproar among the citizens of the united States so profound as to take the roof off the activities that have ruled the capitol for many, many decades. And then the truth of the centuries of misuse of power can come forward and the truth of the ages will be on everyone’s lips and on public record for posterity.

          My dear respected fellow citizens of this great Milky Way Galaxy, I do so look forward to being able to meet with you publicly and to show you the love that I feel so strongly in my heart. When this happens it will be at a time when there will be full disclosure, and the ones who have been railroading you for so long will be incarcerated and will stand in public display of their deeds. This will be a time when it will be required of all of you to feel compassion for these ones, for they knew not what they did, on a deeper, Spiritual level.

          I know that you all have it within you to feel this, and exhibit it, because you are awakening at a rate in which you are incapable of anything but compassion and love. This is your finest hour, and when we are able to land and introduce ourselves, we will be able to warrant that there are no beings from our First Contact group who are coming in anything but a benevolent manner.

          One of the things that will take place when we do come, is that there will be an assistance in the transition with the governments of the world. This will be a smooth and flowing transition, and the will of the people will be paramount. There is no more room for tyranny and strife within this governing body. There is only a benevolence that supercedes the energy of subversion that has reigned here for so long.

          One more item of news is on the agenda this day, and it is that there is a coming assistance for the area of the recent tsunami. With our abilities to bring cleansing to the waters of the earth, we have heard your call, and along with your beautiful, powerful prayers and energy work that is transforming the waters and the plight of the survivors, we are lending our assistance to the cleanup. In this way, there can be no stone unturned and no one left behind, for we have the advantage of being able to see the whole picture, and nothing will escape our scrutiny. You have called and we are responding.

          I now leave this transmission, and return to my duties in the spot of debate. There really is no debate, however in order to follow the free will, we are allowing the process to go the full mile, as you would say. When I say there is no debate, I do so for some have presented their case with the preface that they are following a duly assigned rule of course in order to keep the process legitimate. This is in accordance with keeping the earthly failsafe, and leaving no stone unturned. We honor this, and see that the natural course of events is to take place, and justice and mercy will out.

          Enjoy your day, and go forth and multiply the efforts of your doings, for they shall reap a harvest of truth forevermore. Done in love and compassion they bring blessings to all.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate