Wakeup Call Message
February 14, 2005


 St Germain 


          Good morning my dear ones, and how are you this fine day? I would like to extend to all of you a heartfelt promise of love and devotion for all of eternity. I come to you through this one with a gift for humanity in the form of a song. This song is one that touches on the aspect of love as it flits through the ages and lands on the bosom of the Now, for this is about your world today, as you know it. I AM St Germain, and I give you my Valentine’s gift.


On a day like today the clouds slip away,

And bring the sunshine into view.

And when the birds fly and sing from on high

They deliver it just for you.


For you see love in every white dove on the wing.

And all that can be just is.

So climb to the heights and deliver all frights

To the Lord and the Master within.


I call to the love that is mine, and sing

To the one who shines the light from above

And delivers the candles that glow so sublime

To the children who play so in love.


When you go to the pasture and find the suckling

All wrapped in the splendor of Mom,

You know that a miracle has found home once more

And the shadows are gone from this one.


So hasten my dear ones and bring into view

The future of your land and mine.

For there is coming a soldier of fortune,

And prizes aplenty for all.


So see the gold sparkle and silver a sheen

Of richness and blessings galore.

For here is a diamond that plays in the light

Of the many and few, and the more.


So go ye not troubled, and go ye not sad

For there is much to behold

That shines in the moonlight and seeks its own light

Where ever it goes and is told.


Of love in the finest that speaks from the heart

And finds itself spoken in tones

Of love and contentment and many a smile

That gives itself over to one


Who comes into view now and wears a sweet smile 

For you, for them and for me

And reminds us all of the truth of the ages

And who we were all the while.


We are love in the glory of any old story

That ever could be told today.

For here we are right now with tears of joy

On the faces of the girl and boy


Who come to the window and gaze out upon

The visage of love in the skies.

They see now the circle that begs to be joined

With love and truth and reknown.


For they know the secret of all that is coming

And they take it all to heart.

For when they come out and speak forth their songs

They know we never shall part.


The refrain shall be sweet and the tale shall tell

Of family and home that prevails.

For in the end there is only a beginning

That tells of love in their tales.


And when we feel it we know that it comes home

From every passing star.

For there is our home place and there is the seed

Of love that shines from afar.


For everything Holy and everything grand

Is all right here in our place.

We bring it to bear and show it there

With the love that shines forth when they land.


And now we shall bide and wait till the tide

Of peace and joy shall exalt

For when they come it will be as one

That we feel their reunion at last.


So go now my dear ones on into this day

And know that you walk in love

With all the grand ones and all of the meek,

For nevermore shall a difference be felt.


For we are all Holy and soon we shall hear

The trumpets of homecoming peal

Forth their glory of the upcoming story

That makes the passing complete.



Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate