Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 24, 2003


It is a fine day to go for a walk in the country! Whether it be in the frigid cold, or in the temperate desert, the winds of change will blow around your back and carry your troubles away. Good morning, I am Baldor, and I come to you from the winds of Orloff. I bring the wonder of the planet that exists as its own entity of supremacy.

I wish to tell you of the atmosphere here on Orloff, only as an example of comparison for you on earth. Our plains, for there are many, are dotted with atolls of rock and clay that serve as sentinels to the various species of wildlife that inhabit the grasses and shrubs of the stretches of plains. Within the atolls there lives another species of animal that is similar to your snakes, but these have short appendages with which they surmount the atolls with ease and speed in search of the various grasses that dominate the areas of ringed soil around the atoll in a spiral.

These serpents are not carnivorous, for they feed on the grasses that they produce fertilizer for from their excretions. Within these excretions are the seeds for these grasses; therefore the serpents are self-perpetuating. They reproduce much like your animals do, with their young being carried within a sack on their back till they are of an age and ability to fend for themselves. Then they go off and provide the sustenance that they require. The life expectancy for these creatures is five times that of your snakes.

Within the confines of the jungles on Orloff, there is a species of animal quite like your monkeys. These creatures that we call origats are swingers from the trees, and rarely set foot on the ground, only to give birth to their young. These origats make a nest for their young in the root structure of the trees, and employ the moss of the surrounding area for the bed in which to drop the newborn. The young are kept in the nest till they can walk steadily about, and then they leap into the trees and never return to the jungle floor till the female gives birth. Then this is a family affair, you might say. The father stands guard on the ground till the new ones are born, and then they are off into the trees and leaving the rearing to the mother.

Among the species of animals that live in the forests of the high lands are the animals known as gazellia; yes, they are very much the same as the gazelle on earth. In fact, they were brought here from the same planet from which they were planted on your planet. The gazellia have had to undergo a conditioning due to our degree of magnetism. Therefore, they no longer spring through the air as on your planet. In fact, from their original habitat, they were mostly airborne, and could leap great distances at will. Here, they mostly hop over small entrubrances and glide over the ground in a semblance of floating.

One more animal species I would like to tell you of is an animal that is completely foreign to you. This is the ostinaught. This is a mammal that does not re-produce in the usual manner, for you see, it is the male of the species that endures this process. It is a large animal with features of a man, and the body of what you may say resembles a rhinoceros. They body is covered with fine hair and feathers around the neck. These are intermixed with a covering that has no comparison to any on earth, except to say it is much like the scales on a lizard, but not separate from the skin and not plated, as much as layered, with a fine film of oiliness between each layer. I find that there are no words that suit the trueness of the outer covering from head to toe of this creature. The ostinaught lives in the colder climates of our planet, and survives very well on a diet of plankton-like food that they dredge from the bottom of the shallow rivers and streams.

Though the air is quite dense in these areas, the ostinaught adapt very well to the occasional fluctuations of temperature. These fluctuations are part of the environment that sustains the atmosphere around the planet. When the season of cold engulfs the areas of belting around the planet, the temperatures balance themselves to the warmer air that rides over the surfaces of the belts in the more temperate areas, therefore creating the nuances of residual air masses that create the moistness necessary to sustain not only plant life, but animal life as well. These beltings that I speak of are areas of solidity of fashion for the atmosphere that prevails at the time. These belts are ever changing, though they never lose the integrity of their original intent. That is to say, they retain their original makeup, while receding to the level of interpretation that is necessary to sustain the life that is on the surface of the planet at that particular area. In this way, the life on the planet determines the description of the atmosphere, according to the intent of the life.

Do you see the balance there? This is a situation, condition that has evolved from our being an entity unto our self. There is no mother energy from our universe determining the outflow of the energy that produces the atmosphere of the entire universe, as was before. We are a universe unto ourselves; therefore we determine all the conditions according to our intent for survival. The atmosphere is as much a living species as we are, and part of the planet itself.

I tell you this in order to give you a broader perspective of life on your planet. Does any of this help you to achieve a greater understanding of how nature works? There is a Divinity in this, and I feel there are those who can see it, or feel it, as is the case. There are those of you who are finding that the very air around you is permeated with an energy that melds with your own, and perhaps changes with the society it envelops. Take heed of this my friends, for there is a message there.

I leave you now with a spring in my step and a gladness in my heart to have been of service to you once more. You are my dear brothers and sisters, for all of existence is family. I bless you and wish you a fond farewell, till the next time.