February 27, 2007               Click Here for Printable Click Here por Espanol


St. Germain


When I tell you that there is a coming dawn, I speak of the dawn of yesteryear. I speak of the times of tomorrow and today, all tied up into one bundle and delivered to the masses. I speak of the present moment and I speak of your time in it. Good day I Am St. Germain, and on this day I speak to you of the heartland and the times that are upon it.


Which heartland, you ask, am I referring to? Is it the oft’ times referred to part of the North American continent known as America, or is it the Midwest section of that country? Perhaps you think it could be the part of the world in which you as an individual lives. If so that is the heartland to which I refer.


I speak of the heartland as being the place in which you reside at the moment. I speak of the heart of your physicalness, soul, and Spirit. I speak of that Divine essence of you that superceeds all that has come before and will again. I speak of this moment in your history, and I honor it.


What are my specifics in this message, and how does it honor one and all at the same time? As you know we are all One, in choice and design. We come into this life with the intent to experience in the energy of The Creator. We find our experiences at times to be most challenging and most precious at the same time. We find our challenges to be of utmost value, and to be contained in all that comes our way.


Why would we see our easy things in life to be a challenge? Is it not because they are the ones we use to measure the true challenges by? What is our yardstick in life but the everyday occurrences, as well as the challenges? We find our times to be troubling only when we have had the easy and peaceful times.


I bring this all before you for a reason. I present you with a new yardstick, one that you may use to measure the good times in your life and the wonderful times in your life. I bring this to your awareness for there is to come a time when there will be a constant succession of ease and peace in your life, and the only thing to measure will be the degree of joy that you will experience.


Yes, this is coming for all of you. This is a state of mind and heart that is to be upon you in the times to come. More good news is that you can begin that measurement process right now, this moment. You can bring that way of being into your every day and your every moment. It is an intentional thing that you do; it is taking each moment and telling yourself that this is perfection. You can do that in every moment until you know it and feel it, when the way you perceive the moment matches your expectation of what perfection means.


Take for instance an event such as the slipshod expedition of a business deal gone awry. You can give in to the anger or frustration of the moment that you realize what has happened, or you can take a deep breath and tell yourself there is another reason for this to have happened. You can then take that moment of silence to allow the inner wisdom to come forth to show you the higher meaning of what you at first considered to be a catastrophe. It can give you a new idea about the happening, one that can promote a better feeling about the event. In most cases it will also give you a solution that can save the day and provide you with a gift that you would not have seen had you continued to see the event as a catastrophe.


This is how you transform your world from one of chaos and disaster to one of seeing the other side of any unwanted situation and rendering it to your advantage. This is how you create perfection in your life. You actually change the molecular structure of objects involved with the situation and you also change the energetic flow that changes the outcome to that of a desired one.


How are you going to approach your day, your every moment, with the knowledge that you are the creator of your world, or thinking that you are at the mercy of events that take over and create chaos? You are the molders of your world, and knowing that will make a difference in how you go about your daily life, your every moment. It is a fine thing, peppered with love that superceeds all of the outmoded ideas that you have allowed into your heartland.


Now is the time to see what is cluttering up your heartland, and to make the moves in your innate love for yourself to create the beauty that your heartland represents to you. I know you can do it, and what’s more, you can extend that out to include all of your heartland, the heartland of all of humanity. It is all your world, and you are It.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate