Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 07, 2003


I greet you on this day of days, and I bring to you a story of past recollections and present fantasies. I am Diaclosities, and I welcome you to my energy.

Once there was a queen who ruled her kingdom with an iron hand. She gave out nothing without expecting something in return, two-fold. This caused her to have an upset within her digestive system, so she was continually monitoring her physician for his abilities to administer to her woes.

One day she called him to her bedside and followed her usual routine of complaint. He whereupon declared that she would have to ease her disdain for her people, or she would continue to suffer the consequences. She of course merely grumbled and made her excuses that she was not to blame for the state she was in. In fact, she told the doctor that it was the fault of the people in the land that she was ill.

No one could convince her otherwise, for she listened to no one; no one, that is. Except her little niece, who was a sweet and precocious lass indeed. So the doctor took the lass aside and told her of her aunt’s malaise. He told her that perhaps she could meet with the Queen and talk some sense into her.

The girl summoned the doctor to her side and said, “I would like to help, but what do I know about health?
“You know a great deal, my friend,” the doctor said, “For you are so young and healthy yourself, and so brilliant in the ways to get through to the Queen. Surely you can come up with some wisdom to assist the Queen to the restoration of her well-being.”

Well the lass thought on it a minute, and asked of her inner self what the answer is. You see, she has still of an age when she trusted the word she received from that inner voice. The voice said that the queen must laugh and sing, and that would help her to get well. So the niece went to the aunt’s bedside and started singing a song of love and joy and merriment. She urged the queen to join in if she cared to, but the queen merely turned her head and whispered, “I can’t; I’ve forgotten how.”

The niece then told her aunt a funny story and giggled all the way through it. This would surely give the queen a laugh or two. But alas, the queen merely yawned and turned away once more.

“Do you not find my story amusing?” asked the niece, “I made it up especially for you.”

“You would do better to tell me of the goings on in the village and how the people are treating me with no respect,” Relied the Queen.

The lass sighed with acceptance of the queen’s ways. She would no longer be able to get through to her as long as the queen wasn’t willing to meet her part way. A single tear slid down the girl’s cheek. She wasn’t aware of the fact till the queen reached up and brushed it off with a tender touch.

Oh my, this was out of character for the queen; the lass had never seen the Queen even offer a kind word to anyone, much less a loving gesture. What is the story here? Then she had an inspiration. She rose from her aunt’s side and announced on her way out the door, “I’ll be back in a flash, just wait right there, and you’ll see the surprise I have for you.”

The queen didn’t know what to think of this sudden turn of events. This was the niece she loved and the light in her life; now she is gone and so mysteriously.

Soon the niece was back, and she held her hands behind her back, and sported a huge grin on her face. She idled over to the bed and whispered in the Queen’s ear. “I have something for you, but you have to guess what it is.”

The queen said that she was too tired; why must she play this game to get what she wants.

The lass just giggled and waited for the first guess. She winked at the wall, and then at the bedpost, for her delight in this game was evident to her aunt.

The Queen sighed and gave in to this fancy. “Oh, all right,” she began, “I say it is a rooster!” She gawfed at her guess, for it just flung itself from her as if the rooster itself was trying to get free.

The lass erupted in a torrent of giggles, for so surprised and delighted was she. “Oh no, my sweet aunt; it is not a rooster, but you’re close,” she replied.

“Very well then I shall have another try at it, then!” The aunt was beginning to enjoy this game, despite herself. “I say it is a pair of pajamas!” As soon as the words were out of her mouth there came a loud guffaw from her throat, and she couldn’t help the laughter that followed.

With this turn of events, the niece was delightedly giggling and holding her side from the effort. Surely her aunt would now find the answer, on this her last guess. “One more guess, dear aunt, and it had better be a good one!” she exclaimed as the aunt wiped the tears from her eyes, and composed herself.

