Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 02, 2003


            It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the New Year. Good morning my friends I am Lotar, and I bring to you this morning a message of peace and co-ordination of justice and mercy for the people of the earth and her neighboring planets.

            There is a coalition happening that will dispel any further bloodshed on earth in the name of nuclear war and annialation of the people. This coalition is the result of the meetings of the various heads of the inter-planetary federation known as the Galactic Federation. This group has come together and devised a means by which the instance of nuclear threat is defused. Despite the talk of nuclear action that is taking place in various circles on earth at this time, this talk is backed by empty space, for the danger has already been defused and disarmed.

            I tell you this because there is important business to attend to. This is the business of bringing a peaceful end to the warring between nations and individuals. The impact that your planet has on the rest of the solar system, and the galaxy is enormous. Now that we are cleaning up our act, so must you. Our revitalization is being brought about through the forces of the physics of the universe. In the correlation between the sun and the planets there is an energetic principle that is affecting the whole. All within this spectrum of existence is in a flux of change.

            There is an apparatus in the works that can dispel the sun’s rays in a direction that will cause irreparable harm if used in the energy of fear. This is the energy that is prevalent in the circles that are vying for its use. However, that is not to take place. The ones who are constructing this apparatus are devising a way by which there can be no means by which it can produce harmful effects. This plan for the use of the machine is for the purpose of providing free energy for the people of the planet, and for the betterment of mankind. These people are being assisted in their cause by members of the Federation; and the technology comes from off-planet.

            At this time there are so many beings on earth who are from the federation that you may be surprised at the number. They are there to assist you to the peace that is the order of the day. There are various means by which the actions that are being taken to provide the re-establishment of abundance and peace will be carried forth. These means are in use at this time, and there are also envoys from the various planets in this solar system that are standing by to come to the surface and meet with various of the civilizations that live beneath the surface of the earth.

            I wish to tell you, fair people that there is a great deal taking place to set up a friendly arena in which the news of your neighbors can take place. This is in partial development, and is being completed as we speak. The stage is being set for the grandest spectacle to ever hit the “screen” of your theaters since time began for you. You will be told information, and shown secreted truths that will serve to re-awaken certain degrees of your amnesia that will enable you to go forward in that energy and find the rest of the story as it is presented to you through your own knowingness as will be assisted by the Christed energy that is prevalent now.

            I am standing by with my knowledge and abilities to give you additional information as is appropriate in the coming times. This is a gathering of angels to the throne of God, and you all have your own throne, for you are all God. You are being awoken by that Divine energy, for it is time to wind this story down and get on with the creation of a new one. We all in this huge family of God will be working together in the times to come and our parts in the picture will be variable and changeable in the complexity and the simplicity of the All.

            I tell you now that it is Holy and it is fine. It has been a long way to the coming of the truth, and it is upon you. Regard it well, and give it your all, for you are the All to give. I look forward to the rest of the journey, and I welcome you home to the fold. You are brethren and you are family and we are awaiting your knock on our door.

            Blessings to you all this fine day! Stroll forward in your journey and God speed.