Wakeup Call Message
February 08, 2005




          My dear ones, I AM here this day to ask you to go outside and look to the heavens. When you do, you will see a multitude of ships that are there to welcome you to their midst. These ships may not be visible to you with your eyes, however they will be visible to your ‘knowing’ as long as you realize that vision is but a measure of the ability that you have to go beyond the 3D and become the 5th and higher dimensionality of All That Is. I AM Commander Korton, and I invite you for a visit to one of our ships. Sit back for a few moments and I shall share with you a day on the New Jerusalem.

          In the stillness of your inner mind, take a deep breath and hold that breath for a total of 5 seconds, then release it in a long drawn out breath that exits your body taking all of the unrest and tension with it to be transformed in the sweet energy of the cosmos. Do this three times, and then invite us into your beingness, as we prepare for the introduction to our home in the heavens.

          We now take you into our chambers where we rest for a bit with the sounds of restoration surrounding the room. These sounds are the universal patterns of energy that rejuvenate and restore the peace and joy that may have been depleted somewhat from the work that we do in your behalf. We do this willingly and in joy for it means that in the accomplishment of our mission we shall enjoy a reunion with all of you that we have been eagerly anticipating for eons.

          In these chambers, we take a few moments to gratefully immerse ourselves in the sweet energy of the music of the spheres, and then we walk into the next room, where we sustain a moment or two of restoration from the energies that run continually through this room. The room is narrow and long, perhaps in your terms, 3 feet wide and 9 feet long. As we glide through it on an elevated beam of energy, we are supplanted with the rejuvenating rays of light that we have deposited there from our storehouse within our beingness. It is what you might term a bank from which we draw energy for these purposes.

          Upon leaving this corridor, we enter a room that is much like any you have seen in your science fiction movies and shows. This room is round, and in the middle are the places of command, the captain’s port, and co-captain, the navigator, and the instruments director. These command ports are lined in a semi-circle for the most advantageous positioning for utmost communication. Most of our communication is telepathic, for much of our work here is precise and swift. We are in constant communication with the ‘equipment’ and in so doing we are at all times in a state of animation that restores the balance and unity of the perfect operation of the ship.

          As many of you realize, our ship is made up of living matter, it is energy, therefore biological. It has the ability to communicate with us, and even to advise when we are not seeing something that is advisable for a smooth operation. All around us are the instruments that are utilized for the operation of the ship. We are an integral part of the ship, as each of us has been instrumental in the creation of the ship. We have each been involved with the programming and need for the communication to be clear and concise. Before undergoing the creation of the ship, we came together and each stated our intent for the operation and unity of our collective roles on this ship.

          Another factor of this ship, as with any other, is that there is a variability built in that allows for the changing of any of the personnel. There are no non-expendable personnel, and there are no ones who cannot be reassigned to another ship. This changing is simply regarded as a matter of communication of intent, and the change blends in with the intent of the whole.

          Voice commands do have their place in the operation of this ship, for the voice holds a frequency as well. With the use of the voice, blended with the energy of intent comes an instant of recognition of intent that matches the actions that are to be followed. With the advent of the voice, comes a directive that there is to be an involvement with earth, or whatever planet of heavenly body is to be addressed. With this instant communication by voice comes the instant recognition that another frequency/dimension is to be activated, and the necessary adjustments are made.

          One of those adjustments is to flow into the energy of the interdimensional chamber where the necessary adjustments are made for our involvement, and probable landing on earth are prepared for. This occurs when the necessary contacts with others on earth are made, and when we must make a journey through the atmosphere that surrounds earth. In this way, we are at all times being protected from the pollution that is present in your atmosphere and on the surface.

          We meet often with the ones within the earth, and they at times come to us on the ship. During those times, they undergo a few moments of restoration as they have come through earth’s atmosphere. This is but a momentary interlude, and then we meet and interact in the manner that has brought us together.

          During their stay they are escorted to our meeting rooms, and this is where our hospitality is offered and their complete comfort is honored. We are very grateful to these ones, for they have been holding an energy for all those on the surface that has had a great stabilizing effect for all these eons. Without their presence the people of earth would have become extinct long ago. They have been in operation in their various places of maneuvers almost from their first time of setting up their cities under ground. But that is another story.

          In our meeting rooms are various places of recline, what you would call couches, sofas and chairs. The difference is that these are pure energy, and they take a form of sorts, only to aesthetically be pleasing. They meld themselves to the body of whomever visits their energy, and they adjust to the temperature and chemical energies of those who recline with them. Another feature of these is that they detect if there is an imbalance within their field, and correct that in accordance with the will and intent of the person.

          Around the room are various displays of flowers, vegetation, fine art of a celestial nature, and numerous instances of entertainment. All in the room is geared to the comfort and hospitality that we wish for our guests and ourselves. If there is refreshment served it is pure energy, and only for the satisfaction of the guests, for we recognize the appeal in certain ideas of pleasantry.

          The guests are then returned to their homes, or are shown to their individual rooms if they desire to have a few moments or longer of respite. They are here on a mission, and in that they are respected and honored with their own habitat, which can be adjusted to be as they are accustomed to in their own homeland.

          When it comes time for all of you on earth to close your eyes for sleep, we on the New Jerusalem do not need to sleep, we merely revitalize ourselves with our intent, and then offer our thanks to the Source for all that we are. We only require this when we have taken ourselves into an atmosphere that contains a degree of impurity. This is for the purpose of bringing our abilities to the measure that is necessary for the intervention that we are bringing to earth affairs at this time. Though this is not often the case, there are times when our involvement with activities has brought us to the influence of earth and then our restoration is but seconds away.

          I AM sharing this with all of you at this time, for I wish to acquaint you with our home here in your heavens. We have been here for quite some time in your earth years, and now we are beginning to see the rainbow that means the pot of gold is immanent. We are seeing that all our efforts and all our involvement with the lightworkers on earth is about to manifest a great change that will make our work here with you much more involved. We are about to see the time when we will be spending much more time among you.

          This will come about at the same time that First Contact does, for with the advent of your space family, will come the means by which to clean up Mother Earth, and thus provide not only a friendly environment in which for you to live, but also that will support our coming so that we may be able to work, play, and live with you as this great transformation of life on Mother Earth comes about.

          We look forward so much to the time when we will all walk arm in arm, with our intent for a beautiful life on earth to match that of Heaven. We are glorying in the promise that these last days are bringing to the idea of peace of earth. We are taking our leave of the various instances when there was not much hope for the outcome of certain events on earth that seemed to be headed for destruction, and we have seen that these thoughtforms have been dissipated and in their place are rays of love, light, joy and promise for a bright and peaceful future for all on earth and in the heavens.

          I have given you a glimpse into our home in the heavens this day, and I look forward to the day when you will be able to experience first hand what I have briefly outlined today. We here on the New Jerusalem are anticipating in joy the coming of our earthly visitors in the near future. At that time you will be remembering how it is to live the life of the angels and the Masters, for that is who you are. The welcome mat has been out and ready for centuries, and it is now strewn with the finest rose petals and lotus blossoms one can ever find, for they will never die, or be blemished, for they are pure energy in manifestation, just as you are.

          You are blessed, and you bless our lives. We shower love down around you all, and offer up the glorious new times that are upon you.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate