Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 22, 2003


Welcome my friends to this day of plenty and goodness. I am Lotar, and I sit with you today in the rightness of the energy, as there is no compromise in the duties that are set forth in the coming together of the education of the masses in the new excitement of the governing establishment of the world.

Within the halls of learning on the land of the free, you will find classes available for the people who are willing and eager to lend a hand of support for the new regime that will be coming into the temporary support of the United States. This will be a course that will make clear the auspices of the patrol that watches over the running of a nation.

When the new energy of governing is set in place, there will be a renewing of the dream that the forefathers of your nation brought to the people of the new country of states. This was their dream as they sailed from the shores of England and took with them a dedication to find the freedom they were denied.

This is a course that will educate the people as to the cause of freedom and equality for all. This will give them back their constitutional rights and assure them that they have full garnership over the land in which they live.

Also involved in this program of study, will be the right of the world to join in the financial structure that will be brought forth in this nation. The other nations will also be given instruction as to the smooth melding of a system that will serve the needs of the international commerce that can result from these new measures.

Some of you are wary of what has been termed a new world order, and rightfully so. This has been a dream of many of the group who has subverted the freedom of the people for so long. I tell you that this is not going to be the energy in which this new unitedness is carried forward. Your wishes and demands will be met, and your voice will count in the governing of the land.

You may wonder why I, who do not even reside on earth, would be bringing you this news. I am telling you that there has been a board of intergalactic beings who have been working with Ascended Master St. Germain in this matter. Some of us have lived a number of lives on earth, including myself in my oneness with this one whom I speak through. In my capacity as member of this board, I join with my constituents in the formation of a trust to bring together a program of education for the clarity with which this new governing body can be supported by the people. We realize the importance of bringing into unity the people of the nation and of the world in this time of the evolvement of man into the lightbody stature that you are headed for. In our work here on Jupiter to form this education process, we are working in unison with several beings from planet earth, as well as from other planets in the solar system, and the galaxy.

We here on Jupiter enjoy a system of interplanetary education and intelligence, and many new programs of education are formed here in this energy of learning. This is the energy in which we support our position in the Galactic Federation and the Federation of Universal Order.

We see the wonderful happenings that are taking place at this time on earth; and we also realize the energy in which these events take place. You see, there are many measures that are taking place to assure that the law that is before the consideration of the country in which freedom is being reformatted at this time, comes forward in implementation, fully and with total support. It will also be backed up with the finest governing body that can be put into place till the time when you the people of the United States will exercise your sovereign rights as a citizen of a country that is of your creation, and bring into standing a duly elected governing body of well chosen representatives of the people they serve.

This is the dream we see, finally coming into existence, born in love and unitedness, rather than in the fear that drove the people from their homeland to begin with. In this crowded world there is no place to which you can turn to relocate and fulfill your dream. So you stand your ground and declare your sovereignty on the land that you have earned as home. This is the supremacy that is your inheritance, and now it is coming back into your hands. Do well with it my friends, for it is your country to mold and create into the original dream of your forefathers. This is the opportunity that many of you had when you stood in Independence Hall and signed your names to the documents that represented your dream.

Your beautiful energy of love and desire for the unalienable rights of a free people is being brought back to you, so that you may go on in this energy of matter, and find the road to the highest state of being that you can ascend to from the platform of the freedom which that high state represents.

I leave you now with this promise; I will continue to serve your course of freedom in any way I can, till the work is accomplished and it is in the capable and rightful hands of the wonderful earth people who walk so grandly through this journey. I am your brother, and in the unitedness of family, I salute you and send you my love and support, for always.

Blessings come your way with every breath you take, claim them my friends and walk in Glory.