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My dear ones, with all that is taking place in the higher realms, we are seeing an invoking of the light in as many instances as there are carters little liver pills. We are seeing the injustices come to a head and spread over the land. We are seeing the supposed values of the system being repeatedly challenged and brought to a head. There are as many injustices being challenged as there are wonders being performed. Yes, we are seeing so many values come to justice in your land that we know that there is a momentum going that will supercede that which is seen to be out of control.


Take for instance the relevance of one system to another in the annals of the government. There are many systems within the systems, and as they all come together and begin their melding process we are seeing that which is not going to blend with the new energies being spit out as so much garbage. We are seeing the pits of the fruits being tossed to the ground and left behind.


As we take our rightful seats in the layers of justice, we see how it all is crumbling in a heap of lost expectations and seeming travesties of justice. We also see that as those injustices come around to bear a weight upon those who seek to prevail that there is a slow and methodical swing to the justice from which the country that bears the symbol of freedom and a new way of being is born.


In the villages and towns, in the cities and counties there is an intermingling with the various fronts that seem to be in control of the people. We see also that the people are meeting in the homes and the restaurants, and they are plotting the demise of the adverse politics of the governing bodies. With this rampant slide into the supposed slippery slope we are seeing that those who are bound to fall away out of control and into the forest are those who are putting up the most resistance and are bringing about the most clandestine efforts that have been brought upon this north American continent to date.


What does all of this mean to those who are waiting in the wings and watching all of this action? It is time now to see your readiness to step into the fray and to bring the power of truth to the action. There is nothing in this world that cannot be stopped by the innate power of love and truth if it is moving with the energy of justice and the truth of the blessed way. Only those who see that their ultimate goal is to conquer others are to fall away by the wayside. All the others will stand triumphant and will sing the song of glory throughout the rest of their lives.


All the rest will be able to go the mile and to stay their course as long as it takes for them to see the truth of their actions and their ways. When that happens, as it invariably will, then they too will see the reward that beckons to them on the other side of their chagrin, for it is ever ready for them to come home to the truth of who they are and what was behind all that they did in this 3D reality.


As for those who see now and are awaiting their next inspiration to flight, we give them all the bounds that they desire and all the freedom that is inherently theirs. We see them as they show themselves to us and we answer their every call. Think not that we turn our backs and give them our upturned nose, for that is not in our nature. We love and respect every move that is made, for we recognize that it is all aimed for the common good, the truth of what is streaming forth, and the realization of that which is coming to the recognition of the truth of the being of all.


So now my dear ones, as you sit and read these words, some ruminating as to their validity and some taking inspiration from their message, we include you all in our promise that you are the ones who will prevail in what is taking place on earth in this moment. You are the ones in your power and wisdom who stand and allow the usurpation of what seems to be the rights of all, and we see that you are aware that some things must come to bear that seem to be out of kilter with the love and justice of the Divinity.


This we see that you know in your own innate way is the pressure that is being produced by the clearing of all that has been put asunder on earth since the beginning. It is now being rendered the inescapable clearing that will result in the ultimate clarity of knowing that will come with the clarion call of love and truth that is to be broadcast through every cell and every particle of light within each and every one of you who chooses to listen to that call to love.


See that the activities on earth in the next weeks, and months are designed by The Source of all energies to bring the house of cards down and to right the temples of truth, justice and mercy for all who choose to listen and be touched with the light of The Creator in the love that is the root of all that is. There is no greater beckoning to the standoff that has been designed for the purposes of release by all of you, and as that standoff reaps the allowed treasures we will all see the promised land come into being and deliver the multitudes to their own sweet knowledge of who they are and why they have entered into this journey.


Go now and take your part, for the road is wide and swift. From this point on take a deep breath and know that you will triumph in the end. In the new beginning is a whole new expression of who you are and what you are destined for from this day on. Know it for you will design it from your own innate wisdom and the love that shines forth from your countenance. We love and honor you and we stand with you in jubilation and joy.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate