Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 27, 2003

          Good morning my silly friends! Shall we play a game of hide and seek? My partner here seems to need to be able to find her sweet and innocent child, and run and play wildly in the fields of forgetfulness. I speak of the forgetfulness of lost youth. Have you lost yours; or is it just around the corner searching for you to come out and play once more?

          I am Kryon, and I am greeting you on this day from my lofty perch atop this slide of water and mud, where I can glide merrily into another giggly wash of delight that cools my senses and makes right my heart in the times of trouble in the land of make believe that most of you live in.

          It is true, that I have never embodied in a lifetime. Have you considered that it is my ability to experience the delight of a child, and to feel the exhilaration of gliding and sliding in wild abandon? I can feel anything that I desire to feel, and so can you, and all the easier, because youíve been there a few times in all your lifetimes. It is what has kept the youthful vitality alive within you. It is when you start to slip into the fuddy-duddy attitude of being sophisticated and solemn that you lose that sweet innocence, and start to age.

          But Kryon, you are saying; I cannot go through life just being silly and playful. I have work to do, and money to make. I must support my family, and I must pay for my home that keeps my loved ones sheltered from the storm. This is serious business, and I have to be there for those who count on me!

          I ask you this; do you think that your family would want you to whither and die early for their sake? Do you find that they ask of you to sacrifice? Are you so far removed from your own youth that you cannot see yourself in your children, and do not feel the pull to live your life through them?

          You donít have to live that life in surrogacy. You can live in youth, no matter your earth age. Find the child that still lives within your heart and allow that free spirit to flow freely and release you from the bonds of age in which it has been imprisoned. I promise you that when you do you will be giving yourself the best gift ever; and it will also be a gift you give to your family and those around you.

          How can you act as a child at work and not be fired? Iím not saying to act as a child; obviously that would not fit into your world of business and earth ways. However, I am suggesting that you find that sweet, innocent, wildness of youth in the way that you feel as you go about your daily ministerings. Find the lightness in which you carry yourself. Approach each project with the openness of the moment, as a child does as he strolls through life. When you see a brochure containing the auspices of your business, look at it with the feeling of youth, and see how it transforms in your mind. When you prepare for a lecture to the board, allow the innocence of youth to review the contents before you decide it is ready. As you meet the customers in the store, see in them the playfulness that you feel for any of the friends with whom you encountered a new game when you were a child, playing your grown-up games.

          How did you perform those games? Was life so serious then that you did not end up laughing and perhaps rolling on the ground in the delightful pleasure of mimicking the elders in your life? Remember the playfulness in which you chose the playmates and formed your own families out in the backyard, with the blanket tents and the make believe houses in the crook of a tree?

          I encourage you my dears, to find that lost youth, and bring it back into your hearts where it belongs. Did you know that it belongs there, has always found home there? Did you realize that the world operates better with the wisdom of the children? Iím not speaking here of the immaturity of young minds, but of the wisdom of the fresh young minds that see everything as new and open and beautiful. As maturity sets in, and information is learned, the wisdom helps to create a world that is geared to the agelessness that you are coming to. Finding that lost youthfulness can assist you to the coming changes in a way that will flow through your life like a knife through butter. Didnít you love that phrase as a child? Laugh at it again; envision how that would appear, how that would feel if you were the knife, or the butter.

          My friends, I ask you to join me in a game of hide and go seek. You hide and I will go seek the wisdom that you left behind; then Iíll come back and hold the wisdom till you come back around and seek it again. Does this sound familiar my friends? Are we not doing this very thing? You can make the game go ever so much smoother if you play it with the innocence and fun mind that you did when you first dreamed up the game. Do you remember how you entered into this game with the wild abandon that youth brings? I do. And when you started this journey to the rediscovery of your selves, you forgot what the rules were, and made up new ones. In fact, you forgot that there were no rules; and in order to live in the area of openness without the memory of the inner guidance with which you had governed your lives before, you had to make up your own rules. Now you are awakening to the real rules, the ones that say, you donít need the rules because you have the wisdom to know who you are and what it is that keeps you in perfect form and clarity. And that is the innocence of the moment, my dears, and that is the beauty of the child.

          And so it is.