Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 20, 2003

Greetings, I am Kryon, and I come to you this morning with news of the galaxy. This is a day of refinement for the principles of governing in the affairs of the state of the union of the land known as America. Throughout the galaxy there are various ships of the federation that are on standby to monitor the goings on of the people in the United States as the day of celebration of one of the angels of freedom is being honored.

On this day the very energy of the people is representing the dream this angel had for the land he loved so well. He saw the possibility and the Divinity of the dream that he spread far and wide, for so too did those who followed him in solidarity and in support of the dream he marched for. This is the promise that is being celebrated today.

Once the smoke is cleared from the events that transpired over the week-end, and the sight that is beheld represents the intent within the hearts of so many across the world, then the difference will be felt in the beingness of all. This will bring about a different energy that will meet the coming events, and prepare the way for the agreements of peace and freedom to be realized and brought into reality. This is a strong premise that you build to warrant the relaxation of the expectations of all who live in the world of strife and chaos. Once these expectations are viewed and assessed for balance and realism, then the freedom of release can begin. And I speak of release of expectations, for within that letting go rides the beauty of living in the moment and capitalizing, in a Spiritual sense, on the benefits of a free world.

I tell you now that there is an inherent sense of beauty in the energies I see now in all of the people on the earth. As the beings stand by and watch the proceedings as they play out, they are readying themselves for the most beautiful occurrence to date. And that is to take part in the coming forward of the integrity of the essential aspects of the final experiences of the ascension process that you are undergoing at this time.

I urge you, my dears, to find the love and joy within when you play your roles in this game. For within is the banding together of the energies of oneness that will bring your curtain down and display the golden new era that is coming on the coattails of this recent skirmish within the energies of change. You can find the compassion for all who are involved, and I remind you that all who are on and within this planet are involved; no one is removed from this part of your destiny. No one is exempt from the realization of the love of the Divine and the gifts that are being showered upon the souls of the family of God. Yes, the gifts are being realized and enjoyed even now, and have been for some time.

On this day, in the year of earth 2003, you have been told that you are receiving the gifts that you called forth. On other days before and since, the same showering of gifts has taken place. In these statements I tell you that you have been gifted throughout all of humanity; and the gifts intensify in respect to the energies that you build through your use and appreciation of those gifts. It is your arena, and you are making use of it in a manner that we marvel.

I have one more piece of news, which is really not news at all to most of you. That is, that there is coming a new way of representing the freedom that is in your heart. This will bring to the front a great amount of self-realizing of the promises that you have been giving to yourselves for some time now. Within this new way of living the freedom, you will be taking back the sovereignty that you gave away in the cause of the playout of the energies of change. Do you see all this chaos and war as a cause for freedom? Look to the response that has come forth; does it look like a rebirth of the freedom you so desire? Does it feel like a part of your heart is opening to the remembrance of when you walked in the freedom of the innocence of a child? Well, that is because it is. This new energy that you are bringing about is the recall you are giving to the innocence of childhood. Remember when it was so lovely to walk down the street and kick a can for the distance? Remember that you put no limit on the distance; that the only thing that changed was the desire to go on to something else? This is freedom, my dears. This is the opportunity to find the ability to create a world of moments of the Divine expression of who you are. The freedom in which this is accomplished will create peace in your hearts that will sing forth and bring it to the world that you create.

I see you all now, going about your various pleasures and duties of the moment. I see the love that lives, in some cases waiting to be expressed more clearly and with more strength. I see the desire to bring a more pleasing life to your families and yourself. I say to you, ďGo out there, and with your guidance from within spread your beauty far and wide, if that far and wide encompasses but one inch of space around you, or none. When you feel that beauty that lives within, then it is a law of nature that the energy that emanates from that feeling reaches profound distances, and you only have to love yourself to accomplish that. Isnít that magic? Isnít that the ease in which you have longed to make a difference? And all you need do is feel the love that lives in your heart, my dears.

And so it is; and so it is.