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Good day, I Am Hatonn with a message of love and joy for you. When we get together at the turn of this era, we will be in celebration of the times that we are living in. Those times are filled with plenty of love and merriment. They are brimming with mirth and joy, swimming with glee and peace of mind. We are all united, our family of Light, and in that unity we see the intricacies of life unfold in perfection.


First, we are experiencing this world as it is right now. We are building an energy that brings into manifestation that which I have given you a glimpse of. This is the time of bringing it all to a head and exposing the poison so that it can be expoused from the body of humanity and Mother Earth.


In these times we are facing a great deal of change, some of it feels good, some less than good. As these changes occur we find ourselves facing our own personal changes; we can see how that reflects the worldly changes as we look closely and with a clear perspective. As you undergo your individual changes then you can see how the world will change because you see how you are changing, and it is for the better. You are feeling stronger and more able to face the trials of the day.


Apply that stronger perspective to the world affairs. See that as goes your life, so too does the world arena. What seems to be an unending war in the Middle East is the actual winding up of the changes that are prevalent in all of life on planet earth. What may seem in your own life to be upsetting at first becomes a light of recognition followed by clarity and rejoicing in the knowledge that you have attained a new level of understanding of how the innate intelligence of life has been expressed once again to bring a new level of peace and joy into your life.


Now see this happening outside your world. See the activities that represent the beauty and the peace of the changing times. See that there is an abundant supply of love and compassion that makes a difference in this world. See that as never before the world societies are banding together to bring an end to the warring. See that on a grassroots level, the people are standing up and making their intentions known and lived.


Now that you have seen that clearly, put together a picnic lunch, gather your children, loved ones, friends and go into the country, to the park, by a lake or river shore and enjoy the warm sun on your face, the gently moving branches of the tree by your side, the white spread of snow that reflects all the colors of winter on its canvas. Listen to the winter sound of birds as they revel in the gifts of nature in the fullness of winter. Look around and feel the dry earth resplendent with the browns and gold of the southern winters. Know that as you sit among the delicacies of the season, you sit in the gifts that bring the bursting forth of the spring greens and lush flowers that transform the landscape to the brilliance that speaks of the renewal of life after the hush of sleep.


Does it seem that life is asleep, with the warring going on? Does it seem that all is calm and resting as the strife is played across the media? I tell you that the calm and the rest is reflected and carried within all of you who do not buy into and give energy to the warring that some see.  Some say, “But that is not the truth of those who carry the weapons and march into battle.” I say that many of them carry a calm with them, for as they face death or injury they too have come to a place of acceptance, and in that acceptance comes the truth of the choice they have made. That truth is that on the other side of that choice is release, whether it is in heaven, or on earth.


What is taking place within those who see beyond the strife is the truth of what is beckoning on the horizon. They see, they hear and they feel, and that is what is bringing it into manifestation. There are enough of you who hold that promise in vision and knowing, in the feelings of peace and joy, that it is about to burst on the scene as a vast meadow of color resplendent in its awe to the beholder. And you are bringing it forward.


Keep that vision and feel that peaceful joy, for it is your stamp of life and your identifying energy of love and light. You wear it well.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate