Wakeup Call Message
January 14, 2005


Hi Everyone,

        Iím going to be on the road again starting Sunday, so until further notice, there wonít be any Wake up Calls. Spirit has indicated that we will most probably be back home by, or before the end of the month. If some news comes up that needs to be posted, then I will find a way to send it out. Letís do what we can to play with Bathsheba and the rest of the Vedic Kingdom to make our world a healthier place in which to live. It can be fun, and very rewarding.

    I love you all so much,





          All my little children of the world and beyond. Do you know what time it is, and why you went to sleep last night with a song in your heart? It is because there are millions of faeries singing a song to you, and in turn you are singing back to them. Good morning, I AM Bathsheba, and I come this day to talk with you about a matter of singularly important news. This news is that there is a great waterway that is being purified by the angelic kingdom and the priestesses of the water and the air of Mother Earth.

          When we went to sleep many years ago, we heard a call from Gaia to tell us that we were to put our great powers on hold for a time, in order for the people of the earth to come and play their games on her surface. She told us that we would at some time in the future be awakened fully once again to our magic, and that when that happened we would awaken to a far different world. She told us that even though we would not be changed or compromised, she and the people on her would be. They would all be in grave danger of extinction, but that the Source God The Creator would have us all in Grace, and that would be when our great powers of transmutation would begin.

          The time has come, and it began one hundred years ago. At that time, we were awakened and in so doing we discovered that we could look ahead into the future, and see this day, and on into the next. We discovered that along with that vision we could see how our work to come would affect Gaia and her people. We saw a great turnaround take place, and it began with the waters and the air.

          What we saw for fifty years in the future made us sick, our stomachs revolting. Immediately we were shown the future one hundred years from then, which would put it to be earth year 2105, and what we saw changed our revulsion to that of absolute joy and jubilation. We saw the future through the eyes of what we, along with all of earthís inhabitants would do to bring about this great transformation. We saw the waters turn from putrid, waste-teeming rivers and oceans of poison, to great glistening bodies of crystal clear, health giving waters of light.

          We saw fifty years from our awakening that the air would be smog- filled and almost impossible to breathe. We saw that the pine trees, which ordinarily keep the ions in the air and keep the balance intact, were so clogged with pollution that they could not send forth their purifying aromas. Then we looked at the future to 2105 and saw that the air was clean and crisp. We saw that people were breathing easily and healthily, and the pine trees stood majestic in their collaboration with the people of the world.

          The love on Mother Earth was so incredibly strong and pure that all we could do was stand there and cry out in jubilant song. We knew that we had a great mighty Divine task ahead of us, and we kept the vision of 2105 strong and steady in our hearts and minds. We knew that we would persevere and that we would have the assistance and co-operation from many of earthís family and that of the cosmos.

          My dear ones of planet earth. We sing our song of hope and joy for the life of this planet. We know that we have a task ahead that will require the unity of all on earthís surface, as well as those who live within her body. We also know that the work has already started and that even though it may not seem so, it is making a difference.

          You see, we were told one hundred years ago, that it would get worse before it got better, and that we were awakened at that time in order for us to see what it was that brought earth to the place of poison that she is. We were to live that with all of humanity, so that we would share in the jubilation of recovery in the way that Gaia and her family would. We were to establish a relationship with millions of people in order to grow and live and communicate with them in a way that co-operated with their free will.

          This has brought us to this place now. We are in the midst of the biggest cleanup in the history of earth. We are about to embark on an acceleration of cleansing that is unprecedented in the history of creation. Millions of people are learning of ways in which they can clean and energize the waters they drink, swim in, wash with, and even the rain that slips down over their faces will be clean and healthy, for the air is being cleaned as well.

          With this knowledge of methods to clean the earth, comes a great awakening to the inherent truth that lies within each and every one of us. This is a great awakening not only for the Vedic kingdom, but for all of humanity and all life on planet earth. This is the threshold of the great cleansing, and as it rolls downhill it gains momentum, bringing a difference so swift and sure that it will astound many of this great planet in this glorious galaxy.

          Now that I have introduced you to another face of my beingness, I remind you that there was once a devil that came and swept across the land. This so called devil was a self imposed child of God, who played a role that not many would have thought could be so glorious. To glory the devil, was to vile the very existence of God! Or was it? Was it not to make evident the glory of the Light, and to see the extreme other end of the spectrum of what could be accomplished in the arms of the Light?

          Iíll leave that for you to decide, and with that I take my leave, for I have a date with destiny, and it takes me to the ecstasy that beckons all of you.


Thank you dear beloved Bathsheba,

Love, Nancy Tate