Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 06, 2003


Good morning I am here to bring you a message that is of concern to the world and the people in it. Greetings, I am St Germain, and I welcome you to the energy of change and self-adjustment in the concerns of the day, and the confines of the governing body of the United States.

There is going to be installed into the governing body of this country a clause that will commiserate with the Divine establishment of a judicial assembly of souls of commerce. This translated means that there is to be a committee of people from each state that will monitor the monetary system and the distribution of the financial aspects of the running of the country. The taxes that are to be gotten from the sale of new and non-essential items will be used to smoothly run the countryís expenses, and there will be no subversion of the funds.

Another aspect of the new government is that there be a member of the judicial party that is to be appointed by the peopleís representative who will be on a rotation basis with the otherís; this person will have at his disposal a merit of integrity built into the body of the judiciary. This will assure that the system of justice reflect the justice of the Divine. The courts of the land will no longer act as judge and jury meting out punishment. The new system will deal in rehabilitation and education of the incarcerated people. These people will be considered followers of the fear-based agenda that has been capitalizing on the system of tyranny and injustice for so long. This system has perpetrated these peopleís fear and distrust long enough. It is time now for these people to have another choice in life that they can comprehend as their third choice; and that is of mercy and believability in themselves as sovereign citizens of a country that supports them as equals in the system in which they live.

I also wish to tell you of a part of the agreement that is forthcoming that will assure the people that they will not have to pay for the property they acquire more than once. This is a grave injustice that has been wrought on the people who have been so accustomed to the ways of the oppressed that they have gone into a furtherance of forgetfulness even in regard to their rights as a sovereign citizen of truth. No longer will the tyranny continue to drain the peopleís abundance to line otherís pockets with un-used wealth.

My dear friends, these are only a part of the heritage that you are finally going to see when the substance of this agreement is brought forward. There will be articles that will appropriate ways in which you will be able to realize the dreams that you have almost given up on. These dreams are your inheritance from God, and they are to be realized and utilized in the energy from which they were born. You are sovereign beings, and all that is necessary is to stand ready when these promises are offered and bring them into your lives so that you may continue your work toward the establishment of the freedom in which you will carry on the rest of your existence.

The peace that will come about from this agreement is the cornerstone of the foundation upon which the building of a grand new future will be based. This future will be lined with gold and silver, and you will be carrying the torch that lights up your world for now and forever. No more will you have to trudge along in the furrows of the ploughshare, for the way will be made easy and free for you. I am here to tell you that the way will be made for you through your co-creation with God, and that is really a oneness I speak of, for you are God, and the co-creation is with the God in you which is supported and energized by the God that is All.

My dear ones, you are going into an age that will be blessed. You will find that the blessings will be mounting upon themselves, and you will undergo a learning process in the gathering of these blessings to your bosom. No longer will the road be tough, and lead no-where but to more of the same. Ahead is a bright new world that will reflect the dreams and desires hat now live in your heart. This is our promise to you; and this is the legacy that has been established by the beautiful gift you have given to the universe in your amnesia. Now the veils will lift, and you will see who you are, and you will be able to go forward in the glory that you have earned through your devotion to the rest of the family. It was your choice to live these times in amnesia, and the earning was your choice also. Consider it a part of what you will be leaving behind with the forgetfulness. You will remember that it is not necessary to earn any of the blessings, for they are yours, just by the fact of your being.

Go now into your day, and remember these words as you go about your activities. These are the words that you can start to manifest in reality. Yes, even now you can begin to bring that energy to your beingness, just by the thought and knowing that it is so. This will bring the agreement to the front in a more timely manner, for it is the will of the people that can speed up the revelation of the agreement. It is going to come forward; you can make use of your authority and hasten the announcement. Speak of the changes with joy and knowing; feel in your hearts the results that you will live with once this agreement is in effect. Visualize the beautiful changes that will come about in your lives through this gift you are giving yourselves. Know that it is your birthright to have all that this agreement represents, and more.

Your beauty sings out to the universe and speaks of the freedom that you are bringing to your world. The song is sweet beyond compare, and you are carrying the tune better than you ever have. We sit and listen for hours, and never tire, for it is always changing, and always holds an element of surprise that speaks of the integrity and the beauty of you all.

I leave this transmission now, and invite you to the bosom of Love and Light at any moment. Lie there and tarry for a spell, and we will run our fingers through your hair and hug you in our love and comfort. Bring your woes to our door and we will kiss them away.

We wish you sweet dreams and the blessings of the All.