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Hi Dear Ones,

I no longer feel to refer to you as ‘everyone’, for somehow you are too dear to me to be so neutral. As I go through what has been bombarding the inner passages of our souls in these past months, I feel a deeper kinship with all of you, one that is so deep it reaches the depths of the oceans beyond time.


My dear friend Anakhanda Mushaba recently sent me his personal message of what he has been experiencing over the past few months. It touched within me so deeply that I could not bring myself to respond until now, after some of my own inner challenges have come to a new understanding. I share his message with you now, and then bring to you my own thoughts and inspirations that sprang from me this evening. Read his below, then my message to all of you.


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba            February 06. 2009


A Personal Sharing


Greetings and Mushaba Greetings to all!


As life continues to move forward, we are in a continuous change as we move into the higher frequencies of life. We are no doubt moving into the anti-matter state of being or into our light-body status. During this trying time, many of us are undergoing great shifts and changes within ourselves which are reflected in our outer life. We at times feel that life is at a standstill as we were told that this is the year we get paid! We sometimes find ourselves saying “what is my worth, what am I her to do.: We feel at times that we have no purpose to serve anymore and “I have no clue as to what am I to do. “These are normal feelings at this time. It is not uncommon for the strongest most focused of us to feel this as well. Things this month are beginning to open a little more for some of us a lot more for some of us and just reaching toward the beginning to open for some of us.


Understand that this is part and parcel to stepping into your own individual freedom and empowerment. I remember asking in the beginning of the year that I am fully ready to be free and empowered because I never truly knew on earth what it is like to really be free! I started undergoing so many upheavals in my life. Things that I though long gone showed themselves, feelings, ++emotions, fears, doubts and misgivings made their presence known. I have never in all my 53 yrs of life, ever felt that intensity and level of fear. It was the worst, most unimaginable hell one could ever experience. Even though it was just a matter of days, it seemed like lifetimes of fear being brought up second after second. I was in terror at times and I was able to see everything around me in my life that seems to support those fears and terrors.


I understand that how people who live in fear see everything going on in their life supports that fear and making it real. It was a weird experience for me as I stood on the outside of myself watching myself undergo all of these various changes and emotions. The more fear and terror I felt the more I asked for it to continue and not stop until I am totally free. I prayed that this don’t stop until I am absolutely and totally clear of all fear within me. I said “bring it on, give me more, don’t let up for one moment and give me all you got because this is it for me!” “This is the last time I will ever go through this and now for me this is my defining moment for the rest of my life and in this defining moment it will either free me or kill me but I will not stop and I RWFUSE TO STOP UNTIL I AM FFREE!


Finally it ended after a few days which seemed like a few years. I looked at myself to see if I was still sane or I had lost myself in the throes of fear. I seen the sparkle in my eyes and the light was bright and I smiled and said YES! I am here and I am Me! I felt the freest feeling I ever had in my life. What In did was to look at everything possible thing in my life that was in my life and that could have a possibility of being in my life and faced it. If any of what I seen caused fear I step to it head on looked it in the eyes and said let’s dance baby! I did this time after time after time until there was no more and the last dance was over.


I emerged as a caterpillar from a cocoon. I felt renewed and loved. Whatever my fears was, I was able to face them all let them play out and emerge no longer afraid. My biggest fear was the fear of lost and that lost included more things than I care to remember. Now I am better able to step into being who I am. It is different for everyone as to how they experience the letting go but none the less, kit must happen to step into the higher part of you. One thing for sure, spirit is bad when it comes to time so when they give you a time, don’t take that to the bank just yet! Sometimes they get it accurate. But now that the veil is thinning greatly they/we will get it more and more accurate overall much of the time.


Lastly, know that we are all supported through all this. Know that this time of living any other way than that which brings you total joy is at its wits end now! Know that you are right to look for and expect and know that you are now in the energy to receive your heart’s desire right now! Don’t let what we go through stop that from happening or make you doubt. Always remember one simple truth; the past is just that, The Past!! That no longer applies to the now moment. Life is good and life is great and life is whatever you want it to be.



With the Greatest Mushaba Love and Blessings!


Anakhanda Mushaba

Mushaba Center www.mushabacenter.com


Now here read my message to all of you, realizing that I too have been experiencing much of what Anakhanda has shared with us. I also feel that there are many who are undergoing the same kinds of feelings and we want you to know that you are not alone.




Dear Ones,

Do you have any idea how it must feel for the whales and dolphins to come up from the bottom of the ocean and find that the land that you once knew how to find is no longer there? Well think of this when you come up out of your slumber and find that what you once knew to be the way to live no longer works. This for us takes a lot longer than a few minutes; it takes quite a while, in fits and starts. It is as if we are in slow motion and that as we come back to a reality that we thought we just left, we realize that somewhere along the way we have come back to a reality that was in the making for a long time and that we have now come back to as our new Home.


Would you imagine it to be a sure thing, a process that is instantly in sync with how we feel life should be? Well think again my dear ones, for this is the time in which we swim through the currents of time and into the new waters of self-forgiveness and homecoming. We find that as the tide ebbs and flows we too find that in our lives, and as we go through it we are not sure that we want to be alive in the next moment or two. Then we know that we will be and that we must endure, for the whisper of ascension is upon us. As we listen, we know that there is no other way than to go forward and take the plunge as the wheel of fortune knocks on our door in a whole new way.


As we shift through the ages we do so in a way that speaks to us of change, even change that we resist and rebel against. How can we see the changes that life brings to us if we have not called for it? But have we not? Have we remained silent through the past years while others around us have invited in the changes that are necessary to the new journey of awakening that is here and inspiring us to new elevations of being? We resist at some turns of the wheel and we find our garments get caught in the spokes of the wheel.


Never mind, we will slow the turns of the wheel long enough for you to disentangle the cloths of your progress and allow you free passage through the tapestry of time. The weavings are our own, and as we take the spindle in our hands and make the design that we inspire through our momentary intentions, we build our lives in ways that, if we were to take the time to consider it, we would change.


That is why we make these decisions for change in the timelessness that is Now. For if we were to contemplate the ways through which we would make our journey to ascension we would falter and say, “Not I. It is too awesome, and fraught with sorrow and difficulty.” Consider that as we take these momentary challenges of change we do so with the full knowledge that it will be over in a moment and that when we arrive refreshed and full of ourselves we will be able to look back and see the whys and wherefores of our journeys.


We will be able to forgive ourselves our transgressions and go on from there to be the examples to the others who spring through the rungs of the ladders that we have just sprung from onto our clouds of gold and silver. We are home and we see that though, as we were living the hell of our thoughts and past adorations, we came through with the full knowledge that it was but a time in which we chose to learn how fabulous we are, by the example of how far we could stray from that truth and see how fabulous we could not be.


It is called Ho’oponopono in Hawaiian healing, and this is the promise that we give ourselves, “I’m sorry. I forgive you. I thank you. I love you.” We are all One, and the you that is spoken of is the One that we all are. Bring that into your lives and know that you are Home. It is the way to the unraveling of the lies that we have been living back into the Truth of who we are.

Thank you Dear Ones,

Love, Nancy Tate