“Okay, my dear, this is my last guess, and I’m going to get it right this time.” The queen wrinkled up her face as if in fierce effort, to think of an outlandish answer. Alas none came; she could not muster a word or thought of what it must be. My mind is blank. Why is that, she wondered? I must continue this game, or I will surely die.

“I cannot come up with another!” she wailed to the niece, “Why has that happened to me?”

“Dear aunt, don’t be afraid. Just clear your mind and remember the other two answers, and how they gave you such thrill.” The niece screwed up her face and spurted forth, “Oh that rooster! He was so funny; he just burst forth and gave us such delight! And how about those pajamas, weren’t they adorable with the little flap in the back that let down?”

The aunt remembered and brought to her mind the other two answers and the laughter they brought. With the memory she felt a new giggle come forth, and she wiped at the tears of silliness as they spilled across her face. Soon the two were laughing uproariously, and rolling on the bed together as two schoolmates at a pajama party. The niece managed to utter the words that made a difference and slowed the merriment down for an instant.

“You have one more wish. What is behind my back?”

The queen gasped for breath, and out shot the words, “It has to be an elephant, for an elephant is the only thing that cannot fit in this room!”

Well, let me tell you, those words held magic, for then the door opened and in strode an elephant big as you please. It stood behind the lass’s back and held on to her hands with its trunk.

The queen froze. It can’t be; where did this beast come from? Surely it must be my imagination, for there are no elephants in my kingdom. She uttered the words, “You are not here, for you cannot be. I have declared it so!”

The elephant remained. The lass snuck a look behind her and saw nothing. She wondered at the words her aunt gave forth. “Why do you say there is no elephant behind me? You guessed that there was an elephant, and now you say there is, though it cannot be.”

“My dear miss,” the queen answered, “You cannot see what I see behind you? I an seeing an elephant plain as day. Look again!”

The niece looked and sure enough, this time she saw the elephant, or at least the suggestion of it. “Why is this game turning into real?” she asked her aunt. “Is it that we can create that which we believe in, even if someone else doesn’t quite believe?”

I am seeing what I am seeing, and if you can’t see it, then you must be the daft one, my dear,” offered the queen. “I will rise from my bed now, for I feel ever so much better. In fact I feel so good, I could dance a jig around you while I join you in that song you wanted to sing. I feel like a child again, and I love the way you look and the way I feel.”

She sprang from her bed and offered herself to the lass as she started to sing. The song was sweet and melancholy, and the dance at first was slow and graceful. Then it speeded up, and they danced all over the room. The song was merry, and the movements were gay. The air was filled with the love and the joy that spilled over and into the hall.

Suddenly, the queen stopped in mid twirl and announced, “I don’t see the elephant. Where did he go? I lost the elephant, and I didn’t even name him.”

A voice rang forth from everywhere in the room, and the voice was melodic and pure. This voice came from the corners and the ceiling and the bed where the queen had lain. “I am the voice of the past and the future, and I am here to tell you that you are able to bring forth all that you want and perceive as long as you have lightness in your heart and youth in your countenance. You are the keeper of the treasures of your heart, and if you wanted an elephant, then you shall have it. Then when you wanted the dance and the song, you had that as well. The elephant disappeared for you no longer held it in your thought. You see there is an order to all, and there will come a time when this will be the way of it, if you so choose. There will be instant manifestation, and there will be a return from whence it came when the use is over. You are an example of the wonders that can come from the allowance of the fantasy into reality. Go forth into your kingdom, and find the release to overcome the trials that you set before you. This will bring you not only a lightness of heart and step, but it will release the people in your kingdom to live and work in harmony throughout the rest of your long lives. I leave you now with the promise you bring to your self.” And the voice was gone.

My friends, this tale was a lesson in the future that is coming, and the way you can find it working for you. There is a great deal of comfort that can be derived from thinking and acting in the innocence of a child. We here is this dimension of earth have found that to be a beautiful place of perception.

I leave you now to your thoughts and your fantasies; may they be as productive as the elephants in your lives.