Wakeup Call Message
February 24, 2005




          My mystical friends and sojourning loves, I come to you this morning with a great deal of fortitude for the times that are coming. These times are to be the times of your lives, and with them will be the overturning of the governments of the world.

          Yes, my friends, in order for there to be a refinement of earth society there must be a complete revamping of the present systems. This will be done with the express permission and involvement of the people of the world. This will be done in the energy of a just and loving co-operative venture toward the uplifting and peaceful life on planet earth that all with love in their heart and light in their soul intend.

          I AM Commander Korton, and with this message I would like to outline a few points about a society that is based in love and founded from truth. These points that make up a free society and a democratic way of life are the finest points that can come to man in this time. These are the traits of a society based in love and founded with the principles of harmony.

          When a peopleís comes together and searches for the common good they find that there can be many facets of that common good. One personís idea of good can be different from anotherís. Therefore we come up with a diversity that supports the variety of man, and the flexibility that is prevalent in a free society.

          This is a far more flowing way to govern man than the rigidness of the present system. With this ease of flow comes the ability to keep all in the society in a blissful state of mind, ever creating and at peace in that flow. When this is accomplished then there is no crime, no discomfort, no uprising, for all is harmonious.

          If in the case of someone growing restless, he is free to come and appeal to the leaders of a council who then listen and give full voice to the ones who seek their release. This oftentimes results in an unleashing of heretofore unexpressed desires for something different in their lives.

          It is very important for the opportunity to express oneself in the governing of a society. When this is not allowed, then the troubles such as what we see are a highly escalated example of in todayís world, set in and completely bastardize the government.

          This can be avoided, and indeed it will be as a natural occurrence that will take place. As we come and intermingle with you and ask for your input in these matters, we will learn, as well as you. We will be able to remind you of how it can be in a free society, and also we can be enriched with the opportunity that you will provide us with the experience that you bring to the table.

          As we go about our intervention to bring the present cabal to itís demise we are continuing to monitor the finer points of your society. It is actually a society within a society, and as we bring down the outer one, we are releasing the inner one to give it full expression. This inner society is made up of all the so called little people. We see that this term is indeed far from the exact measure of who makes up this inner society. The beautiful people who are the inner workings and backbone and heart of society are huge beyond compare.

          We will be working with you dear hearts, and in this will be allowing the release of the barriers that have been put in place that have kept you in that Ďsmallí mentality. We will watch as we see you blossom forth and express the innate wisdom that you have long been keeping stored safely for this time. When this shows itself it will be as a million butterflies released to the winds, and a zillion rose petals softly falling in your path for the enhancement of your life.

          We look forward to this time that is soon to be upon us. We are prepared to show you how a benevolent group can open up the hearts and minds of those long held captive. We can do that in a blink of an eye. This we promise from the depths of our being. There is to be no stone left unturned and no pillow unfluffed for the comfort and dedication to love that you will express. When we are walking with you and transforming your world into the utopia that you have long dreamed of, then we will know a love so profound as to unshackle the deepest of memories that will then come forth and transform your lives into that of peace, joy and love.

          So take heart my friends, for we are coming and indeed some of us are already walking with you. We are readying the tools of transmutation, and we are looking forward to the time when we can survey the land and see only warmth and prosperity and the blossoming forth of the free loving society that bespeaks the truth that Love Lives Here.

          Good day, and keep the home fires burning for we see the love that lives in your hearts and it burns bright for our coming.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate