Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 23, 2003


This is a morning that will rival many others. This is a morning that will continue throughout the day to bring an abundance of beauty into the lives of any who care to see it. Hello, I am Bachari, and I wish to show you the wonders that I see from my stance in the heavens.

First I am looking down over the desert in the moonlight (yes, I can manipulate time to my liking here). I am seeing thousands of desert creatures as they slither and dart across the landscape, some leaving their trails as they go. I see the cacti breathing in the cool night air, and the sorrel winding in its pattern of flow in the desert breeze.

As I go along toward the mountains, I see the hills undulate in their relentless rise to the lofty mountains. They greet the terrain with the unity that speaks for their divinity. The rise and fall of their contours creates a rhythm that plays music in the shadows and reverberates along the rise of their reaches.

The mountains hide their many secrets, until I penetrate their mystery and find them revealed in the grandeur that represents their design. They rise to tell the story of the riches that live within. They tell of their secrets and whisper of the stories contained in their history. They were formed millions of years ago by the slow slide of the glacier, and the eruptions of the earth in its wake. They tell of the waters that lapped against their grandness that receded with the burp of the earth many years past. As I dip into the valleys and rest against a tree, I hear the restful peepings of the frogs and the birds in their play. The ants come out and build their hills in sand, then leave to expose their triumph over the earth once more. I lay my head next to the bark and see the insects scurrying about in their journeys to and fro on this highway of tree life. Closing my eyes, I hear the life-blood flowing through this underground city and coming forth into the tall buildings and jumping into the life of the canopy above.

Then I hear a calling that resonates into my beingness to follow the flow of the gentle breeze that carries a sweet aroma of mossy earth. To my feet I spring and follow my senses to the shadow built into the rock ledge that hides among the saplings. In the moonlight as it filters through the branches, I see a darkness that beckons to come and enter. I find that the darkness relents and allows my passage, so I venture inside just a bit. The air is slightly moist and heavy with earth taste. Why do I not have a light? Then I remember, I need not a light; but to provide my wish, it comes forth. I go deeper into the cave and follow its bidding. The shadows play on the walls and at my feet as the myriad of secrets unfold and reveal their illusion. Suddenly around a bend Im in a large room with a steady drip from a crack in the wall. The pool in the corner testifies to the moistness of the air as it filters without.

I kneel at the pool and dip in my hands to taste of the glorious gift. Its sweet on my lips and welcome to my throat, as it glides ever slowly through my welcome. Giving thanks with another sample, I rise to my feet and turn to adore the entirety of the splendor. This cavern is gracious in its welcome to me and I return the favor with a bow. I whisper to the carvings I find on the walls, You give of yourself so uprightly. I appreciate your candor, in bringing me your tales, and I give you one back of my own. I once was a body who gave myself over to earthly endeavors, and when I came to the promise of knowing myself, I loved all the events that came with it. I loved the aplomb of going within and bringing out all that I desired. For there are no secrets when you know your fullness, and I still live that today. Ive come on a mission to explore the world that I left behind in a way. This is my remembrance of that world when I walked this earth in amnesia. Now I can do anything that I do please, except I do it with my allness. I left my signature here on your walls, along with the others who came, to come back again and find the trace of my legacy that remains.

Then I ran my hand over the carvings in stone and repeated the words that were there. We are the people who came here before the world was a busy place. We found our richness in stone and water, and added our love to the sight. We left just a trace from our sojourn here, and a clue to our origin. We came from the clouds and beyond the stars from the planets and groups of bright light. We came to explore and write our history for all of the world to decipher. For we hold the key to the scribblings here, and it lives in the blood and the bones of the people who come after us and who store the record of the origin and purpose we bring to the land that is earth and the mystery that surrounds the life that is played out on her soil and within her richness. There will come a day when we will come forth and revisit the library we leave here now. Then we will delve deep into our repository of record, and come forth with the history of our journey here and its purpose. We have left this record in places a many, and all over the globe we are coming to find the news that strikes a cord and releases all mystery from us.

Then I tipped my light hat and bid the walls farewell, and dipped my fingers once more into the waters that waited for my last adios as I waved my good by to the cavern. I strode into the moonlight, extinguishing the light that I brought for my journey within. Then I walked to the hills and the desert below and stared at the panorama that surrounded me. The moon beckoned my presence, as I drew myself up and watched as the stars drew nearer. The moon became huge and winked as I flew by on my way from the planet of choice. I surged through the heavens, and gladdened I was to release all the wonders of earth to the coming back when I cared to again, and so I have ended my tale. For you see I wish to share with you my song of one of the places I lived on the earth and in the secrets that have now been revealed for the enjoyment of all who took time.

I leave you now with a note of thanks, for without you I wouldnt have friends who welcome me back to this energy of fact, and the chance to tell tales once again. Blessings to you and a fond farewell, till the next time I fly your way.