February 19, 2007                




Today marks a day when those in heaven are singing and those on earth who are in their striving mode will find that their efforts have paid off and are coming to fruition. I Am Hatonn, and today I come with news of what is taking place in the air and on the ground.


First I will share with you that Nancy and Bob have indeed spotted some of our ships, clothed in clouds in the skies above the mountains that they see from their place of home this morning. They see what we term as reconnaissance and in the nature of that mission we are securing certain parties who are in a position to lend a hand for the betterment of mankind. These ones are in our custody and are much comforted by that. They have called for us and are taking part in a disclosure project that is underway.


They are in a position to reveal many facts about the missions of deceit and subterfuge that has been taking place in various aspects of the military establishment, and are ready to testify in that regard. We are in a position to assure their safety until such time as they will be able to come out with their information.


As for what else we are doing in this area, we have also been called upon to remedy the furtherance of any nuclear activity in the area over which we survey. We are well into the administrations of that mission, and as we buckle down the area we are taking extra measures to see to it that those who have also requested our assistance are protected fully. This request has been honored because what was being attempted would have had dire consequences of not only the planet, as well it would have compromised the rest of the solar system, and its return to its original blueprint. We have assured you all in other reports that this will not be permitted; we stand by that.


What we also wish to share with you is a matter of great importance to all of you. This is that due to the vibrant increase in the vibratory input of the humans on earth who are awakening more and more to who they are, we have found that the atmosphere around the planet is clearing up. There is a decided difference in the pollution that has been in place for many years. This has been seen to happen in the future. We are seeing it taking place now and at a rate that proves to be encouraging. You can all take great joy in what you are doing for your home planet.


There is still a great deal to be done and as these measures are carried through you will see a difference in the climate of war energy. That difference will come into the public eye, for it will be of such a powerful energy that it cannot help but be noticed. No amount of false media reports will be able to cover it up. As this takes place, watch to see how the people of the world respond, and take inspiration as to what your role is in what comes from this, for this is part of what you lightworkers have been working on. Your plan does not end with the ceasing of the war energy; your plan takes you into the new peace energy and how you are to fill it with your response to this glorious coning of a new day in the life and times of planet earth.


As I watch from my place in the heavens, I see many of you struggling with the changes that are upon you with the new energies that transform and assist to the clearing of the old. What I offer for you is to sit in a circle and invite the essence of The Christ to bath you all with the time proven energy of love. This circle need not be a physical one, for many of you undergoing these changes are scattered over the globe. What I suggest is that you visualize as many as feels appropriate to be with you, and to gather their love and feelings of intent for the energies of love to transmute the effects that come from the clearing into rays of golden light that shine out into the universe and beam back tenfold the love of The Creator.  You can do this in a few moments, minutes, or even as much as an hour if you care to. You can even take a whole day, if you desire, to sit in the energy for that period of time. It is your choice.


As you call in that Christed energy and offer your intent to it, you will notice a change in the way that you are feeling. Take it in, live it, be it. Observe how you change in stature as you visualize yourself throughout the time you are in the energy. Note how you change physically, emotionally, spiritually. See what potential is offered to you with the changes, and allow that potential to fill you with the energy of what you intend. This is a way in which you can allow the fullness of these energies to fill and transform your being into that of pure light, and will enable you to flow through the moment with an ease that leaves you joyful and at peace.


Remember, you are not alone. You are being embraced constantly at this time by all of the celestial love and comfort that there is. We see what you are experiencing and we know that on the other side of the shadows are the golden beams of love that encircle your heart and nourish your soul. We know also that your Spirit is allowed the freedom of expression that comes with the lifting of the bounds that have been a part of your life for these eons of time.


You are loved beyond measure and in this love lies the unlimited potential for all of you to rise and fly into the blue sky of abundance and the fulfillment of your loftiest dreams. It is a pledge we have made to you to be here for you, and this pledge has also been made to ourselves, for you are our family, and the reunion is close at hand. When we all gather at the river and walk on the waters of love, we shall know no bounds and will bless the mighty and the meek, for it is all One.


Go now into your day of days and walk among the flowers of life, for you have planted them. It is time to reap the beauty that you extend for your pleasure.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate