Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 16, 2003


Good morning this is Diaclosities, and I wish to tell you of an element of society that is bringing down the auspices of governing forces all around the globe. This element is that of the coming together of all the common people of that society, and the strengthening of their resolve to take back the power and might that they have given over to the strength takers of the world.

I am in a society that has made use of the dreams of the people and the desires that bore those dreams. We live those dreams for you, and we keep their energy going and fruitful till the time when you declare you are ready to make them your reality. When this happens, it will be a grand homecoming that will take place. You will meet with this other aspect of yourselves, and you will feel the strength that comes from the enmeshing.

My friends, I will continue to be the ambassador of all of humanity through this one for as long as the avenue exists. You see, the aspects that you allowed to become the elements of another society of reality are playing the roles that you would have played had you not thought that your dreams are just that, merely dreams that have no bearing on reality. Now I am showing you that there is a whole other element to your reality that can be joined with the one you live; and in that joining would be the unity of the two in the oneness that would bring your dreams into a manifestation of your reality.

Another important part of this is that if your dreams that are being played out in our reality do not suit your present desires and intent, then you can change those elements that are undesirable. You can do that with the authority that comes from the recognition that you are the creators of your experience. You can even do that before the unity takes place, for you see, it is your thoughts and intent that provide the energy for the way in which we carry out our lives, for we are but another aspect of your consciousness and your soul. The result of your decision to live your dreams that we are living will be for you to realize the new fullness you feel, and a new strength in the carrying out of your dreams. You will not harm us in the doing, but the coming together will further enhance us in the unitedness we will feel with you, in the oneness that is inherent in our beingness.

Will I be Diaclosities? Only if you desire to use that name, or rather, the name you have assigned to yourself in this other reality. You may upon that joining, have a whisper from within to change your name to the one you have assigned to this other aspect of your self. In other words, if Hercules were to have decided (or were to decide, for he is still alive in one realm of time) to change his reality and live his dreams, he would have merged his present reality with that of mine and he may have recognized the name he used in his dream life, and desired it above the name Hercules. Does this sound familiar at all? Have you known people; are you perhaps one, who have had an inspiration to change your name to another? Perhaps, then that was brought about by the realization of a dream fulfilled, which changed your life.

I bring you yet another part of this reality; and that is of the nature of the dreams from which this reality was formed. When you have a dream that reflects the degree of thought that has come about through a true desire from within, rather than a desire that is the result of an outside influence, primarily, then the dream world that is created is strong and sure. However, if the dream is not from your innate desire for the manifestation of what would be truly for your benefit, then the reality of the dream is suspended in what we here refer to as the abundance closet, and the dream never comes into manifestation to be lived. For you see, there is no true substance to the dream, no purity of intent, for it is filled with the scattering of desire from various sources without the strength of the singularity of Spirit to identify it as supreme. When a thought, or feeling of desire does not come from the purity of a direct line from the source, it does not have clarity of intent; therefore manifestation does not occur on any level that does not have the strength for creation.

Our reality is created for the sole purpose of the realization, in your present reality, of the dreams you brought forward that were not to be realized at that time. There was purpose in their coming forward and being born at the time they did. This was to establish an energy upon which those dreams could at some other time be realized. Because there are other people who are involved in dreams, sometimes the dreamís manifestation time must come at a later date than the onset of its creation in thought. It is also the influence of other events that determine the Divine timing of the manifestation of the dream. Once again, you are seeing the wonderful way that the oneness is represented in the carrying forth of the life you live.

So, my friends, we are holding the light for your dreams, and assuring their success for the coming together of all the pieces when the time is appropriate, and all the pieces are in place. Even if you have for the time discarded the dream, and maybe replaced it with another, it all becomes fruit for the realization of that dream, in its fullness. When you pick it up again, and run with it, you will find that the pieces are all there and the final picture is one that suits your life so well that it seems to be a marriage made in heaven. Well, it is my dears, for this it truly a union of love and compassion and the joy of creation in the energy of the Divine will.

I leave you now with perhaps a newfound element of the reality that you create, even in the abstract of your lives. Carry forth in the treasure of the dreams you add to and create, for you are enriching our lives and adding to the enjoyment you will have in yours once we are experiencing in the oneness that is the true reality of life.

Blessings are being created and showered upon your souls.