Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 03, 2003

          . .

            Good morning! I am Kryon, and I greet you this day with a melody of love and devotion. Once there was a kingdom in which there lived an old woman and her son. This old woman was very much in demand as a healer and protector of many. She continually came to peoples house and fed them healthy food and gave them herbal mixtures for their well-being. The people of the kingdom loved her grandly, for she was in their eyes a saint. She devoted her life to the care of others, and treated her son as if he were royalty.

As her son grew and decided it was time to take a wife, he left his mother’s house and went out in search of his fortune. He roamed the countryside and found work wherever he could. He wanted to find what it was that would make his heart sing and give him sustenance at the same time, for when he married it was to be to give his wife a good and prosperous life.

Now this son while he was away, found that he missed his mother and the adoration that the people surrounded her with. He liked being in that energy, and didn’t find much of it where he traveled. Indeed it was quite the opposite. Times were tough for this son, and he soon wearied of the road.

“Why must I take myself away from the hearth and home where I was loved and adored?” he asked himself, “Isn’t it wiser to stay in my village and continue to build a foundation for my mother’s place?” He listened for a wise answer, and got instead silence. He asked again for an answer to his dilemma, and he heard a whisper, “You have the answer to your plight in your heart and your soul. All you need do is follow that and you will know everlasting peace and good will.”

This really made the son angry at first; he was used to having his questions answered by God and this one seemed too evasive. He stormed around and made his way to the fields where he lay down in anguish and despair. For days he lay there, too spent to leave. He asked again and again to give him release, and allow him to go back to his mother’s place.

Alas, the only answer was the answer that sent him to the field in the first place. This was no answer, only a riddle and a tune that made no sense to him. After awhile he wearied of lying there in anger, and his spirits lifted. Soon he could hear the wildlife all around him. The chirping of the birds created a song of greeting at the start of the day and the whole time through. The flutter of butterflies’ wings enchanted him at the nearby flowers. The sound of the insects as they hummed along in their daily activities created a drone, which proved to be very restful to the son.

He realized he was no longer pondering his plight and searching for an answer. He was at peace just listening to the sounds of love all around him. Suddenly a thought sprang to his mind, why don’t I build my home right here where I am so happy. I can find materials and bring them to this spot; then I will go in search of a wife.

So he jumped up and scurried around looking for building materials and just the perfect spot in the field on which to build. He chose a place high on the rise that stood in the center of the field. From here he could see far and wide, and not have to leave to find solace when he grew weary. He set about constructing a home so simple that it would require a minimum of care. When he was finished, he stood back and exclaimed, “It is perfect for me and my wife, when she comes. I shall set in some flowers from that patch over there, and place them as greeting by the door.

Early the next morning he set out to the nearest town to find himself a wife of fair skin and dark hair. He had seen her face so many times in his dreams. He strode up to the door of a bar and went inside to the dimly lit room. There at a table sitting all alone, he saw a raven haired beauty engrossed in a book of her choosing. This book, though tattered and worn, was loved at the edges and fragile looking.

The son approached her and spoke to her thusly, “Are you not alone, or shall I sit for a spell?”

The miss looked up, and found her voice, “I would be honored if you would sit and keep me company. I have just been reading of you, and now you are here.” She smiled sweetly, and nodded to the chair beside her.

The son could not believe his fortune! He sat and stared into her eyes of deepest blue. “I have seen you in dreams, and knew some day I would find you. I have built us a house that stands in a beautiful spot. It is simple and sure and stands all alone with a flower to greet you at the door. Will you come and be wed to me, and live in the house that was built with you in its heart?”

The miss smiled demurely, and answered in surety, “I was told by a lovely old lady, some day I would find a gentleman such as you. He would come out of nowhere and sing me a song of love and beauty and home. Then he’d sweep me asunder and take me away to be his bride and his wife for all time, in the glory he built for my choosing.”

The son paused at her words, and wondered at the mention of the old lady. “Do you know who she was, this lady so wise? Was she humble in her grandness?”

Oh, she was humble all right, but not unsure in her ways. She is the wisest around in her work with the herbs and the sweet songs that she sings. All who see her come away well and happy. She is the wisest, most gentle woman I know. And look, she knew about you, and saw that you’d find me one day.”

The son knew in his heart who this lady must be, for his mother answered the description. “You must speak of my mother, for she is all that you say. I miss her and want to be with her. But I must grow into manhood and take me a wife, then return to her door with some wee ones and you. For it’s a gift I want to bring to her of grandchildren tall and lovely and sweet, just like you and me, my dear one.

Out of the bar and into the street did the two go on that day. They wandered the road to the place of her dreams, for she had seen it in many of them. The flowers greeted her at the door, as he promised they would. And the house was as fine as could be. They lived there a while and then along came the child who looked as fair as the snow. She had long silken tresses when they all went to call on the mother who lived far away.

At the door when they got there was a sign which hung low; it said, I’m sorry, I’ve gone to be with my father who lives up above all of the trouble and woe. For I have served my time in this place; and I see you all of the time from my seat in heaven and my golden ways of bringing the truth to my door. So go now my son, and find your success in having the best that you can, in what you have built in to the love and the life that comes natural from the inside. For you are my son dear, I’ll never forget, and you have chosen wisely a wife. She’ll take care of you and your child that I know, as you will take care of them. And when it is time to come home again the door will be open and I’ll welcome you home.

The son cried for his loss, and that of his family, for never would they gaze upon her face. She left them alone without her kiss sweet. How would he get through this life?

They stayed there the night, for the journey was long; and his sleep was visited by mother. She spoke softly, loving him just like before, and she stood at his side as he slept. The miss raised her head, her eyes wide awake, and saw the glow of her mother-in-law as she spoke. She roused then the child to look upon her grandmother, and sweet tears covered her face, as she saw the son’s eyes mist over wide open, and the smile cover his face. The love lifted up the family there and sweetly the song rang out. It carried along over the hills and to the field to await their return.

The next day, they made their departure and arrived at their field before dark. As they stood in the glow of the setting sun, the house was in colors of home. It shone with the brilliance of ten thousand candles, all glistening round in a circle of light that radiated out to the surrounding hills and valleys. This filled them with delight and gave to their hearts the knowledge that they were never alone. For here in this spot the song rang true and showed itself in the glow of the mother’s love; and solace there is always sure and strong.

I end my tale with a promise to you. This is the song we bring to you, of love and adoration that propels you along in the life you love and desire. It is a perfect life when you live it in love and that is the perfection of all of life. For no matter how it looks on the outside, it is always perfect within.

And so it is.