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When you go around a corner and you look a certain way, you are taking a chance that you will find a different day, for with the certain way you have chosen to go to a place where you have not been before. It may seem that you have been down that street in that direction many times, or at least a few times before, but never as you will this time.


I am Hatonn, and I wish to speak to you today about the variances of life and how they govern your thoughts and your desires and the experiences that come from them. There is nothing in this world that you do the same way twice. There is nothing within your daily routine that is absolutely the same as it was the day before. This is seen to be true by most people, when they stop to contemplate their sameness.


What this means is that there is always something working in the background that is persistent, constant and true. There is always a guiding light that persuades you to the changes that keep you forever constant in your uniqueness. You will never falter from that constancy of change and individual expression. What that means in your life is that what takes place to seemingly mess up, bring about mistakes, create things that you do not like is all the result of resistance to that constancy of change that is the truth of your expression of life.


Where do you go from here with that fact? This is where the essence of anti-matter comes into expression in your life. This is where you are given the opportunity with every breath to live the anti-matter state from whence you came. It is a matter of being anti-matter and of honoring anything that is in your life in a way that bespeaks change.


Take for example the idea of closing down a business. You have come to the conclusion that your business is failing and that it no longer suits you. You have tired of it and want to find something else to do. However, it is still serving you in some way and that is a resistance that has sprung up from your idea of insecurity in being able to provide for yourself. What this insecurity represents is that you were successful in one field and unless you continue with it, you will falter.


This is what happens when you become so enamored of what has been successful in your life, what has been working for you. This represents the idea that there is only one way to be in your life and that is what has been right for you, therefore must be what your life will be like for always.


I realize that this is a way of thinking that not everyone takes. There are many of you who see that change is not only good, but is profitable, and stimulating. You are seeing that there is more to life than arriving at an intersection and going the same way every time.


This brings us to the real reason for this message and it is that when you make changes in your life, when you see that there is another way to turn, anther reason for change, another decision for action, you are seeing only part of the picture. There is another way you can turn in life and that is to stay where you are and see it in a whole different light. You can stay right where you are and see it as a whole new scenario, yet know it to be the same in so many ways that you need never move from where you stand at any moment, and you need never be bored with it or feel the need for change.


“What are you talking about?” you declare. You see that this would be the ultimate boredom, the worst way to live your life. You see that this would not only bring about chaos in your life, but it would create havoc with the world around you. “What are you talking about Hatonn?”


I say this to you dear ones, As you prepare for the coming times, for the throwing off of the mantle of matter, you are preparing for just that thing. You are coming back to a state where all comes from your mind. You are returning to the anti-matter state where you are walking in the Truth of Spirit at all times. You never leave that place and you never deviate from it. It will be that you never move from that place, and yet in your mind’s understanding you have a multi-varied life and you do many things, express many thoughts, and create a world that is multi-faceted and very interesting and rewarding.


In today’s world you see that your truth can be different from the truth of the person who stands next to you. You see that your truth changes with the information that comes to you, the ah-ha moments that bring new ideas and vision to you. Your truth wavers with every new, enlightened moment. Everyone’s truth is varied and different from each other’s, to some degree. That is part of the matter world.


The world of Spirit is One and that means that Truth is unwavering and yet changeable in its expression. What comes from truth changes, yet the source of that changeability never falters from the constancy. Without that sureness of Truth, you could not keep yourself unto yourself no matter how many changes you bring into your life. You would get lost in the vulnerability of that which is not. Isn’t that what has happened since you fell into that veil of secrecy, that world of non-remembrance of what the Truth is?


As you come into this new way of being, you are beginning to allow the anti-matter way of being to govern how you are, how you live your life. You are finding it to be all so very different, yet somehow familiar. You are finding the gap to be most unsettling at times, until you don’t, until you accept it for what it is. When you do that you allow the truth of what is to come and be what is you. You see that there is nothing wrong in the nowhere place that you are living, for it allows thoughts of something new to enter. It brings about a feeling of peace when you allow it.


This peaceful feeling is one that has not been felt for some time, and as it is allowed it brings with it a softness, that if accepted into your life can lead you in directions that keep you centered and at peace with all that comes into your life. It can help you to find joy in even the most discordant of times and with that joy comes the reason for the peace to be a place from which you can launch anything that you desire in your life.


That is enough for today. I’ve given you something to think about. Look at this with an eye to what is inside you, what is guiding your moments and enticing you to the calmness from which flows the creativity that beckons your expression. You are that Truth that never changes. You are that wearer of the Oneness of Truth. Allow it to guide you through whichever direction you take in life and know that it is all good and perfect. Truth is all there is.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate