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My dear ones, today is a day for contemplation, a day for rest and rejuvenation of the body and mind. When did you find that you were spent and tired? When did you realize that the times of the day were taking you to places that you werenít even aware of? How do you take the time now to get to that place that spells peace of mind and joy in the heart?


I am Hatonn on this day, and I am here to sooth the brow and tell you a story about what is taking place in the corners and byways of the world today. I am here to shine a light on what is taking place that is being covered by the news of the day and defeated only in the outside world.


In a little village in Morocco there is a child faint of heart and light of step that is being listened to by many of the villagers. This child, a boy of ten, has been declared ill with Parkinsonís disease. Indeed that is supposed to be a disease of the elderly, and not of the child. However this is a time when odd things are taking place and in order to show the world the workings of the make believe world without coming out and declaring the in-efficiencies, there are many examples of what is being presented as truth, yet is its own evidence to the contrary.


This boy is taking the stand that he is in love with the world. He is telling those who listen that despite his condition he is soothing those around him by telling the truth of what is behind his illness. He is telling them that a small person of large demeanor came to visit him one day and injected a substance into his body. He tells people that he remembers waking up after that incident and being told that he is an example who came here for the purpose of making a clear choice as to who to believe, oneís own voice within, or all those from the outside.


This boy has been declared ill with this disease through what was found in his blood and DNA to be that, which matches what is found in adults who have been diagnosed with this disease. He has all of the outward symptoms and the inner evidence. Yet he is clear as a bell in his mind and heart. He is taking his life legacy with a clearness of heart and a stability of mind. He accomplishes what some consider miracles in his condition and as he does he is gaining more knowledge of how the people worship the authorities rather than their own inner voice. He is then gathering them around him and explaining to them how he is rising above what should be a debilitating progressively degenerative disease.


This child is representative of many people around the globe, most of whom are children between the ages of 1 + 18 who are making a difference in showing people how they have been following the crowd, the accepted norm, and now are beginning to listen to that wisdom that comes from within. This child is coming from his heart, and his soul. He is presenting what he not only shares with the villagers he is writing a book with the assistance of one of his brothers who is able to operate a keyboard and record what is being told him by his younger brother.


This accounting of his life is being recorded for posterity and will be compiled and released to the world in a short time. It is the story of his short life and how it has been shown to be a blessing to those around him. In this story he tells of the miracles of definite magnitude that one would say a person with Parkinsonís cannot do. People have watched this child do the ballet. Yes, and they have seen him throw a basketball into the air from mid-court and make a basket. This child has been involved with many trips of mountain climbing and rock accessing. He is a swift and sure runner through the jungles outside his home. He dances all of the modern steps and the ancient ones that take him and his audiences to places that bring about a euphoria that is tremendously life changing.  When this child rests and lies still, he exhibits the symptoms of the illness, yet his mind is clear and his breathing is timely.


How can this child be proven by the medical profession to be ill, and yet he can carry on and accomplish what only the most skilled and healthy people can do? How can this take place and be shown to the world not only by this child, but all over the globe increasingly, by children who are said to be afflicted with one or another debilitating disease?


It is because they know who they are and what they are capable of. They know that they came here to be an example and that example is to be able to come from their inner self and present that proof that they are able to be themselves despite what seems to be the truth of their physicalness. How do they do that? One breath at a time. One truth lived in every moment. One love for humankind lived to its fullest. Ask yourself, if these children can do this, can present proof of their perfection, then why not you? Why not give it a try and then go out and manifest your perfection, one breath at a time, one truth lived to its perfection, one love for yourself and for mankind? You can do it, and all you need do is to see yourself as that perfect being, no matter what the outer example is, no matter what mantle you have chosen to present to the world. Now is the time to present your inner mantle fully, and to the tune of the song within your heart.


Remember that child in Morocco; remember all of the children around the world who are giving their gifts of example to humankind. Then remember that you are from the same Source as those children, and you will begin your journey back to the innocence with which you present the same truth of who you are to the degree that you choose. You are that perfection, and as you choose, so do you live. Love yourself for that choice, and know that you are perfect with every breath, every choice and every love that is emitted forth from your countenance. You will sing the song and dance the steps of the child in Morocco and of all the children in this world.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate