Wakeup Call Message
January 05, 2005





          My dear ones, I AM Enki, and I come to you this day with a message of love and understanding. I come to you to show you the power of love and the understanding hearts of those who are in line for the promises that are being kept for all of humanity.

          Last night, I came to this one, and I whispered to her of a day ahead that would be like none other. As she drifted off into sleep she wore a smile and a thought in her heart spoke of times to come that would change her life forever. This day, so far she has been experiencing drifting in and out of other worlds. I know, for I monitor her energy and I feel what she feels.

          When this day progresses she will find that there are instances of love that she will feel and a deeper understanding of some of the issues with which she has been operating. She will realize some truths that will be like none other for her; and she will go forth in her next days in a fog of truth that will lift and leave her in a different state of being than before.

          How do I know all this? It is in her most immediate future; it already has happened, and it also reflects that which all of you are experiencing to some degree. It is not only her who is experiencing this changing energy, but many of you either have recently, or are to in the next hours. What is taking place today, is that there are nuances of time that are infiltrating the energies of many of you, due to the influences of the astrological progression at this time. When these astrological bodies resound in the cosmos, they send back waves of energy that vibrate at an accelerated rate. This influences those who are strongly in sync with these energies and enable them to access certain dimensional frequencies in a way that brings them closer to the extremities of those dimensions.

          This is what brings about the interaction with the events of those dimensions. As you must realize, there are events occurring in those other dimensions that deeply resemble the ones in the dimension in which your reality plays out. When one visits any of those other dimensions, one is able to integrate the events of those dimensions with the ones of their present reality.

          This causes a deepening of their reality, and therefore a greater understanding of the vagaries of earth life, as it associates itself with other realities. In this way, the integration begins, or in many cases, continues. It is as with the stirring of the batter as more and more of the ingredients are blended a greater transformation is realized, until finally the finished product is manifested into another form through heat.

          My dear ones show yourselves the opportunity to tune in to the words I expel to you. I AM in a process myself of integrating all the energies of all the dimensions of reality. In so doing, I AM bringing to bear the completeness of the realities, and what is emerging is the totality of That Which Is. When we all go to sleep this night, it will be with a differing approach to life. In various ways we will have all changed, and in that change, we will bring about another step in our evolution.

          With the events of this world taking place in 3D, we are incorporating our life here with those of our lives in other dimensions. In this way, we are providing more of a foundation on which the events of our world can come forth as we see it to be. That means my dear ones, that as more of our intent for occurrences that are on the front burner come to light and are encouraged to the ultimate manifestation, then will the nuances of the dimensionality of those events come into manifestation.

          I AM saying here, my dear ones, that all that you have been expounding your energies on will come into being, as you integrate the dimensions, and bring the truth of NESARA into being, and live what it represents. There, I said the word that you have been waiting for, you knew in your hearts that this is what I was leading up to. I know for I have seen the stream of light that brought it into being, and into the minds and hearts of all on earth. This is one of the dimensions that you are integrating into your present reality, and with the energies of today, you will bring the blending that will accelerate the manifestation, and bring it to your reality fully.

          Go now, and allow the energies of the day to speak with you. There are those of you who will hear messages that will speak the part that you have in this blending. There is not one of you who have been the mixers who have not a part in this, for all of you are the mixers and the blenders. You will present your creation to the world and it will be served on a platter of silver and gold. I AM so pleased to be with you at this point, for I AM in a deep loving feeling for all of you. There is no finer thing than to see those whom you love so dearly give of themselves so tirelessly for a cause that will serve so beautifully for all of mankind.

          Blessed are the meek, for they have inherited the earth, and it is Holy.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate