Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 31, 2003

          A grand morning is upon you. What shall you make of it? Shall it be a morning filled with the love of nature, or a morning drenched in the doings of the world of commerce? I am your friend and mentor St. Germain, and I come to you this morning with an allowance of majesty for the coming times when there will be no difference between what you do in the morning and all the other times of the day, for it will all be the same energy, and the same result.

          Let me explain, if I may. There is a certain time of day when the violets and the daffodils contain their utmost degree of compassion. Yes, even the flowers have compassion. Why do you think they open their beauty for all to see? They could hold in their light and keep it to themselves, for that is the nature of fear. Flowers have no fear, they are at all times in their fullest. When they open it is in response to the laws of nature, and that is to bloom forth in the energy of love expression; and this comes about through the energy of relativity.

          When you go into the desert to enjoy the various forms of cacti, you do it with the joy and curiosity of exploration, do you not? This is the result of the desire and innate beingness to live to the fullest your capability. It is within the nature of life to live the fullness of the journey. To forever be striving for the epitome of the existence. There is a certain mode in which you travel that keeps the momentum going in a line to the end. When you are in your Spirit awareness, you join those ends of the linearity and con-join the circle to the fullness of the experience. There is no end, and when you look back at what has come before, you see that the beginning is not clear, for there is no beginning and there is no end.

          Going into this day with the abandon that propels you into the magic of the potential is the mud that holds it all together. This is the tie that binds, the glue that keeps the substance in line with the expectation. What if it all flew apart because there was no glue, no adhesion of one to the other? Where would the magic be then? It would be as fleeting as the instant of birth, therefore would not hold memory. Why would it matter? Well, my dears, in reality it would not, for all is relative and all just is. However, in the course of human events, one strives to make things matter. It is the way of the human existence. This way there is some meaning to life; there is something to refer to in conversation and contemplation. Is this not why you are living this life on earth? Is it not to experience and benefit again in the telling?

          I come to you this day, and say, why not? Why not live to tell and tell to live? Is it not the experience that you are here for? Why not go live in a cave and experience monkhood if some day you can relate that experience to another? Perhaps that day will come in another life. It is all the same; remember? Oh, thatís right; you donít remember. But you are beginning to. Except there is no beginning; so on one plane you never forgot.

          Do you see what I get at? It is the relativity of it all. There is magic in being able to take these circles, even in words and thought. It can take you out of the box for a few moments. It can help you stretch your concepts a bit further till there is no limit to your experience. Your experience includes even the thoughts, does it not? This is the joy in the contemplation; it takes you out of the box and into the stream of nothingness, where all things are possible. It is a glorious place, this stream of ever-possibility.

          I would like to propose an action for you all this day. Think for a moment what you would do if there were no boundaries in the minds of the people living in the different countries and continents on this grand earth. How does it feel to you? Is it scary, or is it wonderful? Is it full of magic potential; or is it too wide open to feel safe? What is your concept of safety? Are you more protected by an imaginary border, or are you not affected at all? What are the limitations you have put on your life? Are they real, or are they something you made up for a specific purpose? Is that purpose any longer relevant to the cause?

          I ask you to explore these things in order for you to look at your life and explore the aspects of it that you have created that no longer have relevancy. There are a great deal of cleanings up that you can do to lighten your load. Are you ready? Do you feel the tug of the freedom from these limits yet? Create that in your mind, and then see if it feels free to bring them into your life, your physicality.

          There is purpose in this invitation. In the next few years you will find reason to release some of these self-imposed limitations on your life. This will come about due to the natural law of it. There will be a flow and ebb of the tide of life; and when you are able to tune into that flow and ebb, you will naturally let go of some of the boundaries, for they will not allow that natural rhythm to continue effortlessly, and everlastingly on into infinity.

          You will find that the freedom of your personal existence will carry over into the societal energies, for this is the natural way of things. This is the way to accomplish great things in the bringing about of the freedom and peacefulness that you long for these days. Bring it into your lives; and watch the natural flow show up in the societies that are the glue that you create to keep it all together. There is a cohesion that will take place that will reflect the natural law of harmony and peace within every part of the whole. This is the natural way of it. That bears repeating over and over, whenever you find yourselves wanting to cure the world of its ills. Remember the natural law. Remember that it will fall into place when you take the road in your personal lives of the natural way, the easy, peaceful, beautiful way. How can injustice and poverty live and reign in that energy? It cannot. Only love, compassion and joyful peace can live in that arena, my friends; and you can create that in the world by first creating it at home in your temple and your soul, and your heart.

          I give you your selves, and I call it good. For you are the children of God and it is Good