February 14, 2007               Click Here for Printable

  Happy Valentine’s Day to You All!

Love, Nancy, Bob and Ulla


Wake up Call: Nancy Feb 14, 07


I have been sitting here this evening (Feb 13) watching and listening to music DVDs of Crosby, Stills and Nash, and of Willie Nelson and Ray Charles. From watching them and listening to their music and their hearts speaking to each other and to the world, I am deeply touched. Why is that? I feel it is because of a video I watched and listened to earlier on the internet of people, scientists, Zecharia Sitchen talking about who we really are and our Sumerian origins. Go to this URL to watch and listen: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8795351208148163504&q=Sumeria+%2F+alien+origin+of+humankind&pr=goog-sl&hl=en  


I have known for a few years about where we came from, who the Gods mentioned in the Bible are, and how we came to be as humans. I have known this and I have begun to write a book about my own personal experience, my first lifetime on earth involved with the early humans fashioned by the hands of those Gods depicted in the Bible. This will be The Legacy, the sequel to The Menorah.


Tonight as I watched these performers and their obvious love and respect for each other I saw in a whole new way the Oneness that we all are. It is not just words anymore, it is heartfelt and deeply understood on a level that I cannot begin to express. I looked into their eyes tonight and I saw the love, I saw the history; I heard the passion in their words, and I came to see them toiling in the mines of Southeast Africa. I feel the torment, and the jubilation to be released from that torment as they sing of the ones who are still in that trial and that labor to bring the ‘gold’ to the lives of the fathers and the mothers and to mend the atmosphere of the world they live in.


I speak of a time long past and a time that is upon us in this moment. Though the interpretation of my words differ in expression they do not differ in the feelings and experience of those who came before us and those who we truly are and have always been.


How can we sit here today and not feel the presence of those workers who toiled in the mines of southeast Africa, and not be affected? How can one of us see the outlying expressions of that which is within, and others not see it or feel it? It is perhaps that the memory is too severe, too vast and immeasurable to fathom.


We come from those early astronauts who came to find the gold to mend their planets atmosphere. What about now? What about what we need to do to mend our atmosphere? How about paying attention, and accepting back that which we have given? Is this the time in which it all balances out? Is this the time in which all debts are paid, all promises realized? We are here because of them. We are here because we were created to save their planet and their way of life. Now it seems that they are here to return that favor. They are here to give us back our gift to them. A life for a life, a promise for a promise, a love for a love. As was in heaven so it is on earth. And the first shall be the last.


Thank you my dear friends and family for being who you are, for providing the means and the arena by which I may come to you and tell you of my love. I love you all with a love so deep, so everlasting that I can only now allow myself to feel a small percentage of what that means, for if I were to go all the way it would surely render me back with The Source for the power and intensity of it.


That is not what I am here for at this time. I know that my day will come when I, as all of you, will make the grand return to our Creator. Till then, I remain in faithful, loving devoted service to all of you and to the oneness that I am with you. Remember your origins, for it will set you free.


Thank you Enki, Ninhersag, Enlil and the rest of the Nibiruans for our life on earth.

Love, Nancy Tate