Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 15, 2003

Greetings, I am Kryon, and I bring you this morning some news from the astral. There is going to be coming to the earth a bombardment of angels that bring with them the news of a divided assemblage of Deity that will choose the influences of the collective consciousness of the world.

This statement, my dear ones, is one of great trust and dedication to the cause of justice and peace in the land. There will be an amount of consternation regarding the deployment of a number of troops to the Mideast. However, the consternation will melt away and be replaced by joy when the results of our intervention are seen and felt. There will be a turning around of those troops, and a call to end the aggression that certain parties are exhibiting in the various places in the world.

Due to the lack, that is, the perceived lack of integrity of certain parties, the world will begin to have a clearer picture of the tables, as they are turning. No longer will the untruths of the reality of the few determine the truth in manifestation of the many. The governing forces that have for so long had hold in this land will begin to more strongly show their true colors and the people of the world will start to band together as never before, and bring this world to a tighter degree of unity.

My dear ones, we are allowing the play out to continue, and the solidarity to strengthen within the human species. You have brought this society to this point with reason and purpose. We will not cause any of your actions and plans to take a turn that you do not call for. I say you, meaning all of you, as a collective in the establishment of the grounds upon which your lessons can be learned.

My dears, I tell you this now; you have learned the lessons; you have earned your diplomas. The school is out for the summer, and the assemblage is gathering for the graduation ceremonies. You have earned the degrees that are waiting on the podium to be handed out to each and every one of you. The tide has turned in the flow of the energy of change; and the oneness that yesterday was but a dream is now being seen and felt by many of you as you approach the dawn of a brand new life and way of living that life.

We see you here from behind the veil, and we realize that you have made that veil thinner. You are beginning to see the values on the other side, where we are. Some of you spend a great deal of time communing with us on the side where we reside. You will be the ones who lead others into the Light and into the remembrance of the promises you made to yourselves when this all began. And I speak of the beginning of the road to the life on earth with your light bodies. This was not your original plan; this is your plan now, as we told you the news a few years ago.

Now you are down to the business of creating a whole new paradigm. This is the paradigm of freedom and eternal life on the earth and in the heavens of your choice. The wonder that is before you is the deployment of a band of angels that continually steps forward in the love and compassionate nature of the Blessed and the Blessers. You are those angels, and you are coming into the time of the establishment of peace, love and joy forevermore.

As I take my leave this day and retire to my armchair to sip my “tea” of joyful, golden, liquid gold, I watch your light and the colors of your beingness grow and illuminate the universe. I love the sight; and I love the feel of the love that emanates from that which I see and feel. You take the steps in the life you have created, and the way is golden from where I sit. Remember this when you feel the fear creeping back in, and know that this is all the reality that brings you to the best there is and ever was. Carry this knowing into the life you are enmeshed in, and know that it will lift you up out of the mire and into the loving arms of Spirit.

We here join you in the chorus of sweet joy and justice in the persona of the angels of mercy; and we salute you in the rejoicing.

And so it is.