Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 14, 2003


Good morning; I am going to tell you a story of a wonderful time in the history of man. I am Diaclosities, and I am telling you a tale of my life in the other dimension of the time you live in now.

There is a king who sits on a throne in the kingdom of Plenty. This kingdom of Plenty is a land where there is no strife and no wars between neighbors and any of the people who live on the earth. There is love and peace between each and every one of the people, and this has been so since time began.

Sounds too good to be true, you say. Well I would tend to agree, if I resided on the level that you are accustomed to. You see, in my realm of consciousness, we live the utopia that all of you in your realm dream of. We live the hopes and dreams of your loves and promises to each other. We are the manifestation of your other world where those beautiful thoughts congregate and live themselves out. We are the realm from which you can draw and realize your fullest joy. Your doing so, does not deplete our energy, for this energy is self-perpetuating.

But, I get away from my story. This king, who lived in the land of Plenty, gave himself a great deal of opportunity to grow in the Light of God. This kept him from seeing the other side of the spectrum, and falling from the Grace in which he thrived. He did not know the other side, therefore did not ever experience it. This was a life of wonder and delight for he never knew shame or discontent. He never found anything to be lacking, for there was always abundance at his feet.

One day he awoke to a different kind of energy. He began to feel a wave of energy that was foreign to him. He could not recognize, nor describe the energy, for he had no basis on which to compare it. This was an energy that did not please the senses, as he was accustomed to. This energy had a jarring effect, and left him rather unsettled. Of course, he had no words for this feeling he was experiencing, because it was a new feeling, and not a part of his usual reality.

This feeling carried over through the rest of the morning, till the beauty of the day’s events took hold and erased the feeling from his beingness. He spent the rest of the day in bliss and loving thoughts and manifestation. Soon the shadows lengthened into evening and the sun set beneath the horizon. The colors decorated the sky and brightened up the farewell that the beauty of existence brought to every day. When the king retired, he slept well and long, till, at the break of dawn, the sun peeked into his morning window and kissed his eyes open.

This is a day that will bring me much joy, was his first thought, and then, in crept another wave of disquietude. Oh, no, where did that come from? I seem to remember this from yesterday. I wonder what is happening to my perfect world, and the beauty I’ve always experienced, were his thoughts as he lay waiting for the feeling to subside.

He decided to make the feeling go away by thinking of the beautiful life he lived in the beautiful realm he had always known. This worked, and he jumped from his bed to begin another day filled with the peace that comes from knowing the love of God, and trusting in the everlasting beauty of the Almighty. He made his breakfast and climbed into his clothes that sparkled with the jewels that adorned the collar and cuffs. He loved the food that was always there at his beck and call, instantly. There were times when he made the food, just for the pleasure of the creative process. This morning, though, he had other things in his plan.

After the meal was all cleared away, he went out into the village and summoned the people milling around the square to his side. “My friends, I wish to tell you of an odd occurrence that has greeted me in the last two mornings.” He told them of the feelings that were so foreign. Have any of you felt anything like this?

The people gathered round in murmuring, and announced that there was nothing like that that had happened. Then out from behind a tree came a person meek and reluctant to come forth. He had an air about him that seemed to be resistant to what he truly was about. The others beckoned for him to come forward, and then at their bidding he joined them.

“What is your business here; we do not recognize your dear face?” the king asked of the stranger.

“I have come from my home, which seems far, far away.” Said the man. “I do not know where I am, but it feels welcoming to me. It is a feeling I have dreamt of often, and only fleetingly been able to experience. I feel that I must be in a dream.”

Some of the people giggled because of the truth of the man’s supposition. They realized this man was indeed a stranger to this land. Then they started to wonder, why is this man here, and what is going to happen now that he is here?

The king read their thoughts and realized as always that he shared their thoughts. This man is a stranger, yet he feels so welcome and somehow familiar. Then a strange thing happened; into the square popped another stranger. This time it was a female, a young lady of fair skin and hair. Her manner was hesitant and a bit reluctant as the man’s had been. What is happening here, wondered the people in unison; is there an invasion going on of our utopia?

Just then a loud but gentle voice permeated everyone’s beingness. “These are the beginnings of the people we have been telling you about in the tales of the coming times. These are the people who will be realizing their dreams, and bringing them into their realities. You will be experiencing a coming together of the realms of forgiveness and separation. These two realms will be evolving to the destiny that has been foretold in the annals of your tales of the Divine order of the Saints of love and compassion. You are experiencing the beginnings of the ascension process of all of the realms of existence that Mother Earth is expressing. It is a time of joy, and a time of assimilation for all of the inhabitants of the earth and her people. The feelings your king experienced the past two mornings were the residual from the realm that these two experienced from the other realm. They brought this last bit of fear reality with them to be assimilated into the realm of complete love and compassion, in order for the process to be complete. The bringing of the residual is for the purpose of transmutation and cohesion from one realm to the other. It is a joining that is taking place, so that the transition will be complete and lasting. The faint wave of discomfort that your king felt has been transmuted into love, and will no longer be of discomfort, only in the memory that serves to enhance the experience of the present reality.”

The voice paused for a moment, as the thoughts of the people formed another question; then it continued, “This is the culmination of all the years that the people in the other reality have been depositing their dreams for safekeeping. They are coming to collect on their deposits. Do you not see that there is a slight familiarity to these people?”

They all looked at the strangers once more, this time with a different eye, an eye of knowing. Then they gasped. This is Mary, sweet Mary from around the corner in the house of beautiful pink marble. You seemed different somehow a stranger. Now you are familiar, yet there is a newness about you.” They turned to look at the man; “You are Charlie who lives in the small cottage with the ivy growing up and around the door. Why do you seem a stranger, yet we know you very well?”

The voice brought the answer to their knowingness, “These two are now complete in their beingness. The dreams of the strangers, which are manifest in Mary and Charlie have joined with the originators; you might say, the creators of their beingness. It is a beautiful thing to behold, for this means that the coming together is starting, and soon all of the earth will be enjoying its ascension status, and there will be complete peace and harmony in the fullness of the expression that is God. Your utopia will be richer that ever, and the experience of that richness will be so much grander than you have ever experienced. This is the destiny for which you were born; and you are living it. From this day forward you will find a deeper meaning to the life you have been living, for the completeness is being realized, and the God within is coming together to the home that has been promised since time began. Welcome to the beginning of the reunion; welcome Home.”

Now, I Diaclosities am here to tell you that this is not a fairy tale that lives only in fantasy land. This is reality growing into itself, and the fullness of it’s destiny. This is going to happen my friends, and we here in this realm, which you have created, are looking forward joyously to the homecoming.

And so it is; and so it shall be; and so we proclaim, forever. Blessed be!