February 26, 2015                Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: St. Germain, Feb 26, 15


I am here today to tell you of a new change that is taking place as I speak. I am St Germain, and I bring you this news because it is part of what you have been dealing with in the money matters around your globe. This is a time for you all to demonstrate your patience and offer your good will to those who are in the vestiges of distributing the funds to all of those who have submitted their information.


It is a time in which the currencies are in the distribution process and that means that as this progresses there will be more events that will slow it down. Despite this it will not stop them. It will prove to be a better and clearer distribution that will freely come to the ones who are in place and ready to move forward with their projects. I bring this information to you in order to appease the issues that you have been facing. It is a common occurrence that has been plaguing this planet since its beginning of being populated, in whatever way the energy has built throughout the habitation evolvement.


I tell you now that no matter how it seems, it is moving forward in a way that will be evident to you after the results are underway. There is coming a period in which we will all see the changes that are moving forward in this moment. It will then show you how the movements work, and how your energies of patience and Love can build a powerful clearing and smooth flow of the abundance that is coming for all of you.


Give yourself a moment to think about what has been taking place. See the opportunity that you have been giving yourselves, through your cooperation with all of the facets of the evolvement of the ways that life is experienced here on this beautiful planet. It is a heaven on earth that is in the making. As it comes to be you will see the creation that is being seeded now from the issuance of the funds as a small part of the eventual outcome. Yes, I say eventual, for you have agreed to the experience of learning how you can create in the moment in any aspect of life that you bring forth.


I look and I see some of you all in a frenzy, some in a calmness, and in the joy of seeing beyond what your expectations have been. I see a wonderful growth in so many of you. That tells me that you are creating in a way that will be obvious to you in the soon to come events. As the harmony comes into the easy flowingness of expressions that will create the heaven on earth, not only on the surface of this planet but from within it as well, you will realize fully how you helped it to happen. From that you will begin to see what you can do to assist in the flowing forth of the new way of living on and within the planet and beyond. Yes, you will be exploring the universe and seeing what the potential is in the creativity that you have within your fields. It is far more than you had been able to do before you began this duality experience that you have been in.


So, my dear ones, I see that you will be gaining new insight and completing so many tasks that will lead to a whole new way of living on this world that you are bringing to a new expression. You have the power to bring about that which you see to be the way of life that generates the abundance of Love and creation that is in the moment and full of the regenerative energy of life in the Heavens that you are creating as I speak.


Yes, you are in the percentage that began the process of bringing it all to a new way of being. It is a matter of living the moment and enjoying it in any way that you are inspired to. This is what you are bringing to the rest of the universe. You are the creators of your world. Now you are soaring forth to the expression that you will be bringing to the universe and beyond, to all expression that you have created through your dedication to your truth of being the creators in the Oneness that you are. I walk with you in the peace, joy and Love that is all of us.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate