Wakeup Call Message
February 15, 2005



 Hi Everyone,

       Id like to announce a new revised Channeled Readings offering on the site. I have revised the options; now I have available a service in which I will channel an hour long audio of a reading  which can include answers to questions and a life reading. This will be placed onto a CD and mailed out to the client. I also offer the option of a written four-question reading. You may click on http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/channeledreadings.htm to read about these changes.





Wake up Call: Sananda Feb 15, 05


          My dear ones; consider this for a moment; you are standing on a rocky beach and someone comes along and offers you a peach. The peach is golden and ripe and looks like a jewel sparkling in the sun. You reach out and take it from the hand who offers it, and suddenly the hand transforms into a glove of wonder that reaches out and snatches the peach and you, and takes you off into an adventure that rivals any that you have ever known.

          What would you do; what would you think? Would you pray for a miracle and weep uncontrollably, or would you recognize this as a miracle and gratefully look for the gift that is being given?

          I AM Sananda, and I wish to lead you through an exercise that is created to assist you to look into a tunnel and see it widen to include you in a whole course in miracles and render them everyday occurrences. Come with me on an adventure, and watch your world transform as never before.

          We now go back to the golden peach, with the face of a jewel, ripe in the midday sun. We peer into that face, and we see our own peering back. Really look at that face, and see the way it looks back at you. Does it smile, or does it have an expression of sadness? Does it sneer and pout, or does it look dreamy and sensitive to the elements?

          Are you frightened of that face, or repulsed perhaps? Does it make you feel good, or jubilant in the love you see there streaming forth from every cell? Are you happy or sad looking at that face? Do you feel somehow inadequate when you look into those eyes? Give yourself a smile and see what happens to the contours of your face when you open up your heart.

          What are your thoughts as you peer into the eyes that stare back at you? Are the feelings welcome, or do they come from some place far, far away? Ask yourself why you are feeling this way, and then give yourself a blessing because you do, no matter the answer. This is the authority by which you give yourself permission to be the way you are right now, to fully realize what you are experiencing in any given moment. You are your own best authority, and you walk in that in any moment.

          Now I would like to suggest another step in this exercise. Now you see the peach you hold and regard as your face, as a peach once more. It no longer bears your resemblance, but that of another. Bring to mind another person whom you know, and recognize your right to see that person at this moment. What feelings does this person bring to your heart? Is there a recognition of this person as a light in your life? If not, then ask yourself why, why does this person not show you a light, and why do you keep it from your knowing? If the answer is because of what they have done to you, then look again, and see if the visage has changed with the acknowledgement of their doing. Take this as a sign from your inner self that it may be time to see this person in another light.

          On the other hand, if the image you see of this other person is agreeable and loving, then ask yourself why that is. What has this person done to bring the light to your heart? Is it because of something they did, or is it simply because of who they are? This is a tool you can use for the purpose of really examining the relationship you have with this person.

          Then see that this person is you. See that this person gives off a radiance that brings your own love to mind. Is there harmony in this thought, or do you see two separate people in this thought? After a few moments of this do the images yet come together as one, or is the idea of separateness still present in your mind?

          This is okay; there are no wrong thoughts, only those that serve to assist you to seeing your reality. Now you can see the love that is represented in this image, however it is showing itself. Is there a feeling growing that brings it all into harmony, or are you still regarding the image as being two? Then if this is so there is still some way in which it is serving you to see the idea of two.

You are the boss here, and bringing an idea to this of love can transform what you are feeling. Give it a try, and see what happens. Is there still a dual image? Then congratulate yourself for whatever the image is portraying, for with either representation of the image, you are employing love to bring you a feeling that will serve you. Honor that image and if you feel the need, then let it go.

          Now that you have let it go, look and see what remains. Is there a nothingness, or is there some other manifestation of what you have created with your mind? Assess what you see there, and ask yourself what this image, or non-image means to you. Listen to your heart, for the answer that will be given is one that truly represents the intent of your soul at this moment.

          Is it one that bespeaks unfinished business, or does it tell you that you have turned a corner, and left an old feeling behind? Assess what this leaves you with, and welcome this feeling to your consciousness. Thank it for being a representation of what you are experiencing. Then listen to the response from your inner self. You are in communication with your inner self, and you are the authority.

          Now take a moment, and close your eyes. Keep them closed for a full minute, counting the moments as they go. Focus on the count, and perhaps see the representation of an image of the count. How does if look to you; how does it feel? Now you are done with the count and you open your eyes. Look around the room and see what is before you. Assess the furniture, or the outdoors, if you have done this exercise in the park, or the street or your yard.

          Look around again and see the various objects that you surround yourself with at any given moment. Know that you have created those things, and that you can un-create them with your thoughts. You can envisage a bird as a kite flying through the air. You can see an easy chair as a table laden with gifts of gold. You can see a picture on the wall as a mirror of yourself. You can watch as a car speeds by and know that it is a herd of swift horses gliding by on their flight over the plains.

          You can create your world to be exactly as you intend for it to be. You can employ the love of your image and that of another to see what that love represents. You are the image that you present to the world and since you are a part of that world, you can present an image of yourself that pleases you, and matches your intent.

          Experiencing this exercise any time you find yourself with a few minutes or more can bring you a new idea of what your world looks like. It can renew the innate love of yourself just by recognizing that you have created yourself and how you are in your world, and that is perfection in manifestation.

I invite you to include me in your exercise anytime you choose, for I love to play and be a part of your life. We have much in common, you and I, for we are children of The Source, and we have created our world in the image of The Source, which can be any way that we intend.

          Ill see you around and in the sun of love for all of our days. We love and we create and so it is for always and ever.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate