Wakeup Call Message
February 25, 2005



 St Germain 


          When a new day dawns in the life of man he has another chance to go into a way of life that recognizes the power of authority of his soul. When this takes place, it is because of his inherent ability to look deep into her soul and find the trueness living there. It is a fine piece of work that takes place when he sees beyond all the shadows and finds herself wakening to the light that guides her way and feeds her spirit with the light of almighty truth.

          Good day, my dear ones. I AM St Germain, and I come to you this day with an examination of what the truth means to you. What is the usual manner in which you rise and greet the day? Do you realize that you have just come from your own home and have visited with the parts of you that are family and are the ones with whom you will spend the rest of eternity? If so, then you are in heaven now and are aware of the nuances of the fullness of your existence.

          This is the time in which you are being told of the various levels of the timelines that you have created. These are the times when you are being asked to stretch your mind to include matters that heretofore have been shown to you only in science fiction. Now you are being told that these concepts are very real, and may indeed be more real than any you have conceived of till now.

          How have you approached this; have you given credence to it, or are you allowing it to go its merry way and sing its song somewhere else? This is not unusual, for there is a whole new paradigm to understand and to see as being your reality. This is more than merely entertaining; it is a whole way of being that is expressing itself in your lives every moment.

Let us examine some way in which this is represented. One of the things that you are aware of is that sometimes there is a mismatch that takes place between you and some other. This mismatch carries itself in the guise of what one sees and what the other sees at the same time, and in the same place. Each is equally sure of what they saw, and where they saw it, yet one must be wrong, right?

Not necessarily so, for what one sees is his own perception, and it is a very real creation of the moment. If there is a pudding that was made with chocolate and sugar and milk, and another that used cherry juice instead of chocolate, then one pudding is chocolate and the other is cherry, is it not? Well then this is seen to be true, however the agreement is that they are both puddings. One may taste different from the other, yet they are the same, in their own way. Now, take these two different puddings and put them before the ones who tasted them and found them to be what they knew to be the flavor they experienced. These two people are put under hypnosis, and they are each fed the pudding that they tasted before, at least that is what they are told. However, the truth is that the puddings are switched and the two people are fed the pudding that they did not before taste. They are then asked what is the flavor of the pudding they are being fed. They have been given a hypnotic suggestion that they will taste the same pudding that they tasted before.

Yes, you guessed it; upon asking them which flavor they are eating, they both said that they are tasting the same one they did before, even though the opposite is true. They firmly believe this, and for them it is their reality.

          Your life in this illusion is a form of hypnosis, self-hypnosis. When you go through life, you see things as you expect to. You know that it has been this way, and you see what you know to be true. However, realize that when you dream you see things a bit different, do you not? In your dreams you find that often events are weird and screwy without much reality.

That is because in your dream you are living what you term to be your life and events in a different reality, and in that dream reality, you perceive of things differently. For instance, this one the other morning awoke from a dream that included a huge stone rolling into the backyard of her childhood and coming to rest just short of her bedroom window. This stone seemed menacing to her, because in her estimation, and according to her emotions, it almost smashed into her room and could have injured her. As she gradually came out of her sleep state, and lay in that half in- half out state she thought about this stone. As her thoughts reviewed it, suddenly she thought of it as a rock; then suddenly she associated it with a giant rock.

Wow, suddenly a light went on in her head, and she exclaimed inwardly, wow it was a Giant Rock, and she was reminded of the Giant rock that she had visited in California on two recent occasions. Now she wondered what this meant to her, and she was suddenly wide-awake. She had something to go on; she thought she had gotten a message from which she could make sense of something she was dealing with the last few weeks.

What she got from that and the rest of the dream was something that led her to pursue an investigation for something that would shed some light on this issue. She still does not see the relevancy of the giant rock, but she exhibited that a stone by any other name could be a rock. It could have relevancy in this awake reality that had a different meaning in another reality, or timeline. She was shown that another timeline is running simultaneously with the one she is experiencing as the only one, yet she has brought part of another into the ‘present’ one.

This is taking place constantly. You are all experiencing this same type of thing, and in order to get a clue from all that happens that may seem mysterious, it can help to see the possibility that there is a different reality that is taking place and that you are accessing that other reality in order to more clearly see the true picture.

This could be the fullness of what you experience, and if so, does that change the way you approach life? If so, then what would you do if you could access all of the realities and sift them together to form a clearer, fuller reality in which to function?

You can do this. You can find the fit that makes sense to you, and you may find that as you do this more and more, you will be able to bring more of your innate wisdom and understanding of your fullness into your present reality. This is what we term incorporating the layers-timelines and rendering them whole and complete. This is another part of the ascension status, and in doing this, you also awaken your ability to choose at will which reality expression is most beneficial to you. As in hypnosis, you program your mind to believe what you intend for it to know.

Do you see how this can form your reality? Do you see how this can change a reality that you do not like or intend for yourself? Now you can begin to accelerate your transformation to look exactly as you would like it to be. You can create your life in a manner that bespeaks your mastery. That is how we do it, and this you can do as well.

I encourage you to play with this a bit, and realize the power of your mind. Hold in your intent that only the love and light be present in this playtime, and see that this is true at all times.

We love you and we applaud the progress that you are making. You are truly on the road to mastery and it is a trip back to the you that you put aside in order to take part in this plan. Now you are ready to pick it up again and see how much you have learned, and how it can benefit you in the experiences you create .

Blessings are here, and you are the bearers and the receivers. Wear them well.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate