Wakeup Call Message
January 26, 2005





          My dear ones there is something that is taking place in the realms of light that is going to make a difference in the way that your world evolves in the future. This something is an energetic patterning of the atmosphere around your earth. This energetic response to your increase in vibration is a result of the intent of a large part of your planet to respond to the Christed energies and allow the ascension that is being implemented at this time.

          Good day, I am Enlil, and I AM here to let you know how you are responsible for this marvelous occurrence. I AM here to share with you that you have come of age and have realized that in order for you to not self-destruct you can now remember who you are and take that power of the Divine back into your present consciousness and walk in the Divinity that is You.

          When I came to earth I did so with a great deal of consternation, for I felt that we Nibiruans were a select race who would forever reign over any species that lived on earth. Indeed, I did not foresee that there would ever be a race of people living on earth who would ever be more than chattel to us, or to some other dominant race.

          I now see how ill fated my prophecy and perceptions were. I see now that my brother Enki had a vision that is now being foretold and is coming to fruition. He shared with me once that the Creator led him to earth to intercept the evil that could come and be counted. He told me that in order to come to this mission, he would have to carry a degree of darkness that would serve in the time to come. He had no way of knowing how deeply and completely he would have to immerse himself into that darkness and how agonizing it would be for him to rise and fall constantly as he did.

          This is the legacy he carried all this time, and indeed this is the legacy that I tried over and again to subvert. Then one day I was able to allow the truth of his plight to overcome me and when that happened, my mission on earth, and my idea of the destiny of earth changed. I began then to hold a light for my brother so that he would never lose his way completely.

          Now we stand side by side and in the Light. We do so with the love that we have finally allowed into our beingness. In this we are able to come to the assistance of all of you, and allow the changes that are taking place to freely flow forth and cleanse this earth and her people. We watch as the changes take place, and when we see a time when we can step in and lend a hand we do.

          Such is the case now, for within these times we see a part that we played directly that requires us to assist, and in so doing we clear the energy of our involvement and we make it possible for you to do the same. This is a collaborative affair, and in this we find the Oneness. We see that the combined light of all of us light the way easily and effortlessly for the destiny to manifest and take us all into the New Jerusalem.

          Now back to the atmosphere around earth. It is rapidly changing as the new energies match that of the ones that you are transmitting forth. There is a formula that is being created for posterity, and it is a combination of the energies emitted from all of life on earth, from the earth herself, from the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. Each of these energies is being met by the others and transmuted to a like energy. In other words, they are becoming One. They are answering the Divine calling and becoming Whole, through the Divine intent of the Source. All is coming into perfect resonance and in a short time there will be a new dispensation that has not as yet ever been accomplished in this universe.

          This new dispensation is to be the granddaddy of all dispensations that have come to date. Yes, you have accomplished many new dispensations in the past; now they are manifesting at a rapid rate, until one day there will be no time and no need for another dispensation for all will be in a moment of existence. That means that in that moment you will be able to create time consciously. You will be able to create your world physically as you intend. You will be able to create whatever concept comes to your Divine mind. It will all be your creation, in the light of the Divine Source.

          I give you this message for I feel that there is a time for a new dispensation right around the corner, on the heels of the one that has just been accomplished. You are bringing a whole new depth and meaning to the word dispensation. You are creating anew to the point where there will no longer be a concept of dispensation, for it will be obsolete. As the sun sends her flares, and the other celestial influences lend their energies to your world, you are finding that all that you have known is being shattered and transformed. Much of what you have known is being cast aside and replaced by new ideas and new perceptions.

          The best way that you can meet these changes is to embrace them, and allow them to carry you into their Grace. This is the time of your life when you are beginning to discover how it feels to be a creator in consciousness.

          I take you now to the center of earth. I have been working with the energies there for some time now, with one who resides on earth and carries my energies of light. This one has been working with me and in my capacity in many instances. Through this work there has been a great deal of the evolutionary process that has been accomplished. I ask you now to tune in to the center of your planet and ask what it is that you can do to bring to completion this new dispensation that is to lead to the Oneness of all. I ask that you listen to your own innate wisdom and knowledge, and follow the guidance that is speaking through your intuition and any other means that you gain wisdom as to how to follow your path.

          This is going to bring your own innate wisdom closer to your every moment and to render your present consciousness your wide-awake state of being. You have been accomplishing a great deal even before you were aware of that. Now you are beginning to bring that awareness to the front and walk in the openness that bespeaks that you are a fully awake being who is playing this role as human and are ascending into the Lightbody that is your destiny.

          I stand here in this light realm and I constantly embrace you. I stand alongside my brothers and sisters who are constantly by your side. We together are heralding your evolvement and we salute you with a fullness of heart that sings out to you from every corner and cranny of heaven. Blessed are the angels of earth, for they are rising to their ascendancies to forever walk in Grace.


Thank you dear Lord Enlil,

Love, Nancy Tate