Febuary 19, 2009                



Dear Ones,

We’re getting through it, aren’t we? We are showing our colors and finding them to be rich with purpose and true to our nature. As we go through these times we are being pressed for so much, and sometimes feeling embattled. Relax and know that it is the storm before the calm and that we are getting through it with flying colors.


Before I bring you my message I remind you that on Sunday night, Feb 22, the sign-up for this month’s United Heart Reading is closed. You may go to http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Channeled%20Readings/unified_heart_readings.htm for details on subscribing and payment. I will send out the reading in the last week of the month.


As I’m sure many of you have been reading, people are wondering what President Obama is up to with some of his actions and decisions. As is always the case there are some reports that serve to confuse and alienate the people to just causes. As always discernment is in order. This is what led to Anakhanda Mushaba’s question to me a couple days ago. Below, read what my response and Hatonn’s was, and then what came tonight when I chose to ask for more info.





Wake up Call: Hatonn Feb 19, 09


Anakhanda Question: 


I have been getting e-mails from people who want to know what Obama is doing by sending more troops over seas to Afghanistan. They feel he is way off track, and that instead of stopping the war and injustices, he is supporting it. I feel that there is something else going on over there that we are not privy to that caused him to send 17,000 more troops. It could have been 30,000. Do you have any thoughts on this?


Nancy: The first thing that comes to mind is that it is for peaceful purposes. I haven't been following the news that much, so wasn't aware of that, or anything associated with it. It feels to me like there is something going on over there that requires our troops to quell something that would have arisen and brought about great death and suffering.


That is what just came to me.


People in the streets mourning and bewailing the deaths of their loved ones and then being shot down themselves, if it weren't for the US troops.


I don't know what that is, or where it came from.


Oh, boy, I just heard, "Yes you do, you were there last night. You were part of it in a way that sought to bring justice and honor to many. So were you, too Anakhanda, and many other lightworkers working alongside the troops and bringing many to safety for the sake of the world."


Oh my, that must be why some mornings I wake up feeling like I've just come from something that was so disturbing, or intense. When that happens for any of us, as we are coming back to our bodies and lives, we transfer the emotions of what we had been engaged in on that other level to our lives, and that is why some of us are having such emotional times in the past year or so. We've been doing much in our sleep time for the sake of humanity and mother earth.


Well, how's that for a good morning wake up call? Perhaps that is what I need to do, expound on that info and post it.


Below is what I received tonight.


Nancy: Is there any more that you can tell me, Hatonn, about what is going on over there, or anywhere that you consider the people will benefit knowing?


Hatonn: My dear there is so much that is pertinent in these times, and when you came to me the other day and expressed your concern (Yes, it takes but a split second of concern for you to call me in and for me to tune in and respond. That is the way it is in the true reality.) I answered your call.


This is a time in which all of you are finding your niche and responding in a way that is bringing the necessary changes to your world. It is a time when so-called miracles are taking place, and when so many are taking up the gauntlet and bringing in their abilities to be in many places at once.


As the events unfold around the globe there are many who are fulfilling their destiny and bringing to the events their own brand of co-operation. With each fulfillment comes a whole new barrage of events that lead one to the other and correspond in like to each other. This is a series of events that converge and bring about a lessoning of the violence, and a whole new emergence of the peaceful means by which the world can unite and bring about the solidarity that will come and restore the planet to its peaceful agenda.


There is no one else but you. There is no one else but I. There is no one else but We. We are all one, and our intent is the same. To bring this about we are tuning in on a level that has been pre-ordained and that has been put into action by the many forces of Light that are streaming forth from each person on this globe.


Yes, I mean to say that each person, each human on this planet is streaming forth the intention for the unity of the people on earth. Each person is doing his/her part that is destined for their soul evolvement, and whether or not it seems to be ‘of the light’, or ‘of the dark’ it is all the same, for the outcome is pre-destined. It takes all of the players to walk through it and bring it to the ultimate example of what it means to be in one’s own authority, and to have that all sync with the One.


As you take your next step toward the freedom that is in your heart you will find that there is no place other than the one in which you stand right now from which you can find that peace and that harmony with the rest of the world. When you take that next step know that you take it in sync with the one beside you, across the street from you, in the next town, the next country, across the planet. As you do so, you follow that innate knowing that you are the best one in the world and that you are all in the world, for the best is what it right now. The best is always in that flux state, and as your world changes, so does the best for all of the planet.


Go now; find that time and place where you know that everything that is taking place is contained in the moment in which you take the breath that leads to the next and the next. Find the perfection that brings about the changes as they roll their energies around the globe, through the waves of the oceans, the swaying of the trees in the breezes that coax the leaves into a whirlwind that touches home with everyone on the face of the earth.


You are that powerful! All you need do is to walk forth in your glory and know that it is what you do in this moment, and any moment that you live.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate