February 26, 2007                



 Archangel Michael


When we gather together in the time to come it will be as a unit grounded in the energies of earth and thankful for the plight that has been bestowed upon us, for we will then see the appropriateness of it. We will see that without this plight there would be no earth life, there would be no place on the planet in which we can be, there would be no physicality within which to express our lives and our intent as there befits an angel in the process of bringing a miracle to the land of the ordinary.


Dear ones I Am Archangel Michael, and with this message I bring to you an idea of what is upon you. I bring you the picture of the plight of which I speak. This plight is one in which the rest of the world of slumbering heroes will take a step into the unknown and find themselves in a completely foreign land. They will look about them and find there is nothing for them to hold on to that feels familiar. And yet with that state of being, they will find that to their amazement at first, and then to their delight, they will feel not at all afraid. Instead they will feel something that is a bit familiar, yet it comes from the depths of their beings and wells up gradually from within and overwhelms their whole beingness. That feeling will be of coming home, and it will be unmistakable.


When this takes place then there will be an end to the plight I speak of. The plight will revert to the former state of well being and natural Grace that is their way of being. They will look around them as the familiarity flows in and takes the place of the fear. They will find themselves dictating the rate at which they allow this inflowing to overcome them, for they will desire to be aware of their every moment and the treasure it brings them. They will look around and at first they will see only themselves and others like them, all being brought through the veil, rather than tearing it down, or dissolving it.


Theirs will be a determined journey of discovery, for they will desire this reawakening to permeate their every sense and sensibility. They will cherish every moment of transition so that when they get to where they are going they will remember and be able to share their experience with those with whom they congregate at the end of this journey. They will overcome the feelings of the old earth and the scenarios that carried one to the other, on and on into what seemed to be infinity, and they will see the end of days of fear and the beginning of the days of forever bliss.


Where will you be, my dear light angels of earth? What will you be doing as these wonderful ones are succumbing to their own fates and allowing their destinies to unfold moment by moment in their lives? You will be right there beside them. You will be lending your energies of support, and though you will be going on with your lives, as they will, you will be expressing in a far different way than they. You will be watching and holding an energy of love and support for them, however you will be in a different mindset than they. You will be a part of their lives, yet you will be in your own vibratory status and your experience will be quite different from theirs, for you will be able to set aside the fear in which they mutate. You will look back and see only light, for you will have surpassed the memories in which they engage.


There will be no moments of despair for you, for you have been and continue to unload all of that old energy. You will have allowed it to flow out and into the light of the Creator source and into the Grace of transmutation. This you will have done for yourselves and the rest of humanity. Once you will have gotten there, you will have attained the wisdom of the ancients and you will have assumed your original purpose to bring Light and love unto the people and to do so by extending that love out from your field for all who are thirsting for that love to drink in and allow it to awaken that love within.


As earth undergoes the changes that she too will experience in those times, it will be a unitedness that is experienced, though the knowledge of that unitedness will be realized only by a few. You dear ones who are awakening to the changes will see that your role is to firmly and surely, without effort, hold the love and the light for all those dear souls who are in the process that their plight brings them. They have asked for this journey, and their interpretation of the journey is in purpose, for it continues the experience of duality right to the last moment. At that moment there will be an implosion of the darkness, the negative polarity, and at that moment the Light and Love will come bursting through and flooding their being with the totality of the Source. It will be as one moment in darkness and the next in the fullness of the Light.


As you watch their transition from one moment to the next, you will see their faces, and indeed right into their souls, and you will see all that they have experienced throughout their journey here on earth. You will at the same time see your journey with them and it will be grand. You will see the tapestry that together you have woven, and as that clarity and truth becomes you, you will know that never in all of earth time have you not been united in purpose and Spirit. There has only been One, my dear ones, and in that oneness you have all chosen to bring about a scenario that made it seem as if you were forever and irrevocably separated.


The beauty of the Oneness is that it dissolves all judgment, all fear, all ideas of punishment and forgiveness. It speaks to the heart of the One and whispers of the endless love that is present at all times. It speaks of Home and togetherness, and it speaks of the bright new way of life that is before you. You get to see it all unfold in a momentís time and then you realize that time is no more and your experiences are all according to what energy they hold and how you perceive them in intent.


My dear earth angels, we are here to welcome you home and to escort you through the door of Light. The portal that beckons you was set into place by every one of you, and as you find your way back to that portal, you do so from the memory awakening to that moment in time when you passed through that portal into the land of forgetfulness. You remember that you are an eternal being and that you have come back home, mission accomplished, ready for the new journey, assigned by yourself, through the inspiration of the Creator, and you are in the arms of the Source of All.


I welcome you to the coming times, and I will be with you as you journey to and through them. Realize that every one of you, with the co-operation of The Source, has chosen your destiny, and so it is all in order as the timeline wears down and the freedom of momentary discovery opens for the expression that you give it. Wear it well, for it is the true you. Blessings are being sung to you, and we watch as you dance to the rhythms of the universe.


Thank you dear Archangel Michael,

Love, Nancy Tate