Wakeup Call Message
February 22, 2005



 St Germain 


          This is a day when many of you expected to hear some fantastic news from the spheres that there would be First Contact established on earth. This was to have been coming after peace had been declared. Those of you who felt that this was not so concrete held out for a likelihood that in the time to come, there would be something concrete that would send a clear message to the masses that the ones from heaven were to come and be noticed and would put an end to all of the destruction that is taking place.

          I AM St Germain, and I AM here to tell you something concrete. I AM here to let you know that there is now an envoy of light beings arriving on earth to see to a matter that is springing up in an area of your planet that holds a dire threat to the safety and security of humanity. This is an area that has been ignored by many people and because of the vastness of the area it could well cause a great destruction that would encompass untold areas.

          This is not going to take place, for we are in the process of neutralizing the efforts of those who would seek to subvert the images of the peace that are being projected by some of the governments of earth. We are sending representatives of the Galactic Federation to the areas in question, and because of their remoteness in certain instances, there will be a time when the efforts of those who are standing in the darkness will go un-noticed.

          This is not to be so forever, for there will be a time when their plan will be announced to the world, and the conditions by which this plan has been thwarted will be released to the public. We appeal to you to understand our position of security that must be upheld. Once this plan has been destroyed and the ones who would seek to carry it out are in custody, then we will be able to reveal the details. Till then, we ask that you keep strong in your convictions that there is indeed a coming peace and an end to the tyranny.


Some of you have been asking to know more of what we are doing, and what you can do to assist in our efforts. You feel that in order to be of the most assistance you must be informed of more of what we do. We see this as a valid point, and we wish to make some of these points open to you. We will outline some of the moves that we make, for we can see that once these points are acted upon by certain parties on earth, there will be more strength in the results.

          We have been awaiting this challenge to our intervention methods, and with this request for more involvement physically by certain ones on earth, we will begin to direct certain movements in your direction, and in this way, you will be able to complete your assignments with a strength that comes from action.

Yes, my dear ones, we have known that certain of you have made this a part of your mission; you have awoken to this plan of yours and have announced to us that this is what you came here to do at this time. What I will do is to give you certain steps that you may take in order to carry out your part of this. There will be others who will do the same.

First, I would like to invite those of you, and you know who you are, to come to the center of the deepest place within you, and find the inspiration for action that is there. You have programmed your subconscious to be able to access that. I will give you a key word now and an additional phrase for you to unlock the memory bank. It is as follows: the word is: blanketing ruffles. The phrase is: by all souls be true to all. These two pieces are keys for you to unlock the information that is forthcoming for you to be inspired as to what you may do.

I do not mean to be mysterious, for this may seem to be just more of the same runaround that you have been experiencing. I understand. What we see now is that in order for you to be able to tune in to what you have planned, you must first be able to access certain places within your subconscious and be able to recognize the feeling of recognition at will.

I suggest that you do this exercise several times and to tune in to how you feel as you do it. This is a matter of readying yourself for the time when you will be able to at any moment through your intent be in that place of knowing, and able to operate in that energy. This is not a difficult thing for you to do, for with those of you who have requested this involvement you are ready for this to occur. The mere fact of your asking has determined that you are now ready.

I, or someone else will come again with another message that will stir you to action. This is the beginning of a deeper involvement of certain ones on earth to find their part in bringing the world to a blissful state. You have found a segment of what you are to do with your passion, and as the passion mounts it will be a sign that you are working in your mission, and that you are uncovering the plan that you created at the start of this lifetime.

I congratulate you for this point in your lives. This is a time when you have taken your power back and are walking in the auspices of your authority.

For those of you who are not feeling this challenge at this time, I say that this is not for you at this time. Rather, you have another point that is ready for exposure to your consciousness. Perhaps it has already shown itself, and probably you are already walking in that energy. There are no missions and steps of those missions that are more important than another. All of the pieces fit exactly as they are laid, and when the picture is complete then you will know that your part was integral in the whole.

I leave this transmission now, and go to the place of the action on the ship, which is transporting certain ones to places on earth. This is a grand day for all of us, for we are feeling the warmth of co-operation and the heartfelt love that comes from the experience of oneness. We feel that with all of you even more strongly now, for we know that those of you who are opening to this new facet of your mission are being totally supported by all.

We bless you all and welcome you to a new level of communication and co-operation. Salu!


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate