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St. Germain


Due to the increase of energy within the earth and surrounding it at this time many people are noticing a decided difference in the way that they relate to one another and to all of life on planet earth. There is only one way in which to approach these times, and that is with an air of acceptance and joy in the changing of the times.


If you were in a quagmire and fighting to get out, what would you do? Would you struggle and fight and in so doing sink deeper and deeper until the only recourse was to stop fighting and allow what was to be? Or would you stop before you got that deep into the mess and find yourself floating and able to spend the time in anticipation of the help that would come? What would be your reflex, your accustomed response to your situation?


Now I ask the next question, and one that you might ask yourselves as you go away from this message and ponder the words. Knowing what your accustomed response would be, then consider if it is of benefit to your life, and if not, consider what the response would be that would benefit you. Think of how giving up the fight and surrendering to the circumstances can be of value to you. Close your eyes and bring in the scenario I speak of. What happens in the surrender? Do you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper until you are lost, or do you find a rescue from something that happens along due to the position you have assumed for accepting in the help that has come your way?


Perhaps as you cease the fight, your thoughts quiet and you hear from within a whisper of wisdom. This whisper tells you that you are loved and that you will experience wonders in your life. Perhaps there is a voice of joy that shouts to your senses and says that you will encounter a magical savior who raises you forth into the sun. Maybe you look around and see a long stick strong in fiber and handy to reach for. This stick extends across the hole into which you have floundered, and with its strength you are able to pull yourself to the solid ground and to freedom.


This is a wondrous thing for you, my dear ones. This is the joy that comes from being able to tune in to your innate oneness and know that you are not alone. To know that whenever you flounder and fall there is always a place of rescue and freedom, and that you can find that place by surrendering to the place where the answers live.


As we go into these next weeks and months there are many choices we can make. We can push against what comes our way, or we can observe as on a newsreel and allow those images of what is taking place out there to fall away and be replaced by the turning of the head to observe the beauty that is around us. We can appreciate the roses that grow on the vine without getting involved with the thorns. We can immerse ourselves in the colors of the sunset without bringing in the noise of the traffic that speeds on oblivious to the majesty that plays across the sky above. We can join in the words and music of the song playing on the radio resounding in its vibration throughout our body, as we wait in the long line of cars waiting for the traffic to open up and allow the free flow once again.


Life on planet earth need not be a series of chaotic happenings in our individual lives. We can meet what comes our way with a peace and a joy born from what is foremost in our minds. We can live in a state of peace and joy despite what comes along to disturb that. Even if we enter into our part in this disturbance, if it is there for us to partake of and still not allow the resonance of peace to go away and be replaced by unrest.


It is vital in these times that we remember this if ever something comes along that may disturb us. Though your first reaction may be to respond in that way, time is very forgiving and upon the realization that that energy has entered you can then say, I am peace and this does not disturb me.  Watch then what wisdom can come forth and give you a solution to this energy that threatens your peace of mind. The more you do this the more it will be a matter of instant response, rather than something you go to after a while.


The energies that are being beamed in are designed to uplift and free you from the old energies that drag you down. They are filled with the Light of the Intent of The Creator for you to know yourselves and to live that knowing. You are destined for this place of being that you aspire to now, and as you travel that road to the desired end, you will find that at the end is a beautiful new blueprint by which you will be journeying. This blueprint is in the works and it is being fashioned by you. It is the replacement for the old and the renewal in potential for the new way of being in which you are placing your love. 


I bring to you to joy and the freedom that I see for you. I watch as you add to that freedom energy with all that you do. As you surrender to this love and this trust, you build more and more of what your new life in the energies of your truth in the light represents and how you will be molding and creating that new life, born from the freedom which you aspire to today.


I Am St. Germain, and with this message I bring to you the news that as the events that flash across your screens and in the newspapers on the corners create themselves in the energies that are fast moving out and away from Gaia to be transmuted and brought back to her shores and inner reaches, she is beaming from within and the cities of the Hollow Earth her message of love and transmutation for all that has sprung from the old energies.


She is placing her love in every crack, fissure, mountain, stream, ocean, tree, flower, every aspect of earth life, every heart and soul of humanity for she communicates directly with each and every particle of life on and in her body, and her message is the same as ours who love and respect you so well. She loves and honors your part in her transformation and she compliments you on your part in this great reversal of the polarity and the placement of the crystal energy within all of life here on this wondrous planet we all call earth.


Go now and be the wonders that you are. Allow the transitions to take place and feel the wondrous changes that come over you as you relax and surrender to the energies of the New Golden Age. Blessings are abundant and they are here and now.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate