February 13, 2007                




 St Germain


My dear ones, in this time of renewed love and understanding we come to a place in our worlds where we see things for what they really are in a new way and a whole new color. We see that as they progress into the realm of light they take on a new meaning, and that is in accordance with the intent of the Creator.


Have you ever taken a ride into the country and found that what once was mystifying and confusing about some of the terrain, is now unique and pleasurable to you? When you have come across a bramble in which you know you would surely find an unpleasant experience should you fall into it, you now see it from a different approach, and you see the intricacies that house all manner of life. You may see that what appears to be random placement of branches and dried grasses is actually well placed parts of a shelter for myriad insect and small animal life.


Apply this perspective to your own life, or to the life of the giant mammals that roamed parts of this globe centuries ago. What do you think would be their perspective of the way you are living now? Do you think they would have a perspective, or were/are they just dumb animals acting on instinct alone? Look at their lives and how they provide for themselves. How could they survive without running water if it were not for the streams, lakes and oceans? How could they see to do their chores if they were not to lie down and rest in the dark, or to see sharply with their vision fashioned for night travel? What would they eat if they were not instinctively acting on the will of the animal kingdom to understand the battle of the species and the agreement that is inherent to find that sustenance when it comes to them?


Are these not all examples of the Law of Nature for life in the wild? What about the Laws of Nature for humanity? How does that connect with the animalsí life? Is there a great power that is communicating with all of life, and that generates an understanding with and between all of life for survival?


The Creator, Mother Earth, Father sky knows All. There is an innate wisdom operating within every form of life on this planet that connects directly to The Source. We live and walk and run and dance, and, speak and cry, etc through this communication with The Source. There is an intelligence that commands all action and life and this intelligence is present in communication in every moment.


Now comes the fun part. We can tune in to that intelligence and we can listen closely and clearly at what it is telling us. We can clear away all other ideas about how to take our next step, our next breath, our next taste of food or drink. We can determine how to do something that will lead to the manifestation of that which is entirely appropriate in our life. We can find a truth in our lives welling up in manifestation by knowing our instinctual first response and following it. When that response is to pause, run, flee, stay, move dance, smile, turn around, whatever it is, then we are giving ourselves the opportunity to follow the truth of our intelligence in the moment.


What about when our first instinct is to fear, you ask? What about that? I ask you to pay special attention next time you go to fear. Ask yourself if that was your very first instinctual response, or was it your reaction with fear. Was it a result of the idea that what you experienced was based on the present moment, or was it based on the memory of another similar experience that resulted in a fearful experience?


This is how you clear out the ashes of irrelevant memory. You look directly at what came to pass and what your initial response was. There is a moment in which you are neutral in response and then your idea of what occurred is brought to your consciousness. We are now living in the energies in which you can slow down time and see the split second or no-second time and know what the truth is concerning that moment. This can change your world dramatically. This can create your life in the image and reality that is the intent of The Source. You will be communicating directly with The Source. In that you will be returning to Yourselves.


My dear ones of the Family of Light, in the times to come you will be learning and remembering many parts of this time you have spent on earth since you first came to take this journey through the backwash of insomnia. This will bring you round to the passage of time that ends and when the continuity of no time resumes. You will know yourself and all others as you did before. You will even know that which every individual has learned in this journey, for you all have lived on a soul level as one, in constant communication with each other. That is the Oneness that you always have been and continue to be.


Go now and live your life in that instant realization of your power and see your world take shape in the image of that which you intend. You are masters and you are love.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate