Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 13, 2003


Top ‘o the morning to ya! I am St Germain, and I welcome you all to the day of reckoning of the solar system. I say, solar system, for the rest of the community will be experiencing a change of energy as the earth brings about that change. Do you see how everything that is experienced within a community affects the whole? Look to your community. I am here to tell you that there is a fine mist obscuring the trials that you set upon yourselves, and that mist is blanketing the very problems that tend to dominate the world at this time.

This mist is one of love and destiny for the people of the United States, and the rest of the world. I put it thus so that you will realize that what I speak of is first to start in the United States, then spread round the world.

Within the government is a body that decides the fate of the welfare system of the country. This body determines who receives benefits and who goes hungry according to the desires of the people in the land. This has been a system that is wrought with disharmony and distrust. This system has been built on an air of prejudice and cowardice in the face of the participants. Today we see the turning around of this system and the disintegration of the former slavery aspect of the governmental aspect of it.

There will no longer be a use of force to coerce the people into a stand of aggregation within themselves. The people who will require assistance from the body of welfare will be assisted to a livelihood and means by which they can achieve a balance in their lives and supply the energy of freedom in the provisions for themselves and their families.

We have found that in order for people to feel good about themselves, they must find the means by which to provide for themselves in the freedom to choose that means, and not be forced to fit into someone else’s niche. When one lives his life according to others values, one compromises his own integrity. No longer is that going to be the way of the assistance that is offered in this country, and eventually elsewhere. There will be a shift that will come about across the globe that will reflect the coming times of freedom and authority of each and every person. This will be part of the change that will bring about harmony and compassion within the hearts and souls of all.

I tell you this, that there will come a day when the need for a welfare system will be eliminated, for there will be in place a system that will serve the people equally and as a whole. This system will represent the flexibility of each individual expression, while maintaining the integrity of the whole. It is a grand future that is being promised in your dreams and free-will; for you are coming into a new era of self-authority that bespeaks the continuation of the flow of energy that supports the whole in harmony and love.

No more will the will of the people be expressed in coercion and tyranny, but in compassion and co-operation in a flow of love and devotion to each other and the whole. You will all see the beauty inside each other, and will devote your lives to the nurturing of all there is. The fear that is represented on the planet now, will be a thing of the past, and a wonderful realization of the lesson it served in the development of the species to the point it is today.

The fear has provided an arena in which you have been able to grow and express in the love that will be present in completeness in the near future. This will be the energy in which you express; and the arena will be one of love and compassion for the whole in the furtherance of a whole new paradigm of existence.

I give to you this day a brand new song to sing, and it is one of beauty and sharing with your fellow being. It is one in which the well-fare of the people will have a different expression, and the means by which this comes about will be through a co-operative measure of jurisdiction within the governing of the country. I tell you this; that there is no longer going to be a group of people who is considered lesser than another in the living of the dream of a sovereign group of people. Watch for the announcement that is forthcoming that will start a turning of the tides of fortune and well being for all of the world. This is coming my dears; that is my solemn promise, and it reflects the promise you made to yourselves at that pivotal time when you announced to the heavens that you are going to live this time and stay for the purpose of bringing Heaven to earth and living in the glory.

I leave this transmission now, and go about my business on earth of guidance and jurisdiction in the face of the times of the day. Blessings are on top of you, and all you need do is hold out your hands and reach for the stars that beckon. You are the navigators of this great ship, and you can bring this party into peaceful ports of call.

Blessings on this day, and adios to you all.