Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 28, 2003


          It is a wee slip of the morning, and allís well with the land of plenty. There is a plan afoot that tells of the continuation of the cause of freedom in the land of forgetfulness. I am Bachari, and I come to you from the energy in which I spent one of my lifetimes with this one who sits at the keyboard in the early hour of the morn.

          I come to you with a song of love and joy. I come to you with a tear of touching splendor. I come to you and bring you a tale so magnificent that you shall recognize it as your own, for it is your own, and is that of all otherís as well.

          There was once a band of angels who streamed forth from the Father who sang in chorus, and in rhyme. This song was so sure and so deep that they all had no reason to not bring it forward and play with it. It rang of a beingness that was pure and joyful and full of harmony.

          One day, an angel tuned in to a note of intent from the Father. This is our finest hour when we can go forward and tell a tale of our existence, in service to our Father and ourselves as one. This angel was the whole in agreement, and the tone was resonant and sure. A plan was made, and a cause was established, to come to earth to exist in a play of love and curiosity.

          Letís forget who we are, and see how long our innate knowingness shall take to bring us back to ourselves. We love our Father, and we shall find our Mother in this place that hosts her energies. She is total completeness, and represents us in our nurturing spirit and song. She rocks us to sleep with a lullaby of love and comforts us in our sojourn.

          So the play began and wild it was, in itís forgetfulness and itís grandeur. The angels came to the earth and assumed a body of flesh and bones. They felt the blood rushing through their veins and found a stirring within that caused them to wonder of whom they came, and where was the place of origin.

          They played their parts, and felt their feelings of sorrow and wonder and woe. They brought to themselves all respect of dreams, and started to carry them out. Though the ways were hard and the dreams they changed, and the times were slow and sometimes difficult. They experienced joy, they experienced travails, and they brought to their lives an amnesia that deepened as the time wore on. There were times when it seemed the days wore on as if tied to a gigantic lead weight. Then other times the weight seemed to fall away, and time was as fleeting as the wind.

          Through the years and the centuries, and eons they lived; and they guided themselves through their senses. They created bonds with the strangers theyíd become, and renewed old acquaintances thusly. They lived a life out, and then came back again to follow the paths theyíd established. Then came the day they fell into line in the path of the change of the day.

          ďYou must change your ways, or forever be bound by yourself and your plan to go straight. Come, Iíll show you the way to the outlet of all this repetition. Thereís a course you may follow if you chose to go there, and change the energy thusly. It can lead you back to the road that reveals the source of your troubles and woes. You can stay in the field of endeavor youíre on, or follow your heart in its flight away from itís capture, and into the Light of the new day that waits at your bidding.

          Some heard the call, and sat at the side of the train track and saw the train of love and compassion and joy for them all; and this train was the one called freedom. It carried the promise of love and release; and it always came back on itself to recapture the wholeness of the travelers within; and send them into their bliss. For it never got stuck there, and never delayed the output of energy fair. Its circle was constant, and its engine was sure, it moved from the energy of Light. Intent was itís name and desire was its steam, and its circuit engulfed all of man. For it was a journey it took that was sure, and steadfast in its course. This train was powered by the energy of the Father, and all of existence was there. In shadow and Light and all in between, it all was the same you see. For in Godís world there is no difference between one and another in love.

          So when you find yourself on your knees, and praying to God for your life; remember you have it for all and for good; and never will find that it stops. You are a light of God in your love, and this journey you take is of your making. So when you decide you tire of the chase, you can make a decision to change it. You are sovereign beings, and you can change your life to suit your dream of the hour. Just announce to the heaven that you are in flux, and tell your Father and Mother of the design for your life as you wake to the blessedness that long has awaited your beckon. It shines ever brightly, and shows you the way to keep your love of your Mother in wisdom and knowing as you walk on her surface, and join with the ones who are under her surface and around her neighborhood.

          This is a grand family that waits for your call. We all join in love in the chorus that you send forth in blessed harmony and rhyme, as you awaken from all that you created. Youíll find us all standing in reverence there right where you left us one day long ago. Weíve grown in numbers of realms and experience. Weíve multiplied from your experience. Still, we are all you and you are all us; and here we are together, on this pinpoint in time and this curtain call when the cast is revealed to the All.

          So ends my song, and so comes the finish of my visit with you this morn. Go out and sing your song of the day, and find the joy in it waiting. For there is no song that you cannot sing, so you might as well enjoy the tune. Love and blessings to you on this day.

          May the rings of fire close upon you and cleanse the tears from your face.