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Altogether there are many people on earth who at this time are awakening to the truths that are inside. They are seeing what is taking place in the world, and there are triggers that are being expressed for the awakening that comes with the Light of truth in reverse. I Am Sananda, and with these words I begin a stream of words that comes to you reflected from all of you.


Due to the entirety of humanity and its ability to see within on a soul level there are times that are upon us that seem to be amiss. These times are the representation of all of the unrest that lives within, the accumulation of the lifetimes humanity has expressed on this planet, and the release of that unrest.


We have told you this many times, and now we capitulate the findings of humanity on a level that speaks through the energies of the day. Take for instance the diversity with which the events of the day are being met. There are many who are embracing what others say about the omission from the truth that the leaders are creating. There are also the ones who see what is taking place and continue to believe what they hear from those who would keep them captive in the illusion.


Those too are playing their part by holding fast to what they hear and see. They are keeping the momentum going for the further expulsion of the untruth of humanity. This is in accord with The Creator, and the agreement with which we carry on in the name of progress.


What is progress? Is there a general truth in which progress is expressed, or is there a wide avenue by which it can show itself in our lives? It is as anything else in this world of the 3rd dimension. There is a general consensus of what progress looks like, and it doesn’t support a backward way of doing things.


Rather, it is to go forward in improvement and in the creation of that which was not before. We look at that idea of before, for a moment. Is there a before, or is it all happening now? How is it that we can go within and see what happened years ago, and as well see what is to happen in the realm of probability? How is it that we can see several different probabilities for each time period? It is because we all have differing ideas about any one thing, and they all manifest in our realities, given enough attention and energy.


I go through this dialog in order to remind you of the possibility that the reality that you live in and experience right now is one that you created in the past, or that you projected to the future, and are trying it out for the enrichment of your experience. Can it be that this is a part of your progress through the destiny that you set down with the agreement of The Creator? Would this explain some things to you, if that were so?


Consider, my dear ones that there is no time even now. Consider the possibility that the reality we share with you is one of no time, and that you are operating in the idea that there is time, that you are held captive in the idea of time. Would you seek to step out of that captivity, or would you say that you are comfortable right where you are, in that belief?


I say, make your choice and know that it is absolutely perfect for you in this moment, for it is the path you have chosen for this moment. You have the innate wisdom to recognize the path to your destiny that speaks of the perfection of that agreement you have with The Creator.


Now I play with another word, my dears, and that is ability. What is ability and is it mendable? Can you loose an ability and then restore it, or did you never loose it? Perhaps you lost the ability to remember your ability. When you fell asleep and took the road that you have traveled, did you not forget how to leave that road and get back to the one that went in a circle and everywhere at once?


Realize that forgetfulness is but an idea. It is an excuse that you give yourselves for an action that you took, that you strive to forgive. Let go of that need to forgive, and realize that The Creator has already taken that agreement with you to forgive that which needs no forgiveness. Then why would the Creator even find the idea to forgive? Because you asked for that forgiveness, and what you ask for is automatically yours, given by the Creator, ready for your acceptance into your world.


Are you catching on? Do you see from where the truth comes? It comes from the perfection that is created with your every move, your every thought and idea. It is then brought into your experience by the furtherance of the energy of that initial creation. The Creator doesn’t mind if you don’t accept that which is created for you. The Creator is the bringer of the idea into the scope of possibility. It is up to you to go there and bring it in to your life, or not, according to your furtherance of consideration on the creation. Did you know also that you are the Creator; there is no difference one from the other?


This all translates into the events that are taking place on earth today. Humanity is taking another look at what they created in the image of The Creator. They are reconsidering that which has come into manifestation by the agreement with The Creator at some point in time. How is it able to come round again for consideration if time is all there is? Because they are in the process of forgiving their forgetfulness and the ability they have to remember is being woken up. They are seeing the truth of what they once believed, and they are being given the opportunity to say I know something other than I what I see and hear. I know a truth that I have long forgotten, one that is beating at my door, or whispering in my ear to be heard and accepted in once again, for I am surpassing time and tapping into the reality that all is Now and accessible to me at any moment.


Do you know that all of humanity is there? Did you realize that even though many people may not appear to be operating in that no-time place, they wouldn’t be representing the world as it is today? The events of the world would not look as they do, and the effects of the societal occurrences would not be unfolding as they are. All on earth would be going along as it did all those eons ago when heaven was here on earth and peace was the mainstay of the beings who lived and experienced on earth.


Yes, there was a time on earth when this was so. This was put into the energy of earth in order that humanity could one day tap into that energy and makes its journey back to that energy. That is the only way that this can come about, this return to Light while staying right here on earth. That energy of peace and love in Light has been here in reserve for millions of earth years. Now it is being unearthed and brought back to the remembrance of those who carried and deposited, through their expression of it, the treasure that has long been buried. It is in the process of being restored, and you are doing it. All that is acrid and spoiled on earth today, in the pores and cells of Gaia is being expelled and revisited in order to cleanse her body, and humanity’s will of all that has cluttered the truth.


As you go through the changes that are affecting every aspect of life on planet earth, you are experiencing the throes of rebirth. You are heaving forth that which no longer settles in your body and in Gaia’s as well. It is a co-operative venture, and it is going well. A little more time, and then what will be coming forth is the Light that tells of the rebirth, the restoration of the beauty of who you all are. This expression of The Creator’s love for all of you will ring through the heavens and sing in the hearts and souls of all of life on planet earth and throughout the universe. There is to be a tremendous rejoicing as the memories are awakened further and the life that once was is brought into manifestation in the expression of the moment.


As this comes about hold on to the light of truth, and know that you are deeply loved and assisted through this process. The progress you make toward that ability you have to know yourself as Light is upon you and you are walking in the intent of The Creator, as it is yours.


We walk with you and we carry the burdens that you give unto us until the time that you can take them back and transmute them to the Light of truth. We watch as you lift yourselves up to the heavens and reach that pinnacle to which you aspire. It is beautiful and it is grand, for you are surpassing the strings of time and weaving them all into the tapestry of the moment in perfection with the Creator. Blessings for your journey.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate