Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 30, 2003

            There is a great deal going on this day in the cause of justice in your world. Good morning, I am Kryon, and I wish to tell you of a certain element of beauty that is being transacted right now. I greet you on this day with a bit of news that will bring certain parties to their knees, and enable others; to the destination toward which they have been striving.

            Today in a corner of the globe there are several people who are meeting in a garden to bring forth a degree of servitude to the people of the world. This group of people is in conference to bring about a multitude of reasons for the safety of the people who are being sent to the battlegrounds. These reasons are to be brought forward in a document that will outline the steps that are to be taken in the return of these soldiers to their homelands. The talk of war will be squelched, and will be brought to the front to be exposed for the truth in which it was born.

            This is not an idle chatter that is taking place for the sake of fireside conversation. This is peace that is being enacted. This is the representation that is prevalent within the hearts and souls of those who are meeting. They are bringing forward the energies and ideas that are within the peace they feel. These people are evolved to a point where they live the peace that they are. Yes, they are earthlings, who have been under the guidance of the God within, and in collaboration with the ascended masters.

            These are not people who are proposing an armistice, but people who are proposing a plan that will embrace all of humanity. There is a great deal of love that is present in this meeting, and this will bring forth the unity that is present in their group and shine it out to the world as a reminder of the unity that is a potential realization between all who walk this earth.

            There is a peaceable solution to this situation that you all engage in. The answer does not lie in meeting force with force, but in meeting fear with love and nonresistance. This is the power in which God is manifest. This is the arena that supports the drawing home of all the troops to a ministering of the love and compassion that lies waiting for expression within the hearts and souls of all, yes, even those in whom it seems even the most unlikely.

            It is time, my dears, to see these people in the light of brotherhood. To add fuel to the fire of distrust and hate is to keep the very force that you disdain in a life of strength. This is the very message that has been coming from so many of our fellow beings on this side of the veil, and in the skies and within the earth. This is the message that will help to set you all free. “Love Thine enemy as thyself,” it was once said, “for he is you.”

            Continue to see the Divine Light in all of your fellow beings, and you will see the Divine Light to the restoration of peace and unity on earth. We recognize the frustration it brings to some of you when you see the energy of war and false pride in the leaders who would send you to war. We ask that you also see the truth of where these leaders are coming from. They come from an innate desire to play their roles to the top of their expectations. They are following an energy that they knew at one time would bring them into a grand spectacle of fruition in the destiny of the planet. They are not seeing clearly yet that the ending has changed; that you have all decided to rewrite the play, and give the performance and open end.

            Here is where the compassion and understanding can be really powerful. You can move mountains and change time and energy. You can love your enemies and change the course of the history that has already happened. Do you see how powerfully this is true? Have you not seen it in your own personal lives? Have you not seen it in the community in which you live? This is the beginning of a whole new energy, and this can produce the grandest joining of them all. This is the time for the seers to step out and assist those who are still wearing blinders to allow those blinders to reflect inward so that they may see the loving angels that lives within. This in turn will alert them to remove the blinders so that they will see that their reflection is shining back with the same likeness whenever they see one of their fellow humans.

            It is up to you, my dears who see, to be who you are to the depth of your knowingness. Step forward in your light, and live the beauty that you are. The power that shines forth in that energy is profoundly releasing, and can bring about a freedom that can reverberate around the globe.

            I leave you now to your day; and I stand shoulder to shoulder with each and every one of you. Do you see the unity in all that is? If I stand shoulder to shoulder with each of you, where is the separation? It is only in the eyes of the perceiver, and this you can change. I love each and every one of you; you are my love and my life; and you are my purpose.

            And so it is.